Debbie2, Part 2 of 4. Wow! the bitch cummed in my mouth and I loved it and couldn’t get enough of it. After having my cock royally sucked off by her hot fucking mouth. It was now my turn to return the pleasure, as I love to lick pussy as much as getting serviced myself. Still standing before the mirror, we started removing her clothes leaving only her panties on. I swung her around facing the full-length mirror with me standing behind her, looking over her right shoulder. I reached down with my right hand and ran my fingers through the soaked crotch of her panties, (remember she had cummed in her panties when I unloaded deep in her mouth), now driven by lust to see whether she was unshaved, shaven or had a runway. Actually whatever she had really didn’t mater that much. It was the pink inside that I was interested in. Anyhow I jerk her panties to the side in one quick movement exposing a full blonde pussy. As the two of us looked into the mirror, I reached down with my two index fingers and slipped the tip of my fingers into her pussy crack. Her knowing what I was going to do next made her hunch her pussy out so we both could get a better view. I pulled her cunt lips open, exposing her pink twat and that beautiful clit. I did not touch her clit yet as I wanted an up close view so I could watch it grow when I touched it. I straightened her panties back over her pussy and led her over to the bed. I held her hand and settled her down on the bed. With each one of my hands on her knees I slowly spread her legs wide open revealing a large wet stain on her panties. Her panties were so wet you could see the outline of her pussy lips and how her panties gathered and creased into these swollen lips. She was shaved just enough so no hairs were poking outside of her panties. I lowed my head down so I could take in the scent of her juicy cummed stained panties. The view and smell was all I needed to drive me crazy for this cunt. I licked her pretty panties, tasting her for the first time. She tasted so good I opened my mouth to suck some of the juice off her panties. I could see her pussy mound starting to swell and rise up. I pulled her panties to the side again. At this point all I wanted was her clit. I lowed myself to this flower and kissed it feeling it swell to what my lips was doing to it. I ran my tongue around in circle along the outside of her swollen clit. I licked up and down her crack several times until I realized these panties had to come off now. I wanted nothing in the way of her nakedness. Reaching around I drew the panties down and off her long white legs. Taking the panties off her feet and bringing them up to my noise so that I could smell her scent. After several deep breaths I tossed her panties to the side. I dived between her legs as now the scent of pussy and lust has overtaken me. I pull her pussy lips open with each thumb and studied what I am about to do to her poor little cunt. I lower myself down and blowed my hot breath onto her open pussy lips. Hearing her moan I ran my tongue from the bottom of her pussy crack to the top of her mound and back down. After feeling her shutter, I stopped at her clit and licked around the outside, which by now she is begging for more. I take her clit into my mouth and hold it between my teeth and flick my tongue around on it and stab at it. While holding her clit in a vise between my teeth I start to trace the alphabets over her clit. ABCDEFGHI. I usually have a cunt cumming before I finish writing the alphabets on her clit. Hey! if that don’t work then its time to start on the small case letters and if it does work, torture the bitch. Sure enough she screams out “I’m fixing to cum in your fucking mouth.” My eyes meet hers as I peer over her pussy mound. I feel her jerk and twitch around and watch as her pussy mound swells up and before I know it, this bitch has shot a blast of cum onto my face and into my open mouth. I had never had a lady ejaculate into my mouth. It was not like a man’s cum, it was watery, but not piss. She reaches and grabs my hair and jerks me over her throbbing pussy while her ass comes off the bed to give her a better angle into my mouth, which she begins to flood my mouth with her cum. I have to reach up and grab her hips just to hold onto this thrashing cunt, which is shooting off into my fucking mouth. It takes all I have to swallow fast enough to keep her juices from running down my chin. After she has used my poor little mouth to unload in, she goes limp and we crash back on the bed together with me still lip locked over her pussy. This is so fucking cool; I’ve got to have more of this… I slowing lick around on her pussy and legs, licking all the juice that I messed from the first pussy shot. Not touching her clit because I know it is to sensitive to be played with for a little while, I decide I’m going to bring her to another orgasm. I take my tongue and stick it out as far as it will go and I start tongue fucking her as if my tongue was a wet dick. I ram my tongue in and out of her pussy hole feeling her tightening around my tongue wanting more. I put my mouth over her pussy hole and blow my hot breath into it. I feel it expand to its full size and stick my tongue inside and break the seal on her pussy hole, feeling her cunt walls collapse onto my tongue. After giving her a good tongue fucking I take my middle finger and slipped into her hot fuck hole. I reached far enough to touch her G spot and gently started rubbing it. I feel it responding to my rubbing and added another finger. By now I am fingering fucking her with my two middle fingers. I bury both fingers in her cunt and slowly using my two fingers I lift her ass two to three inches off the mattress using my fingers inside her pussy. This is putting pressure on her G spot and pubic bone. Which brings an Oh! From her lips. I assure you, it was not pain. I lower her back down and I switched around in a 69 so she can suck on my hairless balls, jack my cock and suck whenever she feels the urge. Me, I’m going for seconds. I begin finger fucking her cunt, watching and listening to the sucking sound it was making. She had her legs open all the way in a V and I was fingering her as fast and as hard as I could with the palm of my hand banging on her clit. I watched as her pussy mound swelled up and figuring it was getting ready to explode again and having just enjoyed my first female ejaculation. I eagerly leaned down and gently bite down on her clit and flicked my tongue over it. This is all it took and she started screaming and I quickly removed my fingers and took my mouth and covered her clit and pussy hole just in time for her to start erupting into my mouth again. This time I made sure I did not waste any of this precious fluid as I sucked and swallowed as fast as I could while still trying to run my tongue over her clit. I must have swallowed half a dozen times before she was finished squirting into my fucking mouth. Needless to say I was blown away. I’m thinking what a hot fuck this whore is. I like the idea of a pussy squirting in my mouth making me hold on to her hips while she tries to squirt as fast and as hard as she can to make me gag. I’m already thinking about the next time I get this cunt naked, how I would love to have this bitch lock her arms under her legs with her pussy up in the air. Lick her off till see cums and fills her pussy full of juice. Then start licking her to another climax and as she cums the second time with my lips locked onto her pussy hole she rolls over with her hovering over my mouth and gives me her cunt full of juice as she squirts in my mouth from her second ejaculation. I would like to see if this would be enough to make me gag, knowing if I gag I have pussy juice all over my face. You can be sure I would try my best not to waste any of her pussy juice. I’m sure you could see in my face how surprised I was to find a lady who could give what she takes. Stay tuned for part 3 of 4. This hot cunt squirts all over my cock and balls. After several months I also encouraged her to take my cock up her tight virgin ass. Watch for part 4 of 4 a
ut our anal experience.

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