Maid in Vietnam

As soon as I saw Tina Tran’s tits, I just knew I had to have them.

I first met Tina when my husband’s company sent him to Vietnam. Tony was starting up a new division there and things were going well but I was a litte bored. I needed something to amuse me.

Another American invited Tony and me to dinner, and of course, we accepted. After all, it was always nice to meet with another American and to hear someone else speaking English.

Tina was our host’s maid, but as soon as I saw those big, wonderful tits, I just knew I had to have them. I never did ask Tina how big her tits were because I really didn’t want to to know. All I knew was that those tits were all natural and on that teeny, tiny frame of Tina’s, those tits just seemed to explode off her chest. That’s all I needed to know.

I told Tony how much I wanted that girl, and Tony, bless his heart, has never been one to deny me the really important things, so we offered Tina an absurd salary to come and work for us. Nominally, she would be our live-in maid, but we all knew she would be much more than that.

From the day she came to work for us and from the moment I saw her in her sexy, little maid’s uniform, I wanted to get Tina out of that uniform and I wanted to do it as quickly as possible. Of course, it wasn’t the uniform that made her look so sexy. It was those big, wonderful tits that you just couldn’t help noticing, tits that you could see even as you looked down the girl’s dress, tits that clamored for your attention.

So with my husband away at work and with me alone with the busty Tina, what happened next was inevitable.

I lured the girl (and she was a girl, hell, she was only eighteen,) into the bedroom and then I told her to join me on the bed. I could see the conflict in her eyes but then she seemed to give in and then she was relenting and then she was joining me there on the bed.

I told her to turn away from me and she did and then I was running the zipper down the back of the girl’s dress and I was pulling the black, satin uniform off of the girl’s shoulders. My heart was thumping as I worked my fingers over the hooks on the girl’s bra, and then I was pulling the ends of the bra apart.

I couldn’t help myself. I let out a small gasp as the girl turned back around towards me. Her tits were even better than I had imagined.

And then I had my hands on the girl’s tits and then moments later, I had my mouth down there, too.

That girl had really sensitive nipples. She started moaning almost from the moment I started to suck on her and then she just kept on moaning and panting as she pressed her tits against my wanton face.

Of course, it wasn’t just my mouth that was on those tits. My hands loved big, full tits, too, and then I almost wet myself when Tina pulled my face between her tits.

I had to get a hold of myself. This girl was supposed to be working for me, and yet there was a part of me that just wanted to surrender myself to Tina’s wonderfully, marvelous tits. In fact, just the thought of letting myself succumb to those tits was enough to make my pussy twinge.

I opened my blouse and I opened my bra and then I was pressing my tits up against Tina’s. My tits weren’t all that insubstantial but they weren’t nearly as big as Tina’s. I loved the feel of Tina’s tits as they pressed against mine and as we kissed, it was clear that that girl seemed to be thinking pretty much the same thing.

I finally pulled back from that girl. I could see her eyes sparkling as she looked back at me, and I could tell she wanted more but I had something else in mind.

“I think it’s time you got your pussy licked,” I told the girl.

“I’ve never done that,” the girl said.

“You’ve never had your pussy licked?” and the girl shook her head.

I shook my head. “The way you kissed, I just figured you had because you’re a natural. So I imagine you must be getting a lot of guys fucking you.”

Again, the girl shook her head. “Not yet,” she told me.

“You mean you’ve never been fucked?” I asked in wonder, and again the girl shook her head.

I shook my head again. What were people thinking. When you got a chance to get your hands on tits like that, hell who wouldn’t want to do that?

On the other hand, I didn’t want to be selfish. I mean it was one thing for Tony to give me Tina as a gift but as much as I wanted to make that girl cum, if this girl was a virgin, well, it would just be plain selfish of me to deprive Tony of being in on the girl’s cherry popping.

So, we went back to kissing and pressing our tits together and when I wanted something more, I pushed Tina down on the bed and I played with her tits even as I staddled her face and even as that girl kept eating me to orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.

I knew Tina was just a little apprehensive about what was going to happen to her, but I kept telling her how lucky she was and just how much she was going to enjoy Tony’s cock. I knew she didn’t accept what I was saying right away. I knew she was still apprehensive, but I just kept at it and I kept telling her how lucky she was so that by the time Tony got home, that girl was hot for his cock.

To tell the truth, I was pretty drained by the time Tony got home, but the idea of getting in on the fucking that was sure to come was more than enough for me to get my second wind.

When Tony got home, I gave him the news that our new maid didn’t just have those big, wonderful tits, but there was something more. “She’s a virgin,” I told him.

I watched the smile slowly start to spread across his face. That’s what I like about that guy. That was all I had to say. I didn’t have to spell it out for him. He knew he was going to pop that girl’s cherry and that’s all he needed to know.

Tina was waiting for Tony in our bedroom just as I had instructed her to do. Her naked body was sprawled out on Tony’s and my bed even as her hands played with her tits and she moaned lustily as the two of us came into the bedroom.

“You’re sure she’s a virgin?” Tony asked.

“I’m sure,” I told him.

He looked at the girl playing with her tits and then he suddenly grinned and right at that moment, I knew exactly what my hubby was thinking. The honest to goodness fact was Tony wanted to fuck Tina and Tony wanted to fuck Tina’s tits, and that was exactly what he was going to do, and if she was a virgin, then that was just a bonus.

My hubby slid between Tina’s legs and I heard the girl moan as she felt Tony’s cock stroke the outer folds of her cunt. I bent down and kissed the girl even as I fondled her tits. “You are so lucky,” I told the girl. “You’re about to get fucked for the first time.”

The girl gasped before she could even respond and then her pussy was taking that cock. She gasped again as her pussy took my hubby’s cock and then she just started to moan as my hubby continued to ply his cock in that girl’s tight, little cunt.

I kissed Tina again. “Don’t you just love that cock?” I asked the girl.

“Oh yeah,” she moaned even as she continued to pull on her tits, “it’s great. It’s absolutely great.”

I kissed the girl again. “Tell me,” I asked, “would you like to feel that cock between your tits? Would you like to have Tony give your tits one hell of a tit fucking?”

“Oh yeah,” the girl moaned, just as I knew she would, “that’s what I want. I want to feel him fucking my tits.”

“Say it again,” I told the girl.

“I want to feel him fuck my tits,” she moaned again. “I want to feel him fuck my tits.”

Even as she said this, my hubby was already sliding his cock from the girl’s cunt. He slid his cock up over the girl’s body and I saw the girl’s eyes widen as she got a look at his cock and then he was sliding between her tits and then I was pushing her tits together, making a channel in which my
hubby could slide his cock.

The girl moaned as she felt my hubby fuck her tits. She loved getting her tits fucked, just as I knew she would.

She moaned
again as the head of my hubby’s cock pushed past her tits. “Go ahead,” I told her, “suck on it.”

The girl moaned again and then her neck bent and her mouth slid down and closed around my hubby’s cock.

Then my hubby’s cock retreated back inside those tits, and the next time the head of his cock pushed its way past her tits, it was both Tina’s and my mouth that greeted his cock.

I loved holding Tina’s tits for her. I loved using Tina’s tits to make a channel in which my hubby’s cock could travel. I loved seeing that girl get her tits fucked but most of all, I loved it when my hubby’s cock came hard, spilling his cum all over Tina’s and my faces, and I loved it when Tina shared several spermy kisses with me, even as my husband continued to cum.

Well, of course, we just couldn’t let it go at that, so we kept fucking that little girl day in and day out, over and over. Fucking her tits was only one of the ways we used her body, but there were also plenty of times when she took a cunt full of cum, too.

Sometimes, she’d take it on her hands and knees with her mouth pressed down between my legs, her tongue frantically working over my slit even as Tony fucked her. Her big tits were young and firm but they would still swing a bit and sometimes, I would reach down and hold one of them while she ate me, while at other times, I might just cock my head to the side and watch them swing, and while at still other times, I might just lie back and fondle my own tits while I let that girl eat me, because as inexperienced as she might have been when we first met, that girl very quickly developed into one hell of a pussy licker.

At other times, the girl would take it on her back, often with my pussy draped over her mouth and with her hands on my ass even as I fondled her tits. Sometimes though, I’d just sit off to the side and watch Tony take her tight, little cunt. I loved to play with myself as I watched her getting fucked. I loved the way she looked up at my hubby and I loved the way she would play with her tits. I loved watching those big tits of hers and I loved watching her cum.

At still other times, Tina would straddle me or I would straddle her as Tony worked his cock into both of our hot, little pussies. Except for her tits, everything about that girl’s body was small. Hell, maybe that was part of the reason her tits were so spectacular, but I loved having her body draped over mine and feeling her press her tits against mine. We’d kiss as we shared Tony’s cock, ad I think he came almost as often in my pussy as he did in hers although I know for a fact that from time to time, he would blow his load all over her cute, little ass, and then of course, sometimes it was me on top, and then it would be my ass that would get a generous helping of Tony’s cum.

Tina had been working for us for about three months when it happened. She came to me, and I could tell she was troubled. I told her to sit down and I told her to tell me whatever it was that she had to say.

And still it didn’t come out. It took a while for me to finally draw the news out of her but finally, she blurted it out. “I’m pregnant,” she gasped.

“Why, that’s wonderful,” I gushed enthusiastically. “I’m so happy for you.”

The girl looked confused. “No,” she started off hesitantly, “you don’t understand. I mean I’m … I’m pregnant with … with your … your husband.”

“Well, of course you are,” I told the girl. “I mean, as busy and as well fucked as we have kept you, I really doubt that you’d have the time or inclination to be with anyone else.”

“You’re not mad?”

“Mad?” I told the girl. “Why should I be mad?”

And I wasn’t mad. I was excited.

Tony and I still fucked the hell out of that little girl. Hell, if anything, we maybe fucked her even harder and that girl gave as good as she got. The harder we went after her, the more she returned it back to us.

And when she started to show, we just kept fucking her even harder.

From the moment Tina stated to show, it seemed as if I found her swelling baby belly almost as irresistable as her wonderful tits. I’d never had a child myself, but it was as if I couldn’t keep my hands off either her tits or her belly, and as her tummy grew, so too did my desire.

And I think I wasn’t the only one because more than once, Tony shot his load all over the girl’s tummy and he had never done that before.

And all the while as her pregnancy progressed, the girl with the big tits found her tits were growing even bigger, and then one day, it happened.

I was sucking on Tina’s tits. One hand was stroking Tina between her legs even as the other squeezed one of her tits, and then the girl let out a little groan and then she groaned again, and then I felt it, the burst of milk from her breasts.

I was excited and I sucked her again and Tina moaned again. Her breasts spurted again and of course, once that happened, I just had to suck on those wonderful tits. My sexy, little maid had become my sexy, little milk maid.

It’s as I said before. As soon as I saw Tina Tran’s tits, I just knew I had to have them, and I did. I had her tits every way it was possible to have them, and that’s just the way it had to be because I loved those tits.

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