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Okay so I was chubby and bit homely and divorced and lonely but what those women did to me was a crime, too bad I enjoyed. I was 30 the day after my birthday and it was so lonely that I had no ideal why I decided to take the entire week as vacation. I had been to all the bars and no one even noticed me. I am 5’2′ 145 pounds, 36D-32-38 and curly red hair and green eyes and a slight freckled tan. I also have these two incredible knobs for nipples that no one could see unless they got me naked. They are when erect an inch and half outward and two inches in diameter.
I went to a small town out west to relax and wound up lost on the highway. I saw a road house and stopped there to eat and get directions. I was wearing a button up dress from hem to collar and flip flops, my hair was messy but looked fine and when I walked in the bouncer at the door was a woman. She was dressed in leather and almost 6’3″ and built like a muscle bound guy. Her vest snapped in between her big boobs that pushed it out far and her bikini thong was showing under her chaps as she asked for ID. I showed it to her and smiling at me she passed me in. That’s when I walked over to the bar and asked for a drink and something to eat. Two women much older than I were listening and came over and we started talking. I thought by there age I was safe, as I suddenly realized after seeing the women kissing and dancing together this was a lesbian only bar. They guided me with kindness back to a table in the back where it was dark and after I had a burger and two more mixed drinks we began to exchange life stories. Then after they found out what happened to me, they began to probe me with questions while a third round of very toxic drinks was served. Between the drinks and the fact that both women were lovely I sort relaxed too much.
Gina was 48, 5’11” and 170 pounds on a frame of 38-30-38, She had short black hair and dark brown eyes and set of full lips that I began to glare out in envy. June was 53, 6′ 2″ and 200 pounds and built well, 44FF in a tube top and a 30 waist in skin tight leather short skirt along with 38 hips and legs that were perfect. Her tube top kept creeping down as we chatted and as I, Looked intently on I never noticed that my dress was beginning to unsnap itself rapidly. Gina had slid beside me and was playing with the lower part and it open to my upper thighs while June slid out her left boob in front of me and asked, “Would you just love to kiss these things like this?” With that she lifted it to her mouth first and licked her nipple and sliding closer to me she offered it to my mouth as her other breast popped out of its cover and was hoisted beside its mate. I felt a hand on my leg lift it up and seat it on Gina’s leg. Her hands then began to unleash my dress fully until I found it opened and my bra unsnapped and two gapping mouths hungrily began to feed on my very erect knobs. Under the table my panties were shredded and torn away and as my other leg was pulled wide open and placed on June, the fingers crept inside me easily. I was moaning loud enough that a handful of others came to watch these two pro’s do a novice. They watched them turn me easily to their wishes and very soon witnessed me being placed on the table and devoured by Gina, while June and I exchanged tits to suck. Along the way I felt more hands join in and in me. Sometime after Gina took a rest another woman began to devour my cunt while Gina moved to my free nipple and worked it over. Then someone else took over between my legs and by closing time I was totally at their mercy.
Next came the manager and her crew to assist me in leaving via the pleasure machine as three of women began to work over my body while June and Gina rested and watched. Someone shoved a dildo up my ass while they eat me and turned it on and sent me higher than I ever been in my life. Then the bouncer, Zee came to me and asked me to go home with her. I was so far gone I eagerly accepted and she helped to drape me in my dress long enough to get me in her car and to her house. I was carried in more than walked and as I did walk through the door, my dressed stayed outside. Suddenly this mammoth woman unveiled two breast and two perky nipples and a solid chest for me to love on and after that a soft shaven cunt that was sweet and wet. We moved to her bed where we ate one another for an hour before I came fully on her face and she on mine. Then I passed out in her arms.
I woke up just after midday to find myself naked and covered in glistening musky scents. Zee was standing over me dripping on my chest and then as I took note of her cunt it came to my mouth and cleaned her pee from it and then she cleaned it from my body.
She bathed me in the shower and took great care to do me slowly and gently. She had me so worked up by the end of the shower I was back between her legs gnawing away at her cunt. Then came the awakening in me as we dried each other off and began to talk. Suddenly I realized what I had done, the drinks had worn off and I knew I had just survived my first lesbian encounter. I had dreamed of it and been prodded to do it by my ex, but I never had the courage to until last night. I explained this to Zee and she asked me, “What do you want to about it now?”
I looked into her eyes and replied honestly, “I think I want more. I have a bit of headache from the drinking but I loved it all. I wouldn’t mind exploring that side of me more.”
She helped me dress as she retrieved my clothes from outside and then we went walking in her back yard holding hands and kissing occasionally. She invited me to stay there until I figured it all out no matter how long it took. That’s when I asked her, “Am I ugly or homely?”
She looked into my eyes and replied, “Not by a long shot doll. Men made you feel that way because they were the ones that were insecure. Don’t ever think that again. Your one of the prettiest things I ever looked at.”
We walked until it came close for her to go back to work, so went in and had a small dinner. I cooked and served her and as I did I felt closer to her than I ever did my husband. The small things we did meant the world to me and then as I sat beside her she really surprised me with, “You know I think I have an ideal. You should go to the club tonight and let the girls show you a really good time. You can use this place if you find someone who gets you hot and compare your P’s and T’s if you know what I mean.”
I smiled and replied, “What if I were to find that I could fall in love with you Zee? What would you say to me in return?”
Zee smiled wishfully and responded with, “Okay for as long as you want to stay. No chains or bonds only freedom.”
I took her up on the offer and after we arrived at the bar I took her keys and set out to do some comparison shopping. A group of rather bubbly women my age were seated in a booth and invited me over. The pale brunette was madly attracted to me but the chunky blonde really had me hot. She was wearing a skimpy cut off shirt and shorts split up the side, and her make up was bit heavy but she looked good. When she asked if I would like to spend some time alone with her we left right away. The only thing I didn’t know was that the other girls were the watchers from the night before and they followed me to Zee’s place.
I led the blonde around back where it was so peaceful and in the dark with only the stars above, I let her strip me naked and then place me on my dress and devour me. Just as soon as she stripped her self naked and slid her cute ass close enough I pulled it apart and rammed my mouth to it and soon we ate each other for two full orgasms. Then came the best part of the meeting, she helped me to learn how to enjoy an orgy right. The other five women joined us uninvited quickly streaking naked to us. I was flat on my back munching on her where I felt hands and then mouths suck my nipples as she lifted off my mouth and shared it with the brunette who proudly sat her tasty twat on my lips. Nestled
to each breast and my cunt w
ere three others who brought me to fully squirting climax that made me bellow loudly like a moaning cow. They took turns on me for hours and hours and by the time I had eaten all of them, they had more than eaten me. That’s when the blonde wanted to play some games with my horny wet box. She had two sets of women take hold of my legs and arms. With them holding me wide while she spanked my pussy lips. I was splashing juices all over the place as two others started to twist my nipples and bit them and then someone found some clothes pins from the line near us and clipped each nipple twice. The blonde then began to use the paddled to beat the inner folds of my pussy senseless until I was gasping for breath. Next came the round robin pee contest and each one took turns wetting on my boobs and pussy and then finally my face. When they finished she let them clean me off as she made me eat her cunt one last time. No more than fifteen minutes after they left did Zee pull up and seeing me as I was helped me inside and bathed me in the tub full of bubbles as she held me. We talked and she laughed more than anything and as her hands slid over me I wanted her more than ever. Each time they touched me I just wanted sex, but with Zee it was more than that. We slept together until midday again and then got up to a hot session of love making. I was a bit sore from my spanking but after a gentle massage and a hot bath it eased completely. Then Zee dressed for work and kissed me on the lips saying I hope to see you when I return home.
I didn’t leave that night but I did go exploring and found myself masturbating after the stars came out. I was half naked and playing with my cunt an hour after the sun set and as I did someone else took note of it. There was a stranger passing through the town walking through the fields to avoid trouble who saw me. He came close enough to get a good look at me and I at him and then he yelled out, “Hey missy if you need some help with that thing let me know. I can make it feel all better.”
I had my skirt raised over my thighs gently playing with my cunt and my top opened as he walked up and I said, what the hell. He needed no invitation. He jumped on the chance to screw me, and I need to know so I let him. He lifted my legs up and back and spread me wide and dove inside quickly fucking me like a dog. He stank and I wanted him to, I wanted to know if his cock was what I needed and after he came quickly and fled even faster, I knew it wasn’t.
Then I went inside and washed and reflected on what had happened. It was the second man I ever made love to, and I didn’t like it as much s the first. I had met a woman I cared for deeply and that I thought cared for me. However I didn’t want to get hurt again either. Then I wanted to explore a little more and see what else is out there and so I knew if I left this place ever, it wouldn’t be for long. I pretty much knew I needed what was in this town and this house, but I had to make sure.
So I went back to the bar the next night. I found a really nice woman and trying to keep it one on one, I invited her to join me. We left and went to Zee’s house. Her name was Daisy, 27, 5’8″ 120 pounds black as night and twice as sweet. Her perky puffy nipples were small but juicy and her bushy twat tasted nice and after I ate it for awhile I liked it better than any other I tried, even Zee. I let her do anything she wanted to me and when she used her mouth on my tits while her strap on filled my hole I had a new problem, she was damn good. Her hunching of me sent me to new heights once more and soon I was perplexed as she left me shivering and twitching from the massive climax to go home to her husband, I wondered of she would ever want just me. I knew Zee did and so I was not ready to just stop. The really good thing about Zee is she understood. She also decided to help me a bit more. It was Friday night and the club had amateur hour. Where women stripped naked and played with themselves as long as the cops didn’t show up. She entered me and after I performed, two really big husky biker women took me out back. They weren’t about to wait for sex, they wanted me now. They pinned me to the concrete slab near the trash bins and one kissed me and sucked my tits holding down while the other pulled a real big cock from her pants and fucked me senseless with it. It was massive, almost ten inches long and three round. Her name was Marcus and she was a pre op Transsexual. She was also the other chicks boyfriend and now I was about to become their private little bitch. When Marcus finished Tina started and she ate him out of me and then my juices and then made me cum again before sending him back for another round in my cunt. Then they took turns eating and sucking me while I had to eat Tina out and then suck Marcus clean. Somewhere along the way Tina found a way to make me cum by sucking my tits and gnawing on them while her fingers did my asshole and pussy. It was erotic but it worked well and made me shutter uncontrollably.
Before I knew it I was seated on the Harley behind Marcus, handcuffed to his saddle bags and being escorted towards the open road. The next day I was in a different state, tattooed with their names on my ass and wearing a leather bikini. They chained me to the bike for two weeks to make sure I knew I was their property. Then after I convinced them I wouldn’t run away they let me join them all the time.
I had some really wild times after that but I will have to write you later, the pack is moving out soon.

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