My first time with my girl

I was lonely when I went to Georgia. My hubby was in training and was never able to come home to me. I often went on post to catch a meal with him or sometimes he would take me shopping to ease over the fact that he couldn’t be home. On one of these trips, I met the girl who would change the way I looked at women in uniform forever.

My hubby and I were just walking around and talking about nothing important. Jessie was in earshot and heard someone speaking that was obviously from NY, her hometown and she was feeling homesick. When he left, she approached me and said hi and asked if I was from NY. I said yes, Brooklyn. We got to talking and I invited her over to my place. It was close enough to post that if she needed to get back quickly, she could. We talked about NY and how she missed home. I cooked a home cooked meal for her. I asked did she have a significant other to which she replied no sadly. She explained that if she was caught with another woman, she could receive a court martial for such a thing. I informed her that this was only true if it was on post or within the military. If she had a girlfriend outside, it was ok.

We talked some more and I told her that if she ever got lonely she could come crash with me. I only had one bed but I would be more than happy to share, especially since it had been forever since I had last licked a pussy. She smiled and asked about my hubby. “He won’t mind” I told her, “He doesn’t consider it cheating when it is with a woman”.

At that, I put my arms around Jessie and held her close. She really needed to be touched. I gently kissed her lips and slid my tongue into her mouth. She sucked on it lightly and smiled. I helped her out of her uniform. She looked even better out of it than in it and I love uniforms!!! Her breasts were so firm and round, the nipples already hard. I gently pinched at them to see if I got a reaction. When I did, I slid my hand between her legs and found her pussy was already wet. I asked, “how long did you want me?” To which she responded, “when you opened your mouth. I just wanted a taste of home. I think I’m about to get it!” Jessie got down on her knees and pushed up my skirt. She felt how wet I was and smiled asking if my hubby fucked me. I smiled and nodded yes. She slid her tongue deep in me and licked out the cum from my slit. She then worked my clit while I played with my tit. When I started to scream, she laid me down and got into the 69 position so that we could get off together. Then I went and got my toys that I had. Using the anal beads on my ass as she ate my pussy, Jessie made me cum more than I think I ever had before. I then used a vibrator to fuck her with as I sucked on her clit. When we were done and couldn’t take anymore, she left with a smile and a promise to cum by anytime she needed some company. On that note, I called my hubby and told him what we just did and got him all hard. Then the phone sex began…

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