The Vacation

The Vacation
Jessica a woman in her late 20’s with flowing blonde hair about mid back stands about 5’2 and is slender with legs that never stop she is very shy in general. Her husband Jake in his early 30’s has black hair cut short stands about 5’10 is full of excitement.

They leave on a vacation in exciting Las Vegas Nevada with a couple of their friends. Upon arriving Jessica and Jake check into their room after a very long trip decide to lay down and take a refreshing nap.

When they awake and get cleaned up they meet up with their friends to discover the another friend has joined the two they rode down with. Jessica now finds herself with 4 male companions and they decide to go to a gentlemans club (now Jessica being curious as to what being with a woman is like is very willing to go if for no other reason than to see the dance done so she can do it at home for Jake).

The five companions arrive at the club and are immediately searched for weapons after everything shows to be fine they all pay their cover charge go in and take a table near one of the two stages that is in a corner of the room. The cocktail waitress comes over takes their orders and leaves returning with the drinks. As the five begin to talk catching up with the friend that moved to Las Vegas a young dancer comes over and introduces herself to them sits down and engages them in converstation.

Upon finding out that the stage that they chose to sit near is closed for the evening they move closer to the stage that is currently being used. A young dancer is on stage dancing enticingly slowly running her hands down her sides to bring them together between her legs slides them down to her knee’s and slides them apart.

The dancers head is leaning against the pole her eyes closed and her tongue is running slowly across her lips. Slowly she rises using the pole for guidance and begins to move her hips to the music. She arches her back and releases the pole with her hands to allow them to slide gently over her ample breasts.

Jessica watching is getting somwhat aroused and looks to see if this girl is the one for her husband (you see she made a promise on the week of her wedding that she would buy his first lap dance at his bachelor party but he never recieved one but she means to keep her promise just the same). Still as Jessica looks at her husband she finds no indication that this is the woman so she waits.

As that dancer finishes another takes her place on stage and begins to move to the music sliding her hands up and down the pole pressing it between her breasts. Slowly she removes her clothes she turns her back to the pole and grabs it just behind her head as her eyes begin to close she sways from side to side keeping her hands on the pole behind her head.

Jessica watches intently the moves and studying them closely and finds she is very aroused by this woman and looks to see if Jake likes her as well and is excited to see that he is transfixed on this one. Jessica stands and motions her husband to follow her to the bar right in front of the pole. As they sit down she pulls her ones out and lays them down on the bar in front of Jake he begins to make eye contact with the dancer and placing the ones on the bar for her she begins to dance for Jake.

Jake looking at his wife notices that she is ver turned on and slides a bill between Jessica’s breasts, the dancer takes the bill between her teeth and begins to kiss gently up Jessica’s chest to her neck. Jake notices that Jessica leans her head slightly so the dancer can kiss up her neck freely. Jessica is so turned on that she puts her hand on Jakes throbbing manhood and slowly moves her hand up and down.

Jake can not divide his attention very well between Jessica and the dancer, as the dancer has locked eyes with him while his wife is stroking his throbbing manhood he finds his mind wandering. His mind popping up with images of his wife and the dancer at his disposal in their room.

Watching the dancer intensely he is helping his wife a little with his free hand. He smiles at Jessica a knowing smile as he knows about her curiousity he can tell that the dancer excites his wife as much as she does him.

The dancer gets on her hands and knee’s and slowly crawls towards Jake and Jessica licking her lips seductively Jake again places a bill between Jessica’s breasts and watches intently as the dancer with her large brown eye’s and dark skin with silky black hair and D size breasts sits back while her hands glide gently up Jessica’s arms and rest gently on the sides of Jessica’s breasts she pushes them together and whispers to Jessica of how badly she wants Jessica and say’s as she begins to kiss down Jessica’s neck that her name is Neema and slowly she takes the bill into her teeth and pulls slowly so the bill rubs both breasts at the same time Jessica gasps. Jessica is now wetter then she has been since Jake made his move on her quite a few years ago.

Neema finishes her dance and another young lady replaces her. About 5 minutes later Neema in a blue dress joins Jake and Jessica and they introduce themselves and their friends at the table. Neema chooses to sit next to Jessica and she begins to twirl Jessica’s hair in her fingers Neema comments on how beautiful Jessica’s hair is and how soft it is Jessica closes her eye’s enjoying the feel of Neema touching her tracing the lines of Jessica’s neck. Jessica feels pleasant senstations race through her body.

Jake watches Jessica and feels his manhood begin to pulse again as he watches Jessica roll her tongue across her lips and he reaches down under the table and slides his hands between Jessica’s legs and his hand slowly begins sliding Jessica’s skirt higher and higher and is shocked to notice she is not wearing any undergarments as his fingers brush against her very wet clean shaven valley, the fact that she isn’t wearing any undergarments is exciting to him. The coolness of the room is clearly defined by the fact that Jessica’s nipples stand out prominantly as his hands warm the insides of Jessica’s thighs.

As Jessica feels Jakes fingers brush lightly against her very moist valley Neema moves closer to Jessica and gently kisses her neck. Neema’s other hand stroking Jessica’s hair and twining it around her fingers. While Jessica still with her eye’s shut lets a small gasp escape her lips. Neema tells Jessica that she gets off in a couple of hours and asks if Jake and Jessica would like to get together for a couple of drinks Jessica looking at Jake graciously accepts the offer.

Ther three male friends that accompanied Jake and Jessica watched everything that occured this evening with shocked looks at Jessica and jealousy written plainly on their faces with Jake. Never seeing this side of Jessica they tend to be very sure she would not have had this adventerous side to her and they reguard Jake with renewed respect and awe wishing that the women in their lives would be as open minded as Jessica is.

Jessica not caring anymore what her friends think of her should they find out about her curious side watches as Neema gets up and gets back on stage and begins to dance again. Jake and Jessica’s friends decide to leave so Jake and Jessica say good night to them and return to watching Neema entice her audiance with the way she moves her body. At the end of the evening Jessica tells Neema that they will wait for her outside of the club.

Neema emerges from the club dressed in a beautiful blue skirt suit and Jessica meets her and leans in to gently kiss Neema’s cheek, takes her hand and leads her to the truck and as Jessica gets in followed by Neema Jake looks at the two lovely ladies knowing that his evening is about to become a memorable one. Jakes excitement is barely contained as he watches Neema’s fingers stroke Jessica’s face, her arms and her hair.

Upon reaching a night club the three of them get a table at the back and begin to talk all the while Neema
can not keep her hands off of the two of them.Neema strokes Jessica’s hair entw
ining her fingers in Jessica’s hair but as Neema loosened her hold on Jessica’s hair Neema’s fingers would slide down Jessica’s shoulder and linger lightly on the sides of Jessica’s breast causing Jessica’s breathing to increase slightly her eye’s shining with pure excitement with what she knows will come of the night.

Meanwhile Neema’s other hand is slowly moving up Jakes legs her nail grazes against his throbbing manhood which in turn causes a slight gasp to escape his lips. Jessica looks away from Neema at the small gasp from Jake and smiles at him as Jessica’s hand glides slowly up Jake’s other leg and Jessica playfully runs her finger the length of his manhood, feeling it pulse beneath her fingers longing to feel it raw in the palm of her hand.

Neema’s fingers brush against Jessica’s and Jessica takes Neema’s hand and they both wrap their hands around Jake’s throbbing manhood feeling it pulse and it begins jerking from being confined in his jeans wanting to be released and the two ladies beging to stroke him through his jeans.

After the three of them talk for a while getting to know each other and getting more comfortable with one another. Jake is barely containing his excitement from showing on his face but he manages to casualy pay the bill for their drinks and begins to assist the ladies out of their chairs, each lady as she stands leans in and kisses him lightly.

The two ladies walk out together and Jake follows and as he is about to pass the bar the bartender leans over the bar and asks if Jake is with both ladies. Jake taken by suprise looks at the bartender and notices that he is just at arroused as Jake is and replies that yes he is with both ladies tonight, at least he will be shortly anyway. The bartender looks astonished and wishes him well and pleasant times.

Upon arriving at Jake and Jessica’s room the ladies sit in the chairs, Jakes pours them drinks and sits down with them. Jessica and Neema playfully tease Jake by crossing their legs running their hands up their outter thighs slowly raising their skirts up their legs. Jake licks his lips in anticipation watching the skirts slowly move further up their lovely legs.

Neema stands and walks over to Jessica running her finger tips down the side of Jessica’s neck splaying her fingers and running her hands down Jessica’s chest as her hand slides beneath Jessica’s blouse and cups one breast tenderly. Neema feeling the warm comfortable senstation of holding a womans breast in her hand begins to knead it gently and slowly rolling the nipple between her thumb and forfinger leans in to kiss Jessica’s lovely neck.

As Neema watches Jake she leans down and kisses Jessica’s neck she feels Jessica lean her head away giving Neema full access to Jessica’s neck. Neema helps Jessica to stand and walks her to the bed and proceeds to lay her down streching Jessica’s arms up above her head and kisses the hollow of Jessica’s neck.

Jake watching intently as Neema leads Jessica to the bed turns his chair and sits back to watch the two ladies on the bed together. Neema lay’s Jessica down, pulls her skirt up to her hips, leans in and kisses Jessica’s inner thighs, Jessica’s eye’s close her tongue slowly drawing across her top lip. Jessica’s eye’s open and she watches Jake through lowered lids his hand is stroking his throbbing manhood through his jeans.

As Jake watches Neema gently kiss Jessica’s inner thighs slowly moving to Jessica’s warm valley with the sweet nectar he has tasted so often. As he thinks of this he begins to unbutton his jeans and stands to take them off. As Jake resumes his seat still stroking himself he looks at the two ladies and relizes that both of them are looking at him watching him as he strokes himself and his strokes become a little faster.

Neema finaly makes her way to Jessica’s warm valley and lightly flicks her tongue across Jessica’s mound. Neema runs her hands up Jessica’s sides untill they reach the sides of Jessica’s breasts and Jessica allows a slight gasp to escape her lips as pleasure runs through her body from Neema flicking her tongue across Jessica’s mound.

Jessica seeing Jake excited watching her and Neema on the bed has Jessica in such excitement. Neema flicks her tongue across Jessica’s mound again causing electricity to race through Jessica’s body in pulsing waves. Jessica’s back slowly begins to rise as sensual excitement races through her body, she places her hands on the back of Neema’s head pulling Neema to her silently pleading with Neema not to stop.

Neema brings one hand back down and slwoly rubs Jessica’s inner thighs slowly moving up untill they reach Jessica’s warm valley. Neema lets her fingers gently carress Jessica’s valley untill Neema is unable to controll herself anymore and slides her finger in slowly, curling her finger just slightly hitting Jessica’s G-spot instantly and is pleased to hear an excited gasp escape Jessica’s lucious lips.

Jessica watching Jake stroke himself is pleasantly suprised to feel Neema slide her finger in and gasps from pleasure her eye’s close as she bites her lower lip. Jessica notices that Jake is watching Neema intently as she lets her tongue dance around Jessica’s warm valley with practiced ease. Jessica pulls Neema to her gripping her hair tighter as pleasure washes over Jessica in waves.

Jake watching the two women on his bed is just stunned at the beauty the two women posses when in each others arms. Just a few years ago he never would have thought that he would have two women in his bed let alone one of them his wife. To have every man’s fantacy right there before him within his grasp was extrodinary to say the least. Watching causes his hand to increase in speed as Neema’s finger enter Jessica again.

Neema stops suddenly as Jessica begins to hit her peak and looks at Jake. Jessica feeling Neema stop looks at her then looks to see what has Neema’s attention. Seeing Jake with his manhood in his hand makes Jessica lick her lips so she gets up and walks over to Jake with Neema following.

Jake with his eye’s closed opens them and is pleased to see both women walking to him stopping just in front of him Neema places her hands on Jessica’s shoulders and pushes Jessica to her knee’s between Jake’s legs when all of a sudden Neema places her hand around Jake’s manhood as Jessica leans in and flicks the head with the tip of her tongue. Jake wraps the fingers of one hand in Jessica’s hair while the other hand races to undress Neema. First to uncover her lovely body so he reaches out to remove her skirt, with no undergarments to remove he moves his hand to remove the blouse one button at a time and pulls the blouse off. By the time the blouse hits the floor he already has firm hold on one breast fondling it, gently rubbing Neema’s nipple between his thumb and forfinger.

Jessica’s eye’s light up as she watches Jake undress Neema and his hand begins to fondle Neema’s breasts and nipples. Jessica is so excited to have her curiousity explored and fulfilling every man’s fantacy for her husband at the same time that the excitement sends her over the top and her sucking becomes firmer she is so turned on by this, slowly she slides down Jake’s shaft letting her tongue run along the main vein pressing firmly with her tongue untill she has fully taken Jake’s manhood into her mouth causing Jake to moan gruffly making Neema lean in and kiss him deeply.

Jessica watching intently runs a hand up the inside of Neema’s leg and gently slides her finger into Neema’s waiting warm valley. Jessica crooks her finger slightly gunning her finger along Neema’s G-spot as a contented sigh escapes Neema’s mouth. Jessica’s thumb gently rubbing Neema’s excited mound tracing every little inch of Neema’s warm, wet valley.

Jessica stops and stands up bringing Neema to stand in front of Jake gently pushes Neema to her knee’s and pulls Neema’s hair back to get a better view as Neema leans in and takes hold of Jakes throbbing, jerking manhood
she slowly desends on Jakes manhood taking him inch by slow inch untill she
completely consumes Jake in her mouth, slowly she slides back up letting her tongue press firmly against the main vein all the while sucking increasingly as she nears the head.

Jake looks intently at Jessica as she watches from overhead slowly running her tongue across her lips while her free hand begins to run with splayed fingers across her breasts up her neck and back down again gently pinching first one nipple then the other. Slowly Jessica’s hands move further down her body all the while unbuttoning her blouse her shirt completely open reveals her 36-C size breasts, still her hand moves to the zipper down the front of her short black skirt and slowly unzips it and lets it fall to the floor.

Jessica now standing there in an open blouse, black thigh hights, and white heels looks on as Neema increases her speed she moves up and down Jake’s shaft gently humming some nameless tune. Slowly Jessica’s eye’s move up Jakes body one hand on Neema’s head the other gripping the seat of the chair when finaly their eye’s lock on each other and Jessica smiles warmly at Jake.

Jake stunned beyond words watches as Jessica lets go of Neema’s hair and in her heels, stockings, and unbuttoned blouse walks over to the bed. After propping the pillows up Jessica lay’s down and lets her fingers dance over her body. Jakes eye’s begin to roll in his head, his breathing comming faster and faster he realizes that he is close to releasing himself when all of a sudden Neema slows down and eventualy stops pulling Jake out of her mouth stands, grabbing Jakes hands pulls him to his feet and as he stands Neema helps him finish undressing by unbuttoning his shirt sliding it down both of his arms. Both of them walking to the bed watch Jessica in a trance like state as her hands move intensely over her body touching tender places as she bites her lower lip.

Jessica watches as the two approach her. Jessica’s fingers move from here to there gently pinching, squeezing and petting places that need to be attended to places Jake didn’t think to touch and carress when he laid with her. Jessica’s hands move further down and slide between her legs spreading them slowly.

Jake and Neema stop dead watching Jessica as her hands move to her warm, wet valley giving her excited mound a soft rub she slowly slides her fingers into herself curling her finger hitting her G-spot instantly. Jessica’s back slowly arches while her free hand moves up to stroke and fondle her breasts as the other hand moves slowly at first then increases in speed sliding her fingers in and out of her.

Neema grabs Jakes arm to halt him from moving forward watching the erotic scene before them. The beauty set before them as Jessica moves her hands over her body letting her fingers brush lightly across places that cause senstations of excitement to pulse through Jessica’s body causing her back to arch even more makes both of them breathless. Jake stops and watches a scene that is utterly breathtaking he wonders why he never stopped to watch his wife as she pleased herself before this night.

Jessica is very aware of her small audiance and is even more turned on by it her fingers touching places that cause her to bite her lower lip while her other hand glides easily with practiced ease in and out of her wet valley. As Jessica starts to hit her peak she slows down and stops calling to Jake and Neema to come to her.

Jake more excited than he has ever been climbs between Jessica’s legs and not for the first time marvels at how lucky he is that Jessica is his wife. Jake leans in and kisses her passionately as he slowly enters her inch by slow inch impatiently thrusting inside of her the last inch, his long moan escapes as he enteres her gets louder and louder. Jessica gently grabs Neema’s hand and pulls her over her head. Jessica lets her tongue flick across Neema’s wet mound letting Neema’s warm juices slide down Jessica’s tongue gliding smoothly down Jessica’s throat.

Jake taking firm hold of Jessica’s hips begins to thrust his hips forward lunging deep into Jessica, he leans forward and kisses Neema letting his tongue trail down her neck to her breasts and sucking one nipple he lets one hand come up to fondle the other breast. Jessica turned on watching Jake kiss and fondle Neema raises a hand and lets two fingers glide gently into Neema causing Neema to gasp.

Feeling Jake thrust harder and faster Jessica knows he is close to releasing himself and she stops him with the barest touch of the hand. Jake feeling Jessica halt him does so and he feels Jessica slide out from beneath him and Neema and looks at her as she comes up behind Neema and lay’s her down on the bed and pulls Jake between Neema’s legs.

Jake following his wifes directions moves into possisition between Neema’s legs and enters her slowly while watching Jessica place her warm valley over Neema’s eager waiting lips. Jake leans in and kisses Jessica. As his hands fondle Neema’s breasts he trails kisses down Jessica’s chest and begins to suckle first one breast then the other.

Jake increasing his speed a little hears the women’s breathing come faster and faster and realizes by the fact that their eye’s are rolling in both their heads that both are about to hit their peaks and Jake is no longer able to controll himself and releases himself inside of Neema just as both women moan loudly.

The three of them lay on the bed talking about how memorable the night has been when there comes a knock at their door.

Jake gets up to answer the door and finds the friends that they went to the club with standing there sweating uncontrolably as they stare at Jake with awe and admiration written plainly on their faces. After checking that is was ok with Neema and Jessica that they come in Jake invites the three friends in and gets them drinks. Jessica knows they were listening at the door and smiles shyly and goes in the restroom to get into clothes when she returns she finds that the three friends have left and Neema is dressed and about to leave when Neema leans down and kisses them both goodnight and leaves.

Jake taking Jessica in his arms kisses her and thanks her for letting him be part of her first time with a woman when she suprises him by saying that she wouldn’t have had it any other way. They lay down and hold each other as sleep enfolds them in darkness.

The End !

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