my wife is such a good cocksucker

My wife and i have been watching gangbang and blowbang porn since we got together. Finally we admitted to one another that we wanted it to. She short 5’4, brown hair, brown eyes, little ass, and some big beautiful titties. And she loves cock, only thing she love more than cock is cum. Eating it, getting covered in it, getting filled with it. She can’t get enough. I’m just a average build guy, 7in uncut cock, brown hair, blue eyes. But the thought of Lynn (my wife) getting pounded by a massive cock well she sucked on me made me hard as rock. Finally i got drunk and told her i wanted her to suck me and another guy off. Even had a guy in mind. She has a bi friend named, Elroy. She was instantly turned on. I even approached him about it. But he respectively declined. I myself, I’m not bi. But I’m not scared of my cock touching another cock inside my wife’s pussy. So i thought having her bi friend come over, he wouldn’t mind i licked her clit while he fucked her. But it didn’t happen.

After a couple of weeks, my wife and i had some alcohol and some “party favors” lol, got rid of the kids and had my good friend, Dino, get fucked up and play some call of duty. Hes a really tall lanky guy, big hands, big feet. Throughout the night, Lynn kept teasing me. i would wake passed her, and she’d whisper, “whens your friend gonna leave so i can lick you balls?” Finally after she kept teasing me with those wonderful cock-loving lips, and Dino was to fucked up to wanna go anywhere.  Finally, i got to tease her. Dino went to the bathroom, and i leaned over and whispered to my wife, “Do feel like sucking two hard cocks?….” She just smiled.

When Dino came back, i look right at him and said, “I’ve been waiting all day for her to suck me off. I’m not waiting anymore. Feel like getting a blowjob?” He just stared blankly. “Well, if you don’t wanna, your welcomed to watch.” i laughed as i sat on my bed and pulled my soft uncut cock through the zipper hole in my pjs. Dino looked at me and said, “OK, where do you want me?”

I had Dino sit next to me on the bed, told Lynn to pull his cock out. I was so hard watching her undo his belt and pull his dick out. Lynn then went to kiss the head of my cock, but i stopped her and made her start sucking Dino first. I had to push her head down on it. I told him, while Lynn was going back and forth sucking our cocks, “No fucking. This just about her getting two mouthfuls of cum. He seemed bummed, but wasn’t gonna argue. At this time, Lynn, had no bra, loose shirt, and matching black thong. I pulled her shirt down and turned to Dino and asked him if he wanted to suck on this big ass titties with me. Dino took on big nipple in his mouth, and i took the other. My wife was in heaven. I had Dino then suck on the same as i was, both of us flicking our tongue on the beautiful areola.

Lynn couldn’t take it, she told us to stand up and get side by side so she can get both of us in her mouth. and she did. Rubbing our heads together, flicking her tongue between them. I was so turned on that i had to fuck her. i fucked her doggy-style while Dino was fucking her mouth. He shot was hot load all over her face and in her mouth. I lost my load right then. My wife looked like such a hot little whore with Dino cum all over her face. Then he left.

After Dino left, Lynna wanted more. She started sucking my dick like she was worshiping it. Told her that was so hot, I’m thinking of calling him back. She just started sucking harder. Totally sloppy, spit running down my balls, i fucking loved it!!.

I called Dino. Mind you, it’s like two in the morning. He picked up, said, “hello’ I just responded with “You wanna help me fuck this bitch?” He said, “ya” Told him that the door was open to just come in and come back to the bedroom. When he came in, we didn’t even say hi. Lynn was sucking my cock still. I made her stop, and told her to stick her ass up in the air so Dino can hit it. When he did i watched him enter her. Seen the looks on both their faces. Watching another man, fuck my fine little wife. I’m rock hard as i right this. It was so HOT!!

So while Dino was tapping her from behind, i eventually stopped watching and took my throbbing meat stick to her mouth. Just as she started to come, she moaned Dino name on my cock. After that, i had Dino lay down and Lynn ride him. And again i sat back and watched. Watched her little ass bouncing on his cock(which isn’t even half the size of mine, would love to see her get fucked with a massive thick black cock, just wreck her) Watched her big titties bounce in his face. I getting behind her and worked my cock in their with Dino’s. It was so tight that we couldn’t keep it their long. Finally Dino blew his load inside my wife. I’ve always wanted to fuck a second sloppy pussy, so as she hopped off of him i bent her over and started hammering on her. Her pussy was so wet and full of Dino’s cum. It was running down my shaft and onto my balls. While i was fucking Lynn’s abused pussy, she was licking the cum of off Dino’s now soft cock. I blew my load in that pussy just to make the mess worse. With my last couple of thrust i pulled her hair back and kissed her neck. Then kissed her mouth hard, told her “I like tasting other mens’ cocks on my little whores mouth”…..

We let Dino go home. But since then I’ve been driving myself crazy repeating the event in my head. I can’t wait till i get to run a full gangbang on her……

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my wife is such a good cocksucker, 7.4 out of 10 based on 27 ratings

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    seeing your wife getting nailed by another guy is greater. fucking her well used pussy full of his cum is out of this world!

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