my brother-in-laws van part 3

part three highly recommend reading one and two first.

i knew it wouldn’t be long before Russ and i had to run an errand together and we would end up in the back of his van again and i really couldn’t wait i would get wet just thinking about it and i found myself masterbating nearly every night eagerly awaiting him touching me as i did myself!

he was taking longer than i imagined for him to plan something it was two weeks since we had been up in the dales alone, i was beginning to think maybe he regretted it, but surely not he was loving me touching him and him returning the favor.

of course it was just paranoia and he came around on a sunday afternoon and told my parents he could use some help at the garden center as my sister was out for the day, “would you like me to come?” i asked cooly not to seem too keen in front of mum and dad “sure, if you don’t mind me dragging her away from under your feet stan!?” he looked at my dad and my dad laughed “don’t mind at all” and that was that i got my coat and we were off. sat in his van the excitment was unbearable and i was sooo wet i couldn’t believe it, i had taken off my panties when i was getting my coat and stuffed them in my pocket.
“i’ve got a present for you” i said, russ smiled and looked at me “and what’s that then?” i put my hand into my coat pocket and screwed the panties into my fist and held it over his hand i looked at him and dropped them into his hand, “i masterbated in them last night, i thought you’d come ’round today and wanted you to have them” i lied i didn’t know he would come around i had done the same thing everyday for the last weeks just in case, he cupped them in his hand smiled at me and then stuck his nose deep into the panties and inhaled deeply “that’s the best present i have ever been given” he grinned and i glanced at his groin his cock was standing tall in his tracksuit bottoms stretching the material to it’s limit, i leant over and pulled his pants down to reveal his throbbing cock “thats for you” he said i looked at him and leant further so i could get my mouth around it, i ran my tongue up from the base of his shaft and he let out a soft groan encouraged to carry on i placed my mouth around the tip and flicked it with my tongue then began sucking the head and worked my way down the van stopped, he had had to pull into the hard shoulder as he couldn’t concentrate when we were stationary he placed his hand on the back of my head and ran his hand through my hair “ohhhh baby, suck it, yeah thats it” he said as i began to pick up speed sucking so hard my mouth was making noises as the air seal broke when i got back to the head, i was soon sucking deep and having to relax my throat to allow access right the way down as my nose touched his pubic hair “fuck, that feels so good” he breathed, his head was back, eyes closed and i was so thrilled i could turn a man on like this his breathing soon quickened i as his cock was embedded in my throat i felt it twitch, ah cum i thought i pulled out and sucked quicker than ever before, i wanted to milk him dry and drink all the lovely, hot, sticky cum i knew i was about to be rewarded with!
“ohhhhhhhhh fuck thats it! god yeah” and the sticky liquid slipped down my throat and i swallowed as fast as i could to drink all the hot spurts.
he lifted my head and kissed me tasting at his cum in my mouth.

“come on i have a suprise that your gonna love!” he said as he pulled away from our kiss
we drove the rest of the way to our “spot” in the hills, as soon as we were at a standstill i jumped over the seat and he laughed at my eagerness “easy tiger” he said as he got out and shut the door, he didn’t open the back door for a few moments and i could hear his muffled voice, must have been on his mobile phone i thought as i removed my top i laid back on the sofa and began to play with my nipples, they were like bullets!

he was outside for what felt like ages and then he opened the door and smiled at me half naked and waiting for him, his cock was hard again. “what you been doing?” i asked smiling back at him “just organising your suprise baby” i looked at him confused as he closed the doors behind him and crawled over to me “now little lady do you have a temperature?” he said putting his hand up my skirt and quicking finding my dripping hole “mmm, i think you have a teperature, there’s something not quite right about this, ah i know i’ll have a taste” i giggled at his daftness and slipped my body to the edge of the sofa as he lifted up my skirt and ran his tongue along my aching, wet slit “mmmmm thats good” he said after just one lick i out my hand on his head eyes pleading with him to finish the job off “oh no no, little girl you have to build up for this one” he laughed
“what are you talking about?” he could tell i was confused, he just smiled and said “you’ll see” he sat inbetween my legs and kissed me hard, i was desperate for him to be inside me, his cock stretching my virgin pussy, he sat up on the sofa next to me and i sat on his lap face to face and pulled down his pants again to release his cock and rubbed my wet pussy against his hardness “are you trying to take advantage of me?” he said as i sprayed his upper body with kissed “i certainly am” i said as he kissed my breasts and sucked on my nipples “good” he simply said as he grabbed his cock and i positioned myself above it, i lowered my pussy as he guided it into my pussy the pain was unbelieveable his cock is sooo big but i wasn’t worried i knew the pain would subside, he grabbed my hips and looked into my eyes “you sure?” he asked just as i was allowing entry of the head into me “god yeah!” he pushed my hips down and i bit my lip, i soon got into it and we picked up a rythm as i impaled myself on his manhood and began to bounce, all pain i had felt was gone and well worthwhile i was moaning and tits bouncing and he pumped me, still inside me he moved us so i was laid on the sofa and him on top of me and began pumping faster and the feeling of him finally being inside me was amazing. it wasn’t long before i felt the feeling i had become so addicted to began to build inside me and my pussy started to convulse around his prick and i was shaking from head to toe his balls were banging on my arse as he fucked me harder and so fast “i gonna cum in you baby!” he panted and then squirted his hot cum in my pussy. i came again as he was filling me with his cum.
he laid on top of me for a few moments and i didn’t want him to take his cock out of me i wanted it to be inside me forever, he pulled out and kissed me then sat up, “ah i seen your suprise is here” he said looking towards the door and there he stood a huge black man and behind him another and stood to the side of him were two white guys, all smiling, i looked at russ and he smiled as i tried to cover myself i had no idea if they had been watching or not but the black guy at the door dropped his trouser and unleashed the biggest cock i’ve seen to this day, it was rock hard and liquid already glistening on the tip of what looked like 12inches of purple cock. although i knew that they were here to fuck me and i have to admit i was more than a little horny about the prospect of having five different cocks in one day and yet still very nervous of THAT pounding my only just broken in cunt.

to be continued!

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