Rosalind Part Two

Suddenly I felt her soft, warm skin against mine and I realized how much I loved her. As I looked into her eyes I felt like sobbing. My emotions were a jumbled mess. I remembered lying with her when I was little, when dad was away, and she had craved company in the night. I’d fall asleep with my arms around her neck while she kissed my face over and over. As if the same memory had returned to her at that moment suddenly she was brushing her full lips against mine. I felt a rush of love for her stronger and hotter than lava and let her kiss me again and again. I was too weak to respond and I let her plant butterfly kisses on my cheeks, eyes and neck while her hands reached up to cup my small breasts through my cotton top. Her fingers found that my nipples were hard and she pulled on them gently. Her passion increased and she caressed my back and legs while I grasped her shoulders, tipped my head back and moaned. This couldn’t, shouldn’t have been happening but I had always obeyed my mother in everything and saw no reason to stop now.

She licked my ear and whispered hotly, “Would you like me to show you how your father does it to me?”

I nodded involuntarily. She gently pulled down my pajama bottom until it was around my ankles, slid her hand between my legs and glided her fingertips up and down my inner thighs. I bit my lip, enjoying her teasing. Then I felt her middle finger slide over the moist hair and soaking wet lips of my pussy. The tip found my clitoris and began a gentle, playful massage.

“He does this with the tip of his penis,” she told me while kissing my ear, “until I’ve had so much I can’t take it any more.” The finger circled the hard button, making it swell and pulse. “He can go on like this for hours,” she breathed, “just playing with it, coating it with his precum.”

I felt her fingernail against my hymen and I tensed for a moment, but she was so gentle, so slow.

“Then we gaze into each other’s eyes and,” she pressed the fingertip into the elastic tissue and hissed, “he enters me!”

Pain as her finger tore through my hymen slowly began to mingle with pleasure as she gently caressed the opening to my pussy. She circled my widening hole as my mouth fell open to form an ‘o’ in a silent expression of wonderment. I looked deep into her eyes.

“His cock slides inside me inch by inch,” she whispered as her finger slowly did the same. The process was slow as my pussy was gripping her really tightly. “Then he begins to fuck me,” and the finger eased out before pushing into me again. “He did this to me non stop all last night.”

I kicked the pajama bottoms away from me and instinctively planted by feet wider apart. The finger began to steadily and exquisitely fuck me. My body slackened and I almost passed out from the shock of this new, extraordinary sensation. When I finally opened my eyes I was looking down. My mother’s hand was slicked with juice and a little blood. I imagined my daddy’s cock doing the same to her, penetrating her so deep and making her scream. Her finger was buried inside me and I felt the tip tickling and probing me somewhere highly sensitive. She was stroking me over and over in one spot, reaching in a little further each time.

I had no idea what she was doing and I cried out, “Oh mommy!”

She hugged me closer to her, told me she loved me, and then I completely lost control. My pussy spasmed around her finger and my body went into a series of ecstatic convulsions. I heard the sound of something drumming on the wooden floor boards several feet away. My orgasm had caused me to squirt jets of juice. I turned my head to press my mouth passionately to hers. Then she offered me her semen soaked pinky and I sucked on that while my muscles slowly relaxed.

When we finally disengaged I was crying and shaking with joy. She laid me down on the bench and kissed me again but gently this time. Both of us were soaking wet now and she began licking my skin and sipping the sweat from my belly button before gliding her tongue down to the hair between my legs. If the feeling of her hands stimulating me was unbelievably sweet, the feel of the tip of her tongue on me was even more sublime. I parted my legs again and was only momentarily surprised at myself how quickly the profound sense of shame I had felt earlier had gone. All of a sudden, what had seemed wrong was now right. My mom’s tongue opened me more gently than her finger had and she brought me to orgasm more slowly this time. But when it eventually rushed over me the climax was a seemingly never ending tide of pleasure. Again I squirted but this time it shot into her mouth. She drank all of it. When she bent forward to kiss my lips there was a taste of honey on her. I greedily sipped from her lips and tongue. I cupped her face in my hands and kissed her over and over again. We gazed into each other’s eyes and I was overcome with a deep, deep love. I loved her now in every way I possibly could, with my heart, with my entire body. She disengaged from me and I tried to pull her back.

“I want to do it to you too, mommy,” I said. I sat up and suddenly felt sad that she was already heading back into the house. “I want to make you feel the same way.”

She bent down, bumped my nose gently with hers and said, “We have all the time in the world, my baby.” And with that I was left alone, lying on the bench with nothing but the sound of the rain hissing on the lawn.

When I picked myself up I was wobbly and there was a little pain. There was some blood also, trickling down the inside of my left leg. My pajama top seemed pointless to me now and I flung it off allowing it to fall on the wet patch I had made on the floor. I looked out into the garden, through curtains of rain to the pink roses at the bottom. A second later I was down on the lawn revelling in the sensual delight of the water as it stimulated every inch of my skin. I lifted my face, drank, laughed and ran across the green. Rivers of water splashed into me, cleansing me while making me even wilder with desire. I stopped to see how the rain was punishing the roses, causing a couple of petals to fall. From where I stood the house was now barely visible through so much heavy rain. The house, my childhood home, now somehow changed forever. My life was changed forever. My body, my emotions, everything was new despite its superficial familiarity. I wanted to rush back to the house and do to my mom what she had done to me. Suddenly tears were mingling with the rain on my cheeks as I thought about my daddy whom I also loved so much.

“What am I going to do now?” I sobbed quietly to myself and fell my knees.

The softened ground was lovely and cool and I fell on my front. I lay there for an age as the water drenched me. I pushed my nipples into the grass, raised my bottom, parted my legs and felt the sweet sensation of my pussy lips being pelted with rain. In an instant my index and middle fingers were buried inside me. I moaned and groaned as I writhed on the lawn, my hips grinding into the soil. My pussy was opening wider this time, allowing me to use a third finger. I frigged myself harder than my mother had, not sparing myself anything. I was making myself sore now and there was almost as much pain as pleasure. I didn’t stop until a series of breathless screams were wrenched from my throat which was now also sore from the screaming and crying. I continued to pound away at my throbbing pussy, not caring about the pain, desperate for another orgasm. And another and another.

Eventually, my whole body could endure no more. Very sore and emotionally drained, I wobbled to my feet and crossed the lawn back to the house. The hope that my screams had been muffled enough by the grass for the neighbors not to hear came to me briefly and vaguely but I hardly cared. I stopped when I noticed that my legs were muddy and blades of grass were clinging to my breasts. I made use of the teeming downpour to clean myself and I wiped my legs clean of the mud, then moved my hands to my chest. As my hands travelled across the smoothness of my skin, interrupted by the hard nipples, I realised how small-chested I was compared to my mother. Her breasts were full and round like fruit. Mine were little more than bumps. The pink nipples were bigger though and stood out so firmly. I wanted to cup her breasts in my hands and to suck on them like I was a baby again. The feeling of arousal built again suddenly but with it this time was a feeling of sickening guilt. I watched the blades of grass slip down my body. What had I done? I thought about daddy lying in bed now, sleeping no doubt, tired from his exertions.

“I’ve hurt you, dad,” I whispered and felt tears welling up again.

I ran back to my room, grabbed a fresh towel from a drawer and dried myself off quickly. Then I slipped on my pink Carly Rae Jepsen t shirt, a pair of pink panties and a long white skirt. I brushed my red hair and examined my round face for traces of guilt. My full lips were in a straight line and I decided I at least still looked innocent. Barefoot, I went to see if dad was up.

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    hello again part two has me throbbing I hope you are ok with me getting myself off with your stories

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