Rookie Mistakes With Mark Before Meeting Paul

My wife, Kathy, and I met while working together in high school.  She was a skinny 5’2″girl with the most beautiful blue eyes.  We married at 21/22 and worked our way through college, grad school, career growth, and all the normal stuff.  Although we married young we waited till we were in our early 30’s before having kids.  Through our 20’s we worked hard and took advantage of our good fortune to travel, almost always to warm locations;  Aruba, Bahamas, St. Croix, St. Maarten, Hawaii, Florida, Florida and Florida!!!

During this time we had a great sex life.  We were not into anything out of the ordinary but had a close relationship.  We used to frequently discuss the fantasy of having another guy join us for fun.  Neither of us had any experience with anyone else and although the fantasy was fun, making it a reality seemed really difficult.  Kathy was always hesitant because she said she would be jealous watching me with another woman and did not think it was fair for her to have an experience she could not let me have.  I assured her I felt no jealousy at the thought of it and thought the experience would be fun for both of us, even though it was all for her pleasure.  Thirty five years later she still does not understand that.  I told her there is a three letter explanation.  Men.

When on vacation we used to go to bars and Kathy would go in by herself and see if she would attract any guys.  She always did.  They either did not appeal to her or the process was taking so long we got bored and just abandoned the scenario to get back to our hotel so she could tell me how the guys were trying to hit on her.  One guy was so close one night in Washington DC.  When we got back to the hotel Kathy’s panties were soaked and her first orgasm of the night set a record for time to climax.  That indicated to me she was into the idea and just made me more excited to try out a MFM fantasy night.

Then along came the internet.  As stunning as this might seem, the ability for people, 95% male, to troll anonymously on the internet for sex resulted in an explosion of sights to accommodate interests in casual sex.  By this time we had our first child, going out together was more of a production.  We still enjoyed a great sex life and discussed the fantasy.  I started to check out sights like Prodigy to see if we could find a candidate.  I found many.  Kathy said she was not interested in someone we had never met with. We agreed I would meet with and pre-screen the guys.  I met with several duds along the way and a couple guys that we met with together at a second meeting but nothing worked out.

At some point, I started corresponding with Mark who traveled to our town for business on occasion.  He violated one condition (he was married) but seemed a good match for us in every other way.  He mailed us a picture of himself and was a decent looking guy.  Kathy was hesitant but she agreed we could meet for dinner next time he was in town.  The transition from fantasizing about it to actually considering doing it made Kathy a little anxious.  She was suddenly focused on suggesting she was not sure she was interested and if we did go thru with it all the rules about what she would or would not do.

After a few weeks the night arrived.  The baby sitter came and we headed to the restaurant in two separate cars so I could meet Mark in advance.  The initial greeting was awkward since everyone was thinking about how the night might end before it even began.  It is curious how planned sex is more stressful than spontaneous.  Dinner and a couple of drinks along with a steady flow of conversation seemed to  loosen things up.  After we had eaten and exhausted small talk, Kathy went to the ladies room and I asked Mark if he would be interested in going back to our house.  He enthusiastically said yes.   When Kathy returned from the ladies room Mark excused himself to go to the men’s room.  Kathy and I talked and she agreed she was horny at the idea of Mark coming back with us, but also nervous.  She left to go to the house and pay the babysitter and Mark and I left shortly after in my car.

As awkward as the restaurant was, sitting in our living room was even more so.  We were having a drink and straining the topics we could think of to discuss while each of us wondered about how this fun gets started.  I finally could not take it anymore and said “you guys want to go upstairs” and got a sigh of relief.  Once upstairs natural behaviors took over.  Kathy and Mark started to kiss and then began to rub each other’s bodies.  My vision of the fantasy was coming true and I became very aroused watching.  Eventually they each began to take the other’s clothes off and before long they were both naked.  I could tell Kathy was a little nervous but at the same time the moisture on her lips indicated she was just as excited as Mark and I were.  When Mark’s cock came out of his underwear it was decent sized and rock hard.  Kathy was sitting on the bed with Mark standing in front of her.  She quickly looked over his throbbing cock, took it in her hand and guided it into her mouth.  I was stunned because one of her rules was she was not going to blow him.  The heat of the moment took over and Mark received a treat.  I don’t think there was a skin cell on his cock that did not feel her tongue slide by that night.  By this time I had taken my own clothes off and was as hard as I had ever been.  If Kathy just glanced at me with her beautiful blue eyes I would have erupted on the spot.

Eventually Kathy and Mark laid down on the bed and explored each other’s bodies with their hands.  Mark fingered her and kissed around her thighs and belly but never actually went down on her.  After awhile he put on a condom and they fucked missionary.  It did not take long before I noticed Mark pumping faster and harder and then he came.  Once they were done Kathy and I played.  She was as wet as I had ever felt her but I knew she had not enjoyed an orgasm yet.  I could not hold back and quickly came.  My brain was in ecstasy overdrive, but that was about to change.

If all the previous moments that night seemed awkward, now things were extremely awkward.  I was thinking about how we would bring her to an orgasm when she indicated she had had enough. We all got dressed,  Mark said goodbye and I gave him a ride back to the restaurant to his car.  On the way home I was wondering what Kathy was thinking.  When I got home she was upset and began crying and saying she thought it was a mistake and it probably hurt our relationship and would make me think she was slutty.  I assured her I was a willing participant and I viewed it as erotic, not slutty.  We talked about the night for quite awhile and she seemed better but went to sleep upset.

Upon waking in the morning she did a complete 180 and told me the more she thought about it, she enjoyed the night, but was too nervous to get the enjoyment she should have achieved.  She was too focused on being the center of attention and never got comfortable.  She agreed we could schedule another date with Mark next time he was in town.

We did end up meeting with Mark a few months later.  This time we went to dinner and then back to his hotel.  In our first meeting with Mark we had great casual conversation and exchanged tales of kids and other things.  This time he seemed to be more into drinking and seemed too comfortable.  We went back to the hotel and Mark and Kathy heated up the room again.  I love the sight of watching her be undressed and undressing another guy.  No idea why but that flips a switch in my brain.  Similar to our first time, as soon as Mark’s cock was out of his underwear it was in Kathy’s mouth.  She gave him a wonderful slow teasing blow job and since she did not want his load in her mouth she was careful not to be too aggressive.  Eventually they laid side by side and began fondling each other’s bodies and Mark began to finger her pussy.  This time she had no problem reaching an orgasm.

Mark then put on a rubber and they started fucking.  They started off in the missionary position and after awhile flipped over so Kathy could be on top.  Watching her hips rotate back and forth and the look on her face as she fucked him was awesome.  I had experienced that position thousands of times before with the exception I was able to feel the warm moisture inside her without the dulling of a condom.  Before long she looked over at me and gave me a look that said, “watch me waste him.”  Within  a minute Mark was making that moaning sound that only an orgasm can cause and Kathy continued to grind him until he lay still.  Then she turned her beautiful eyes on me and we repeated the performance.  I could tell this time she enjoyed the experience more and we lay for a minute after I was done.

Second time sex is not as uncomfortable as the first time so we all casually cleaned up and got dressed.  Then we said our goodbyes.  On the way home Kathy and I talked a lot about what was fun about the night and what could have been better.  Due to the arousal of being naked with two men she did enjoy a nice orgasm, but in the end she was not fond of Mark and he did not do anything to excite her.  The fact he never reciprocated with oral sex for her was a major disappointment.  We both thought he seemed to be more of a heavy drinker than we observed previously and although the night was fun we had no interest in meeting up with him again.  Kathy concluded the MFM fantasy was more fun as a fantasy for her at that point and she thought our search to find Mark proved that most of the men interested in this were losers.  I disagreed but agreed having this fun was not going to work unless we were both excited for it.  So our sexploration involving others went on hiatus for a few years.  Three years later we met Paul, the topic of my next story.


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