Rosalind Part Four

I now wanted so desperately to turn around and get a long look at his body, but that was impossible. In finding my voice I now also found the strength to stand. I stepped forward, my feet slipped on wet tiles and I was propelled backwards into the bath, my bottom quickly sinking onto my dad’s legs. A tide of water slopped over the sides and my head bumped gently into the far side of the bath. His arms caught me, embraced me, and we were immediately snogging like crazy with me on top of him. His penis was already engorged, or maybe it had been already, and its tip poked against my belly through the skirt which now covered most of the water like a deflated balloon. His hands slipped up the back of my soaking top while my hands ran through his hair. We pulled each other closer so that our bodies pressed together. I hardly knew now what I was doing, I was so driven crazy by lust.

Suddenly he pushed me away gently and asked me, “Are you sure you want this?”

I smiled, lay back on the opposite side of the bath, pulled my skirt off and my panties aside, then nodded. His gorgeous muscular torso reared above me and I gazed up at him adoringly while biting my lip. He took his pulsing penis and pressed it against my slit. I encouraged him with a flood of kisses to his face and neck while I massaged his hard chest. He grunted and pressed his hips forward. He managed to penetrate me to about half an inch, but he was so big.

“Jesus,” he said laughing, “you’re so tight I can’t get in.”

I caressed him and licked his ear, gently urging him into me, but it seemed that I was either too tight or he was too big. I frowned and wondered what I was doing wrong.

“Just relax, baby,” he told me gently and began gliding the glans up and down my labia. Then he rubbed it into my clitty just as mom had told me he liked to do to her. The eye circled my hardening button and I wondered if he had any semen left to shoot. My pussy walls felt so hot and were crying out for my daddy’s cock. We gazed into each other’s eyes adoringly, caressing, stroking, cajoling. I let him try again. He entered me slowly and this time was able push the entire head inside. I gasped and closed my eyes, forcing the pleasure to eclipse the pain. I wanted all of him but was unsure how much more of him I could take.

I spread my legs as wide as the bath would allow, threw back my head and cried, “Fuck me please, daddy!”

With a frown of concentration he looked down and seemed to will his cock even harder. I could feel the ardent beat of his blood stream through it as he forced himself inside a little more, then a little more. I gripped his back, bringing him closer to me and deeper into me. My walls slowly parted until he was buried up to the hilt inside me. I loved the feel of his rock hardness inside me and the feel of his body pressing against me. He gasped for breath, then withdrew a little before grasping the sides of the bath to begin fucking me ever so slowly. I was gasping too and crying out just like mom had earlier while waves of bath water gushed over the side. When he pressed into me my head was forced into the end of the bath, which was fortunately partly cushioned, and when he withdrew my hips were drawn upward as my pussy was clenching him so hard. His own lust took over and he began pounding away at me like a battering ram. I threw my arms around him, hooked a leg across his back and held on tightly. With every thrust my pain was slowly replaced by pleasure which steadily grew and grew.

Then he withdrew altogether and ordered me up. He turned me around, slipped off my top, squeezed my breasts, bent me over and entered me from behind. The first thrust of his stiffness hurt but again the pain was soon banished. I found that wiggling my bottom a little from side to side afforded us both a bit of extra enjoyment, though my soaked cotton panties were chafing us both a little. I emitted a wail of intense pleasure when my orgasm arrived. I convulsively clenched his cock so tightly that he ceased thrusting for a few moments and held me to his chest while kissing my cheek. I could feel him pressing deeper and deeper into me until I was sure he had reached my cervix and this set me screaming in ecstasy. I thrashed and kicked in the water until my arms gave way and my face smacked into the black leather-cushioned side. He pulled me by the arms, flattened my hips and legs to the bottom of the bath and continued fucking me like that as if I was a doll, and I was unable to reciprocate with any movement at all. He finally withdrew, leaving me breathless and weak. But he still hadn’t cum and was completely erect and ready for more.
I turned and we both sat back for a moment. He was clearly admiring every inch of me. I stood to give him a better look and slipped my panties off while he stretched his tall, handsome form in the bath below me. I bent down to kiss him gently, brushing his lips with mine. Then I looked down, saw that he was still as stiff as ever, and squatted on him. He went in slowly but more easily this time and soon my hips were resting on his. I held his broad shoulders and lifted myself a little before thrusting my hips back down. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the exquisite sensation of my daddy’s cock driving my walls apart again.

“You fuck just like your mom,” he said in amazement.

I smiled happily at the compliment and began bouncing up and down on him. Dance lessons had taught me the sense of balance that this position seemed to require. By now there was very little water in the bath and with my panties finally off too there was absolutely nothing to impede our movements. Straining his beautiful body he met each of my hip thrusts with his own. Our pelvises banged together repeatedly with a wet ‘slap, slap, slap’. I came again and screamed into his ear that I loved him. I felt him grow even harder, his cock head swelled and suddenly he pulled out of me. I sat back, unsure of what to do. I watched avidly as he quickly simulated the grip of my pussy with his hand until jets of hot stickiness shot into my wide open mouth. I flinched in surprise but kept my mouth open while more of his semen squirted into me. He was grunting like an animal with his head thrown back and his eyes closed. I was sitting beneath him and gazing up at him adoringly. I closed my mouth and swallowed, finding the taste of him mild and lovely.

When he had finished I stood, threw my arms around him and cried, “Oh my daddy, oh my daddy, I love you so much!”

When we finally disengaged I thought he had a slightly stunned look. He wiped the semen from my face with a splash of water, kissed me and stepped from the bath. Dazed, I heard him then say something about being ravenous as he wrapped a towel around himself and left the room. When I hopped onto the floor I found it was beneath half an inch of water. After drying myself I quickly popped my head out the door to see if mom was about. Finding the passageway quiet I ran to my room to dress. Over clean underwear I drew on my cream knee length pants. They were tight and made me feel sexy and went well with the loose red cotton top I chose. A song came on the radio I liked and I bounced carelessly about the room while dressing. I took care of the flood in the bathroom quickly with a mop and bucket I found in the kitchen. Mom had returned and was fixing some brunch.

“Hi mom!” I beamed, leaving her to gawp at the sight of me so happily attending to a chore.

While mopping the bathroom floor I heard them chatting in the kitchen about their work while laying the table. They were both therapists, dad specializing in marriage guidance and mom with children. They had apparently been feeling a little under pressure lately with extra work loads and were glad it was Sunday. A sudden tinny crash of Beethoven told me that dad had left his mobile in the bathroom. He didn’t come in so I went over to fetch it from the chair. It was a text but with pictures. Curiosity got the better of me and I looked to see a selfie taken by a young, beautiful woman with flaming red big hair. She was wearing a deep red velvet mini dress. Under the photo were the words ‘how about that 3sum this pm, sweet<3s xx?’ There were other pictures and as I scrolled through them she became progressively denuded, first of the dress, then her panties and black high heels until her skinny body was completely naked. I almost dropped the phone but was able to replace it just where I found it.

The voices in the kitchen were softer but I could just make out mom saying, “It’s Roz. It looks like she’s really up for it.”

“Great!” said my dad. “We’ll take her out and do it at the beach.”

With the bathroom floor dry I now dried my feet and returned to my room to put on my cute, pink Hello Kitty sneakers. My hair was wild and unkempt but I didn’t care. I felt more carefree now that I could ever remember. I skipped into the kitchen to find them both sitting down and waiting for me to join them. They were still in bath robes, probably ready to cast them off as soon as they had finished eating. The thought of how insatiable they were didn’t bother me now and I laughed. I kissed mom, not on the cheek as usual but full on the lips. I did the same to dad, then sat down between them to survey an ample spread of toast, eggs, cereal and waffles. I grabbed a handful of waffles and had begun spooning syrup onto them when I became aware of a strange silence. I froze and looked up at dad, then at mom, and I dropped my spoon. I felt tears welling up and my hand went to my mouth. Dad sat back with his arms folded, apparently uncomfortable under mom’s angry glare.

“You son of a bitch,” she breathed, and dad shrugged.

“Mom?” I said trembling. “Dad? What’s going on?”

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