me and my girl friend have her best fiends over

When I was 14 I was going out for the first time. This story happened when I was dating my girlfriend. I had been going out with her for about 4 months. My girlfriend’s name is Noell and and one day we dicide that it would be fun to let me meet some of her best friends. So we head back to her house and call up 3 of her friends Christy, Rachel, marsha,

When her friends arrive we start to talk about our lives. Someone had brought up the subject of sex. Rachel asked me “Have you ever have any intercores”. I answered “no” very shyly “y?”

“well…………Noelle said that you have never “done it” is that right?

I nodded yes. “well..” Rachel said “lets do this girls”

“do what!?!??!” I asked

“this” Noelle said

She took off all her clothes. I was sutned like a deadman it was soooo fucking awesome. Noelle said ” u just watch for a while”

“ok” I said

I stared in aww at the 4 girls my cock was rock hard. The sight of the girls eating each other and using dildos and kissing passionately just was so fucking awesome.

“now its your turn” they said together

“what!?!?!” I said

“common you have never done this and we need a 7 incher to pleasure us you will love it and want more after were done with you?

I said “i dont know i mean were only 14”
then my gf came over to me and kissed my passionatly “ok ok ok” i said “ill do it but you cant tell anybody”
“ok” the girls said
noelle just told me to lay down so i did then she took my cock and started sucking on it
it felt so good!!!!!!!!!!
when she was still sucking i fliped here on to the couch gently
i dont know what made me do it but i started sucking her pussy gently her sent was sweet
instantly she started showing her pleasure by moning

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