Older and Wiser

I was 44 when I found out I was really gay and not bisexual nor heterosexual. It happened at time when my life seemed to be falling apart. I had just ended my marriage of 24 years and a career of over 20, no close friends and two grown children. I was alone and went off to be that way forever when I happened upon a couple of men in their late fifties. They were at a rest stop off the highway when I pulled up in my truck. I got out thinking I needed a cold drink but wound up finding myself.
Hugh was distinguished and handsome, some 6’3″ 200 pounds of older male sexual energy. His brown hair cut short and professional matched his persona. Jarred was the older chubbier of the two, my height at 5’10” and about my weight around 200 as well. He had a big nose and the shorts he was wearing showed his big cock as it slipped out of the leg. He was seated on a concrete picnic table drinking a coke as I walked by and caught a glimpse of his cock. His legs were opened wide and the head of it was peaking out of the right side of his short, black satin gym shorts. His see through charcoal tank top showed his white hairless chest and two nipples that looked very well worn.
I walked by sort of down and headed towards the snack machine but I remembered turning back to look at them both. Hugh standing near his friend smiling and laughing as the talked spied me looking. He nodded at me and I at him and as I turned to get my soda, I heard footsteps. It took me just a few minutes to get the can out and as I turned around the two was behind me still smiling.
I was standing there wearing my denim worn shorts and no shirt. My pale complexion in the dim light of the overhang made me stand out. I was neither hunk nor a stud and I knew it. Until this day I had never even considered men, not until they raped me.
The bathroom entrance was behind me. Hugh helped me through the doorway with a friendly nudge, as I tried to ask what was going on. He just smiled and locked the door as soon as Jarred came in. Jarred began to strip and as I peered madly at his ten inch cock flopping, Hugh made a move on me. His hands took hold of me by the nipples and began to tease them as he pushed me into the vacant stall. I was stunned and was easy prey for them. They moved me with ease until Hugh had my body inside the handicapped stall. I asked him one question, “How did you know?”
He smiled as he slid his pants down and revealed his nine to me and said, “Your eyes when you saw his cock.” Pointing at Jarred as he yanked my shorts down and then pulled me to him where he kissed me. Is mouth and mine were passionate in our embraces and when he made his way to suck my nipples I felt a sense of purpose. I wanted to be this way and had denied it for years and when Hugh helped me find my true self, I let go. I released myself then and there to his hands and use. When Jarred sat behind me on the commode and began to fondle his cock while he used a finger and jelly on my asshole I let him. He pulled me to sit on his cock as Hugh fed me his. I bounced on one and took hold of the other by my hand then my mouth and soon I was sucking Hugh like a pro. I enjoyed it so much that when Jarred reached around and started jerking me off I allowed his cock all the access it could want. I bounced until he came and then I came. Still sucking Hugh I lifted off Jarred and knelt for better control. Then I began to suck Hugh like a wild maniac until he filled my mouth fully. They dressed me slowly still tantalizing me with soft touches and caresses then we walked outside to find our vehicles. I was invited to follow them to a motel not far from there where we could stay for the day and night, and I did.
Once there the two of them stripped me naked and changed positions. This time while bent over a motel chair I was rammed in the ass by Hugh while Jarred did my mouth. Hugh had his cock prodding me hard and rare. He didn’t grease my asshole as Jarred did and it took me by surprise as he forced entry in me, but after a few minutes a couple of spit wads, it was worth it. Jarred made me cleanse his cock from tip to stem and then he took almost half an hour to unload in me. When he did flood my mouth and help me swallow it, Hugh was still humping away on me. I began to flop on the stiff chair as Hugh worked my ass over. Then when he exploded in me, I was thrown onto the bed where he and Jarred began to play with me like a toy. Hugh took control of my breast and as he did he learned quickly how to make me hard and horny. He had my five hard and firm in seconds as Jarred worked me to a full orgasm. I exploded on my belly and they took their cocks and fed it to me. Before long I was double sucking them. My cum long since cleaned up by them was not the reason that I sucked them so hard and long. I wanted it that was why.
Before the night sat in I had been turned into a helpless slave to their every need, and when they were still trying to regain their hard form, I was made to perform for them. They got a room with a Jacuzzi and we bathed in it, while they toyed with my nipples and cock. When I got hard first I was allowed to jerk off for them and on their chest and then lick it off. I got Hugh horny first who as I cleaned Jarred drilled me from behind. He called it bareback but I called it wonderful. He rode me hard and fierce for over thirty minutes before he came and let Jarred take over. Then as Jarred pushed me over the side, he too mounted me raw and hard and rode me like a dog. Then he made his deposit inside me and I was extracted from the water and dried off. The two placed me in the middle of the bed and we slept for several hours before waking around five in the morning. Jarred took me and led me to the empty Jacuzzi and had place myself on the bottom spread eagle and wait there. Then as Hugh awoke and came over the two of them sprayed their piss all over my body. They drained it completely on my chest and cock and balls and my face as well. Then they held me by my ankles lifted me up and had me to piss on my own face and chest. It made me wild when I drank some of it and when I finished they washed me off and filled the tub and then joined me. Jarred and Hugh only wanted a piece of my ass that morning. They took turns on it until both had come all over. Then they bathed me in and helped me jack off onto their hands. Each took turns feeding me and it seemed that each I did it, they feel for me more.
When went to breakfast after that and as we sat talking they purposed that I go back home with them to live. Sitting in the booth at the restaurant, talking about having someone want me and feeling needed, I got horny fast. Jarred unzipped my shorts and slid my cock out while he used his napkin to hide it. There was a few others in there that morning and I know one couple saw him play with my cock and began to laugh at us, but I didn’t care. Then as he drew me near a climax, my bread dish was placed to catch it. When I came on it the server caught us and gasped at us. He saw what Jarred did to me and smiled at me and asked if we needed to use the storage room. Hugh laughed and said no and he waited there and watched as I ate my own cum in front of them. When we finished our meal, I went to use the bathroom and after a minute the sever walked in. He smiled at me and then began to stroke himself under his pants. He slipped his other hand to my ass as Hugh walked in and saw him pat it. Then after a few seconds Hugh yanked my shorts down and offered my ass to the server for $25. He paid as Hugh helped me into the stall and on my knees then he walked out and stood there guarding us. The young man was a bit larger than myself and came quickly and I really was only getting hot when he came. He quickly exited then Hugh came dressed me and led me to the table. He gave me the money and told me that he would be glad to help me earn more, if I would only do whatever and whomever he told me to.
I knew what he meant and I knew why he meant it, but I wanted to make sure h
e really liked me an
d wasn’t going to dump me later, so I said, “Only if you two both promise not to get rid of me.”
They agreed and we left for the motel and a quick double fuck before checkout time. Jarred cleaned my asshole out with his cock while Hugh filled my mouth then after that I was led to my truck and placed inside it. Jarred drove us and as we followed Hugh for almost three hours we finally arrived at their house in the suburbs. I was paraded around the yard to show their neighbors, advertisement, as I would find out later. Then inside I was taken and my life as their sexual toy began. Within two weeks seven men from the neighborhood had paid many times to screw me or get a blowjob. One woman even paid to watch her husband fuck me and then paid extra to have me fuck her while he fucked me a second time. Soon I had regular appointments with them and after the last year passed I knew it was worth it.
Someday it may change but for now, how better can you have it. Two men who want to fuck you at least twice a day while eight others have you once or twice a week. On a good day, I never get out of bed, but just take it as it cums.

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