The Beach Condo part 1

Terry and I had been married for 20 years.Before the 3 children were born,sex had been wonderful.Terry’s last pregnancy was hard,difficult delivery.Ever since then (12 years ago),sex had been almost non-existent between us.We desperately loved each other but were bored in the bedroom.When we did have sex,it was man-on-top-get-it-overwith-quick.I loved my wife but was just not satisfied anymore.
About 2 years ago,I started surfing the net looking for discreet hook-ups.After about 2 months of wading through the rip-offs on the net,I found “Amy”.Amy was married but had her husband’s permission/indulgence to “step-out”.
After Amy and I got to know each other via Instant Messenging,we started to have cyber sex and phone sex by voicing our fantasies.
Amy was somewhat experienced with sex outside of marriage,I was not.She was particularly intrigued about helping Terry and me get the magic back.Although both Terry and Amy were heterosexual,Amy was intrigued about the possibilty of seducing my wife.We had GREAT phone sex with the possibilities of it !
About 6 months later(in March),I told Amy about our vacation plans.She asked if there was another condo available at the same place.I checked with the real estate agent and found out,sure enough,there was another one available right next door for the same week.I gave Amy the real estate agents’ number and forgot about it.
In June,Terry and I went on our long awaited vacation to the luxury condo at the beach.After Terry and I had been there for 2 days,we were having evening drinks by the pool.Not long after we got to the pool,a very attractive,late 30ish women came into the pool area with a drink in her hand and sat near us (we were the only ones at the pool).I had never met Amy,only having seen her picture in my e-mail.This woman looked familiar but I could not place her.
We soon struck up a conversation,introduced ourselves,(she introduced herself as Tina),where are you from?,children?,etc.Terry and Tina hit off.It was like they had known each other for years.
After another drink,Tina took off her pool wrap and dove in,swimming some laps.I commented to Terry about how attractive Tina was(we had always been secure enough with each other to comment on the opposite sex).Terry agreed with my opinion and we watched Tina swim.When Tina was finished,I dove in to freshen my head(I was catching a buzz by now).Terry poured Tina another drink (we had brought a thermos with martinis in it to the pool )As I swam,Tina and Terry talked like two old friends.
When it was getting dark,I annouced that I was going in to take a shower.Terry said to go on,she would see me inside.As I was leaving,Terry asked me if it was alright if she invited Tina up for a drink.I said sure,I would be done in a few minutes and join them.I hurried on up to the condo,all the while wondering where I had seen Tina before.
Like I said,I had a buzz.I took a long shower,getting my head clear,still wondering where I had seen that woman before(I had forgotten about getting Amy in touch with the real estate agent).When I got out,the girls were sitting close to each other on the couch,laughing and talking…obviously both were getting a little tipsy.Both were still wearing their bathing suits,no wraps.
I went into the kitchen to mix some more martinis and Terry said that she was going to take a shower.I offered another drink to Tina and Terry said to bring her one into the bathroom.Soon after Terry left the room to shower,Tina came up from behind me and put her arms around my waist.It startled me and I spun around,confused but excited !That was when Tina told me that she was “Amy”. Boy, did I start to get excited !Tina planted a deep kiss on me and stroked my crotch and asked if she could take Terry her drink. My imagination really kicked in to high gear at this point!
Tina grabbed her pool bag and I followed her upstairs to the master bedroom. I went into the bathroom with Terrys’ drink and told her I was going to fire up the grill for dinner.Tina took off her bathing suit in the bedroom while I went into the walk-in closet(from the closet,you could see both the shower and the California king-size bed).Tina walked into the bathroom,drew back the shower curtain and got in with Terry.When I saw Terry’s reaction to this,I almost had a heart attack ! Tina kissed Terry ever so lightly on the cheek and Terry proceeded to give Tina the longest french kiss that you can imagine!I immediately started to stroke my cock while watching this incredible site.I never imagined that Terry would react this way!Terry and Tina proceeded to lather each other up with the loufa sponge,paying particular attention to each others’crotch with their other hands, until both were covered with soap.All the while,they were not saying a word,just looking hungrily into each others eyes.Terry took the massage showerhead down and rinsed Tina off all over while Tina stroked Terrys’ pussy.Tina then returned the favor,again,no words were spoken by either.
The girls got out of the shower and toweled each other off,taking a break for a kiss and to stroke each others crotch.
Tina then led Terry to the bed…knowing that I was watching and that Terry did not know.She gently guided Terry onto the bed,taking out the perfumed lotion that Terry kept by the bed.Tina applied lotion to Terry’s legs,then her back and ass,turned her over,then to her breasts and stomach.Terry had her eyes closed.It was then that I heard my wife starting to moan a familiar moan that I hadn’t heard in a long while.
Tina got up and went to her pool bag.In it,was a vibrating dildo.She took it over to the bed and layed down next to my(previously thought to be a prude)wife,and proceeded to kiss Terry on her neck and breasts.While Tina was doing this,she gently spread Terry’s legs and ever so gently started to penetrate Terry’s(now soaking wet)pussy with the dildo.It didn’t take but a few strokes for Tina to bury the dildo all the way into my(now writhing and loudly moaning)wife. Terry was obviously enjoying this.She grabbed Tina by the back of the head and pulled her to her for a long slow passionate kiss.Suddenly,Terry tensed up as she started the first of many orgasms.Tina broke off the kiss,kept the dildo stroking deep inside my wife and positioned herself over my her face.She lowered herself onto Terrys’mouth.At this point,I thought Terry would resist and stop.Much to my(extremely turned on)amazement,she grabbed Tina by the hips and pulled her down onto her face and started to eat Tina out so hard that I could hear her slurping Tinas’ pussy juices.(By now,I was stroking my 8 inch cock so hard that I could not stop…I came all over the closet floor).

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  1. isinequanon

    so…….what happens next? very interested to know.

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