Marcy's Story (Part 2)

Chapter Thirty Seven: Marcy’s Story (Part 2)

After Marcy told me the first part of her story I said, “That was nearly three years ago.” Then I asked, “What went on after that first time? I mean, how did things change after that?”

Marcy continued: Well there was my relationship with Frank. I’ve thought about this a lot. I should have been traumatized or at least upset by what went on after the spanking; but I wasn’t. I liked it and wanted Frank to do things like that to me again. The spanking itself had a lot of sexual overtones. If I was a different type of person, I would have told mom and Frank could have been in big trouble. I don’t know if he just took a chance or if he could sense something about me that I didn’t know about myself. I’ve never asked him about that. Sure I felt a little guilty; but not enough to try and stop it from happening again. Actually I did just the opposite.

Anyway, after that first spanking, I became a new Marcy. I quit acting like a spoiled brat and I started calling Frank dad when mom was around. I think I was trying to allay any suspicions she might develop about the direction my relationship with Frank was taking. Frank had told her that I had been given a good spanking as punishment for being rude. I know that mom thought that I must have needed a strong father figure and was probably very pleased with her decision to let Frank discipline me. After seeing the change in my behavior, I’m sure she was convinced that all was well. She was partially right. That spanking did make me respect Frank. But my new admiration for Frank was certainly not as a father figure. I was already beginning to think of him as a strong masterful lover. About four days went by and most of that time I was obsessed with thinking about what had went on between us after the spanking.

On the fifth evening I came down to the family room. Mom and Frank were watching TV. I said that I was going to go to bed. I put on this shy act and sheepishly asked Frank (I called him dad) if he would come up and giving me a kiss good night when I was in bed. He said that of course he would and I’m sure mom thought it was really great that we were developing into a close little family. I felt pretty bad about deceiving mom. It was really rotten on my part. But I just didn’t care; I needed to be alone with Frank.”

In about fifteen minutes Frank came into my room. I heard him softly shut the door and lock it. He came over and sat on the edge of the bed and looked down at me. He began stroking my hair and then said, “You’re such a beautiful girl. I shouldn’t be doing this; but you make me crazy.”

Then he bent down and kissed me and I passionately kissed him back. In about a minute my nightgown and panties were off and Frank did all those wonderful things to me again.” Once the ground was broken, the good night kiss became a routine. Some nights it was just a kiss. But more often than not; Frank would lock the door when he came in.

As much as I was enjoying our bedtime activities; I still kept thinking of how it had been after the spanking. It seemed that there had been a sharper edge of excitement. I began to wonder if the spanking might have been part of what turned me on so much that first time. I didn’t really know; but I wanted to find out. I waited until the next evening when I knew mom would be out. That evening I reverted to my old behavior and it wasn’t long before Frank told me to go to my room and get ready for a spanking. Well, I started getting wet and a little excited as I waited for Frank to come in with the paddle. When he came into my room I had the chair in position. I’m sure Frank knew my behavior leading up to this spanking was just an act. This also developed into a routine. About once or twice a month I would have a relapse in my behavior that called for another spanking.

As time went on, our relationship became closer. A short while later Frank made arrangements for me to get birth control pills. I’ll admit Bill; sometimes Frank did things that I thought were risky; like the first time he went all the way with me. I’ll never forget that afternoon because I liked the novelty and the added excitement that led up to it.

I was leaving school and I saw Frank across the street standing beside a new car. I went over and he said, “What do you think? I just picked it up. It’s a fully loaded Lincoln Towne Car.”

I told him that I would never have thought he would go for a big luxury car because he had always had a little sports car. Frank said that he was keeping his Boxter; but that a big boat like this one had some very important advantages over a sports car; depending upon what use one had in mind for it. He told me to get in that we were going for a drive to check out the new car.

The interior was luxurious and very roomy. When I got in and sank back into the padded leather front seat; it was like sitting on a comfortable couch. Frank got in and said, “You look really sexy in that little skirt. I’ll bet you were driving the boys crazy today.”

We sat there for a minute or so and I began to wonder why Frank didn’t start the car and drive away. Then he said, “Marcy slide over next to me and raise your bottom off the seat a little I want to take your panties down.”

At first I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and I said, “What! You mean right here in the car on a busy street. That’s crazy!”

“Come on where’s your sense of adventure Marcy? The main reason I bought this car was for the room and privacy. Look, the windows are tinted. No one can see what we’re doing in here. There’s nothing to worry about.”

I was still a little concerned that someone might see what we were doing; but I was also very intrigued. I wanted to find out what Frank had in mind and the possibilities began to get me excited. I slid over next to him and put the palms of my hands on the seat and raised my bottom just a bit. I was hoping that he would make quick work of this, because someone might walk by. But that wasn’t to be. Frank turned in the seat and put his hands under my skirt and began to very slowly pull my panties down. When he got them to my knees he let go and pulled the back of my skirt from underneath me and bunched it behind my back so that I would be sitting with my bare bottom on the soft leather seat.

Then Frank turned back to start the car. I started to finish taking my panties down and Frank said, “No leave them. You look really sexy sitting there with your panties around your knees. They won’t be in the way for a while.

After he pulled into the street, Frank took one hand off the wheel and slipped it between my legs. I spread them wide and my lowered panties were now pulled taut at my knees. He slipped a finger into me and said with satisfaction, “A little wet already.” I was embarrassed by this but I couldn’t help it. Frank was really good at getting me hot when he played with me there and I was already anticipating it. He had brought me off this way more than once.

At the first intersection we caught a red light and group of kids from school were crossing the street. A couple of them glanced toward the front of the car and recognized me. They waved as they walked by and I smiled and waved back. All the time I was thinking I’m sitting here with my panties pulled down to my knees and my stepfather has his hand between my legs playing with my pussy; thank God they can’t see down into the front seat of this car!

As we drove through town, Frank was really doing his best to get me excited and it was working. He had me so turned on that I was squirming on the seat. And the unaccustomed sensation of the leather against my bare bottom was also turning me on. Now I realized why he had pulled the back of my skirt up; he must have known what effect the feel of the leather against my bare skin would have on me. I paid little attention to where we were going; but when Frank moved his hand from between my legs I did notice th
at there was park entrance coming up.

As we turned onto the access roa
d, Frank pulled off to the side under some trees. He put the car in park and reached down and unzipped his pants. He shifted a little on the seat and drew out his penis, which was already erect. He told me to finish slipping off my panties now and put them in the glove box. I kept glancing around but there was no other traffic on the access road. Then Frank told me to lie along the seat on my stomach.

As he pulled back onto the road, my head was in his lap and his cock was sliding into my mouth. He took one hand off the wheel and I felt him flip up the back of my short skirt. As he gave me a couple of light swats on my bottom he said, “You have a sexy little butt.” Then he began to gently stroke my hair. In spite of the awkward position, I was managing to go down on Frank pretty far as I continued to suck on him. Soon he told me to stop that I was getting too much for him. I continued to lay there with my head in his lap. He was now using a finger of his free hand to massage and probe my butt, which was keeping up my level of excitement. After waiting a couple of minutes, I started to run my tongue over the tip of his cock and then I took the head back in and began to suck.”

In another minute or two we pulled off the road and shortly thereafter Frank stopped the car and shut off the engine. Then he said let’s get into the back seat. As I got out of the car, I took a quick look around. Frank had pulled into a little clearing way back under some trees. I noted that the road was just visible from here and now I felt much better about our level of privacy.

When I got back in the car, Frank had me sit at one end of the roomy back seat facing him. He raised my legs and began working on my pussy again. I could feel his tongue moving over my clitoris as he began sucking on me there. By now I was really getting hot. I unbuttoned my blouse and slipped my breasts out of the cups of my bra. I began moving the tips of my fingers over my nipples.

Suddenly Frank rose up and started to guide the head of his cock into my pussy. Although I was very aroused, I was just a little scared. This was the first time for me and Frank’s very big. Frank said, “I’ve wanted this for a long time. I’ll take it easy. It’s going to be OK.”

Actually things went much better than OK. It only hurt a little as Frank pushed on into me. After a while I was surprised to find that I was accommodating him quite easily and I began to move with him as he thrust into me. He was moving against my clitoris on each inward thrust and as we picked up our rhythm we both were beginning to enjoy things more and more. A short time later, Frank let out a cry of pure pleasure and I felt his hot cum shooting into me. I think Frank could tell that I was close to my release and he kept driving into me until I came too. After that first time in the back of the car, things just continued to get better between us.

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