Sexual Fantasy Part I

Lucy and Jen had been friends for a long time. Both women were married. Jen had always been interested in having a threesome with Lucy and Alan. Both women had flirted with the idea, but neither knew how to follow through. Jen and Brad had been married for 6 years. Jen was just begining to feel comfortable with her sexuality, but Brad was very rough in bed. Jen was sexually frustrated with the lack of tenderness and fulfillment. Lucy and Jen had had several conversations about sexual fantasies. Lucy had told Jen that she had wanted to watch her husband do another woman. Lucy had said how gentle Alan was. Well this sparked a kindle into Jen’s fantasy of being watched. Lucy and Alan had been married for 15 years and were very comfortable with each other.

Lucy and Jen went on a business trip for a weekend. They had finished their business early and decided to go home and surprise their husbands. While driving home Jen and Lucy had been talking about sexual fantasies. Jen was getting very uncomfortable because she could feel that she was getting aroused and felt a warm wetness between her legs. Jen decided that they had flirted with the idea for too long. It was perfect timing. Neither one of their husbands knew they were coming home early. So Jen decided to suggest that they surprise Lucy’s husband by both of them crawling into bed with Alan. Lucy was surprised, but she too had felt a warm wetness between her legs. Lucy then agreed with Jen. They had flirted with the idea for too long. To Be Continued

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