Will, Fancy and Me

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William and Francine took a liking to each other in their sophomore year of high school…and that was that. They were both naive and inexperienced. They were virgins. It stayed that way til they got married.

They had waited because it seemed like the right thing to do at the time. But the day had finally come and they were both apprehensive and excited at the same time.

There was an intensity that was passing between them as they stood facing each other…just inches apart…
He removed his shirt as he gazed into her eyes. She took in every detail of his now exposed skin. Then returned his gaze.
She removed her blouse. Her cheeks blushed as she undid her bra and let it fall to the floor.
His breath caught in his throat at the sight of her firm perky breasts…surrounded in pale pink her nipples were slightly upturned and erect.
Her blush deepened as she dropped her skirt and slip. She hesitated for a few seconds…then drew down her panties and stepped out of them.
He looked upon her nude body for the first time and thought that she was devine. Then his eyes returned to hers…he undid his pants…and set them aside. He too blushed as he pulled down his boxers. He was semi hard…but when he saw her eyes take him in…and heard her soft gasp…he grew to a full fledged erection.
He slowly reached out and touched her face. He trailed his fingers down her neck…along her shoulders and then cupped her breasts in each hand. She let out a gasp as her took each nipple between his fingers and squeezed.
She wanted to feel his penis. She wanted to squeeze and stroke its hardness. She reached out for it but drew back her hand. She was embarrassed by her own boldness…but he took her hand and guided it to his manhood…for it now belonged to her as well. And they both now knew that their bodies were about to give up the secrets that they have for so long held.

He took her hand and lead her to the bed. He kissed her…tasted her and it filled him with desire. She felt the heat of her own desire…rise. Their passion erupted. They reached out to each other and with hands and lips they explored all of the places that had so far been forbidden to them. When they could no longer deny the stiring they both felt in their loins…they laid together and he entered her. He felt the brief resistance…heard her cry out
…but her velvety soft muscle beckoned him and drew him in further. Slowly they abandoned their inhibitions… and when their passion could no longer be contained…they were for a time in the realm of pure sexual pleasure…the seductive waves washed over their bodies.They both orgasmed for the first time.

Well…they thought they had died and gone to heaven. And spent the next 5-6 years fucking like rabbits. But like all good things…it was soon not enough. So after several discussions they decided on a trial “open relationship”. Since they had never been with anyone else they wanted to see what other people’s take on sex was like. This was done with the intention of applying it to their sex life. That was and is the driving force in their story.

They found that they liked role playing. Toys. Oral. They shied away from BDSM and anal…at first. But lite bondage and ass play was eventually added to their list. As time went on the list got alot bigger.

After trying many different things…they decided that they had found what would work best for them. They enjoy sex with others…together. They are “swingers”. Which is how I met them…well how me and my partner (at the time) met them.

It was a weekend party. 5 couples. It was my and my lady’s first. Soon as we walked in I noticed every one was nude and engaged in some form of sexual activity or other. We were taken aside…given a tour and introduced around. I was immediately getting sucked by a gorgeous
blonde who was getting banged by a very well built male…while a cute little thing stuck her huge breasts in my mouth to suck on. She had her ass bared. A very trim older man with a huge dildo began sliding it in and out of her as he stroked himself. My lady had a big black cock in her mouth and a sexy black woman sucking her clit…finger banging her. The sexual intensity in the room was explosive.

Don’t get me wrong…the ladies were great. But the sight of my girl with someone else just gets me incredibly hot. When I saw the black couple switch positions…I moved over to the woman.She was about to start sucking my ladys nipples. I grabbed her bubble butt and started banging her dog style. Her man wanted her to take his load in her mouth and I was aching to shoot mine in my girls tight pussy.
As I mounted her…I felt someone come up behind and start to rim me. A nice round ass presented its pucker
hole to my lips. I took it in my mouth. It was the most incredible feeling. I let go with one of the longest…most intense orgasms I have ever had. I didn’t know it was Will and Fancy til later. But it didnt really matter. There was no denying I liked it. Just thinking about it makes me hard as hell.

That weekend was the beginning of my initiation into “The Lifestyle”. I’m single now but continue to see Will and Fancy. We have some very intense…threesomes and I discovered that I am bisexual. Sometimes they invite a female fourth and we pleasure each other equally. Having sex with a man is very erotic. To me. I have noticed that Fancy gets extremely turned on watching Will and I. Shel likes for me to do her ass when Will is doing mine. Its as if he is fucking her through my cock. All I can say is that it is extremely sensual and highly erotic.

I remember one session that drove the four of us wild. The ladys had a double headed dildo. We watched as they each took an end in. The were trying various ways of thrusting . Soon Fancy got Will to lay down and she took him into her dark tunnel while still using the double dildo. I followed suit and soon we were thrusting both the ladys holes. A long thin double was added to our asses and…that is one of the most memorable sexual experiences I have ever enjoyed.

Well…I think that this type of lifestyle “works” for them because their relationship is so open and honest. I see that they trust each other and are very much aware of each others well being. The sexual aspect…is ultimately to satisfy their desire to please each other…fully.
I am very fortunate that I am a part of this lifestyle. It’s not for everyone. But it certainly works for them and for me.

…It doesn’t get much better than that!

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  1. scar023

    Another bold story. Very good read.

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  2. breeze

    Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it. It’s good to know that I’m being…”read”. *smile*

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