Biggest Load I Ever Took

So I was sitting at home and I was extremely horny I had just had sex the night before but I really wanted to suck a cock… I haven’t done so in a really long time. I’ve had a really big craving for it and I couldn’t get it off my mind…I watched gay porn and gay cum shots but still wasn’t enough to get me off …

So I posted an add on Craigslist and waited for a reply it wasn’t for another hour or so until I got one and when I saw his cock I gave him my number so we could get this going faster being I really wanted to suck his huge cock.

When he called I was filled with anticipation and when I answered hello and he said hey boy from now on you call me daddy I could have came right then and there I was so turned on I answered bad I’m sorry daddy … not yet your not get your ass over here now.

So he gave me his address and it wasn’t far from my house so I was there in no time when I walked up to his house the door was open like he said it would be so I walked in and closed the door like he told me to do and locked it the room was dark until I locked it he turned the light on …he was sitting get there with a half of a hard on I started to walk over to him and he said stop boy so I stopped he said take your shorts off now so I did he told me to take my shirt off and I did that also he said get over here and kneel in front of him and bow my head.

When I looked up at him he put a collar on me told me to stick my tongue out then he slapped his now rock hard cock onto my tongue I started to close my mouth and he tugged on the collar and told me that he didn’t tell me to suck it yet.

He asked me a few questions like are u gonna suck daddies cock and every time I started to talk he shoved his cock all the way in and stabbed the back of my throat he did this every time when he was done asking questions gobs of spit was drooling out of my mouth and his cock was glistening with my spit.

He stood up and kept me on my knees got behind me and tied my hands together then made me turn around and rest his cock in my mouth he said now keep it there while he walks to get his phone in the other room walking on my knees was extremely hard and every time I let his cock out of my mouth he spanked me with a belt.

When we got back to his chair he said now suck daddy’s cock while he calls his buddy then u when to town on his cock sucking on it spitting on it and making him stutter to his friend on the phone he eventually told him you better get over here this boys a great cock sucker and hung up the phone.

He dropped the phone on the floor and told me if I’m not careful in gonna end up with a mouth full I mumbled to myself that’s what I came here for he got a little mad and choked me with his cock then pulled it out stood up and untied my hands stood me up and saw my dick was dripping in pre cum he told me that he herd his friend pull up and to go to the door … while he was telling me this he put a leash on the collar as he also told me to hand him the leash and get his cock out and into my mouth before he said so.

The knock at the door came and I opened it before he was done knocking I handed him the leash and go on my knees to pull out his cock I started to suck I and stroke it at the same time his hand was on the back of my head and he was sorta fuckin my face.

My daddy and his buddy took me back to the couch one sat down and the other stood right beside me I’d suck one while the other was jerking off.

While I was sucking my daddy’s buddy my daddy said he was gonna cum so I stopped sucking his buddy and started sucking him he arched his back and shot 5 huge shots into my mouth I was about to swallow it then his buddy said my turn and yanked on the collar to bring me closer to his cock.

He told me to open wide and play with you daddy’s cum so I did so… as he stroked and jerked I could see his shaft and balls start to tighten then he aimed his dick into my mouth and said say a aah one after another of full loads of cum it added to my daddies cum and spilled out of my mouth I … swallow in one big gulp then grab his cock and suck the rest out.

My daddy took off my collar and told me to get dressed then he said he would call me when he wanted his cock drained again.

When I got home I thought about what I did and jacked off and came all over; holy shit that was hot.

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