Jennifer's World: The College Years Ch. 16

Jennifer’s World: The College Years
Chapter 16

Jennifer threw her books on her desk. She felt out of sorts and could not fathom why. She tried to study with her group, but could not hold a coherent thought. She excused herself, claiming illness, and had headed back to the dorm room.

Yolanda was there, with her schoolwork strewn all over the bed, like normal. Only the time was not. Normally, she would be at her study group from end of classes until 8:00 pm on a Thursday evening.

“Hi Yo,” Jennifer said, plopping down on her bed. “Say, why aren’t you at your study group tonight?”

“Got cancelled, Jennie baby,” Yolanda answered, not looking up from her papers. “Group leader came down with a bad cold, and cancelled until next meeting on Tuesday.”

“Hmmph,” Jennifer said.

Yolanda looked up, and saw the state Jennifer was in. She got up and went and sat next to her.

“What got your horse?” Yolanda said innocently.

Jennifer closed her eyes and smiled. Yolanda was still learning the language better, but still had a little problem with the idioms.

“Goat, Yo. What’s got your goat.”

“Goat. OK. Got it.” A pause. “So, how about it?”

Jennifer sighed. “I’m not sure. I mean, the past couple of days I haven’t been able to concentrate on my studies, and I’m racking my brain on how to help Elaine, and I haven’t heard from Jason in a week…”

“Whoa, girlie! That’s a lot! I think you need break from all of it. You not need to solve all the problems of the world, just yours.”

“I know that Yolanda.”

So don’t be silly little bitch and moan. Do something about it. That what you do best anyhow. Just do it for yourself this time.”

Jennifer smiled. Yolanda always seemed to know what to say to take her out of a funk. “Thanks, Yo. I needed that.”

“Anytime, Jennie baby” Yolanda said. She leaned over and kissed her soundly. “I need to get back to my homework. Big paper on Roe v. Wade due tomorrow. Got yours?”

“Finished it yesterday. I couldn’t study after that, though, as if-“

“You thinking of babies?”

And that was it. She had indeed wondered what it would be like to be a mother. Jennifer looked at the engagement ring on her finger, and sighed. Her feelings for Jason had increased after her kidnapping ordeal, and she was wondering if it will pan out, or if he wanted children, or not or…

Jennifer shot up quickly. “I need to call my fiancée,” she said to Yolanda by way of explanation.

“That’s it, Jennie baby,” Yolanda said back. “See you in while.”

Jennifer scooped up her cell phone and headed to the common room. She needed to talk to Jason. She had always expected him to call her. Was she being selfish? She wondered.

The common room was deserted, as most students were in their study groups at the library or solarium. She sat in one of the overstuffed chairs and dialed Jason’s number at home.

No answer.

She next tried the spa number.

Left 2 hours ago.

Jennifer looked at the time. It was a little after 7, and she KNEW that he left work at 5. She then dialed Eric and Angela’s number.

Click. “Hello, Jennifer.” Angela said.

“Hi, Angela. Say, is my man there? I’m trying to get a hold of him.”

“Not at the moment, honey, but he’ll be back soon. He went to the store for me.”

Jennifer felt dejected “OK, will you ask him to call me? I haven’t heard from him for over a week now.”

“Oh really? That’s not like-wait, he’s here. Hang on.” Jennifer heard Angela walk away, and then heard muffled words, followed by a sharp crack. Then she heard Jason saying, “OK,OK”.



“Yes, sweetheart.”

“Jason, why haven’t you called me?”

“Well, I was kinda busy with information for us to mull over about our wedding, and I guess I forgot to make time to call you, as I was just forcefully reminded of…”

“Was that a slap I heard, then?”

“And a very sharp one at that.”

Jennifer giggled.

“So, what’s up honey?”

“Jason, do you want kids?”

“Of course I want kids, why do y—wait! You’re not-not…”

Jennifer giggled again. “No, I’m not pregnant, if that was what you were trying to say. Not yet anyway. I just needed to know, is all.”

“Oh. Yes, I do. When the time is right, and that is not until you finish school. That ok?”

“Oh, yes. I was thinking that myself. I want to get my degree before I even think of family.”

“Good. Anything else bothering you?”

“Well, I have this problem. See, I’m trying to help-“

“Jennifer, hang on. Eric and Sherry just walked in, and Eric is clamoring to talk to you. Here he is.”

“Hello, Jen?” Eric said.

“Hello, lover,” Jennifer said.

“Jennifer, can you get your crew down here tomorrow night for the weekend?”

“I think I can swing that. What’s up?”

“Well, can you bring Elaine as well? Sherry and I may have found someone for her.”

Jennifer perked up. “You have?”

“We think so. I think we need to introduce them and see what happens.”

“Then I think I could convince her to come. Any details I should know?”

“Only that she is pretty, and that she has a brother who is gay as well.”

Jennifer immediately sat up. “Eric, you may have solved two problems up here. I will bring our crew. This is important. Just be prepared for eight.”

“Eight. Jennifer, have you been recruiting for our circle again?”

Jennifer laughed. “Nothing like that. I just happen to know…never mind. Just prep for eight people.”


“Look, I gotta go get this done now. Tell Jason I’ll see him tomorrow night and we’ll continue our talk.”

“Oh sorry. Did I break up your phone sex session?”

“No, nothing like that. We were talking about kids.”


“Bye, Eric!” Jennifer hung up and laughed. Let him stew over that one!


Angela finished putting the bedrolls in the den for their guests.

“I swear, Eric,” Angela said, “If Jen keeps this up, we’re gonna have to build a whole new wing of bedrooms on this house!”

“I know, hon,” Eric said, “I love her, too.”

“Did you ever expect this when we first met her?”

“No, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

Angela stood up and smiled. “Me either,” she said. “So, when are our guests to arrive?”

“Well, Jen and crew will be here in about 15 minutes, James and Bethany should be here any minute, as well as Mark and his mistress Daly, and Sherry and Jason are in the kitchen whipping up a late supper.”

“Humph! Those two!”


“She’s been fucking him every chance she gets, just to be able to take the bigger cocks of our group, according to her.”

Eric chuckled. “I just think she likes getting stuffed by him.”

Angela smiled. “That too!”

Their conversation was cut off by the doorbell. Eric answered the door. It was Mark and Daly. Mark was wearing his collar with a chain attached to it.

“Hi!” Eric said. “Come in.”

Daly stepped in and into Eric’s arms, kissing him soundly. “Good to see you, master Eric,” she said.

“Good to see you, too, mistress Daly.”

“Come, slave. Greet Master Eric,” Daly said to Mark

Mark van Pellte, probably the richest man in the state, and heir to his father’s nanotechnology firm, meekly walked in and went to his knees.

“A greeting to you, master Eric,” Mark said.

Eric’s eyes widened, and looked questioningly to Daly.

“Our personal relationship has deepened,” Daly explained, “and we found that he prefers this in his private life. In business
, he is as ruthless as any millionaire businessman needs to be, but at home he is my slave. We are both satisfied with our roles, and those we see that would not compromise his position know it as well.”

“Well, I’m happy for you, then,” Eric said warmly.

Daly kissed Eric soundly again. “Thank you for introducing us.”

“Thank Jennifer. She
‘s the one who brought Mark.”

“I will.”

“You’ll get your chance. She will be here any minute.”


“Mark,” Eric said, “When did you get down here?”

“A couple hours ago, master,” he said. “Mistress Jennifer informed me of this meeting yesterday and that I should get to my Mistress and bring her over.”

Eric nodded. Headlights caught his attention as another car pulled up. “Go with your mistress, slave,” Eric said, “but, with your mistress’s permission, I need you to act and react as a real man, for the time being. We do not want to scare off our new guests.”

“Granted,” Daly said. “Come, Mark. Let’s get that collar off for now.”

“Yes, Honey,” Mark said.

Eric looked at Daly again.

“We don’t always play this game,” she said, smiling, as she took Mark by the hand and led him into the dining room to take off his collar.

Eric shook his head and smiled to himself, then turned his attention to the two people coming up the walk. One was his new hotshot CPA, and the other was his twin sister.

“Hello, Mr. Thomlinson,” James said.

“Please, it’s Eric here. We are not at work.”

“Thank you, Eric.”

“You’re welcome. Please come in, both of you.”

“It was very nice to invite us to your home, Eric,” Bethany said.

“I’m glad you could show up,” Eric smiled.

Eric ushered James and Bethany in and introduced them to Angela, Mark and Daly. Once the introductions were finished, he sat them down on the couch in the living room and got the drinks they requested when he asked them. He then sat down to talk with them.

“James, Bethany,” Eric started, “I invited you over because I want you to meet someone very special to us. In fact, she shares a special place in all our hearts. Her name is Jennifer Holston. Her fiancée is Jason Manacek. James, you met him yesterday, remember?”

“Yes,” he said. “The tall, athletic one?”

“The very same,” Eric agreed. “Anyway, she will be here anytime now.”

“Why do you want us to meet her?” Bethany asked.

“Well, let’s say she has a…way of knowing what people need.”

Bethany got up, looking a little upset. “Well, thank you for the thought, Mr. Thomlinson, but I don’t need anyone telling me what I need.” She started for the door. James got up and stopped her.

“Sis, hold on,” James whispered. “I told you we could trust him. He knows.”

“He knows?” Bethany whispered back. “Did you tell him?”

“I didn’t have to. He figured it out, Told me today. He said it didn’t matter to him, as long as I produced for the company, and that was what mattered. He also knows about you too.”


“That I haven’t figured out yet, but he was dead on, and said he could help both of us. I trust him. I don’t know why, but I do. Give him a chance.”

Bethany looked back at Eric. “So you know.”

“Yes.” Eric said formally.


“My secretary told me.”

“Did I hear my job calling me?” Sherry said, popping her head out of the kitchen door.

Bethany saw Sherry and caught her breath. When she had seen her yesterday, she looked so sexy to her that she could not take her eyes off her, and blushed when she was caught.

Sherry saw Bethany, smiled, and skipped out of the kitchen. “Good to see you Bethany!” she said as she came up to her and hugged her.

Bethany, nonplussed, hugged her back.

“Oh,” Sherry said, stepping back, “Just so we can clear the air…” She unbuttoned her shirt and held it open to Bethany.

Eric rolled his eyes.

“So, tell me,” Sherry said teasingly, “These are great tits, huh?”

Bethany gulped. “Uh, yes, wonderful.”

Sherry closed her shirt. “Sorry I couldn’t show them to you yesterday, hon. I was working, you know?”

Bethany gulped again. “Y-yes, I understand.” Sherry went back to the kitchen.

Bethany looked back at Eric, who was smiling. She then looked at her brother, who was trying to hide a smile. She then walked back to the couch. “All right,” she said to Eric, “I’ll meet this Jennifer.”

“Thank you,” he said.

“So you really know I’m a lesbian.”


“And that my brother is gay?”


“And it doesn’t bother or threaten you?”

“Why should it? I am comfortable in my sexuality. You should be too.”

Bethany finally softened her tone. “I have come across both those situations with men too many times. It becomes difficult to realize that not all men are that way.”

“Understood, Bethany. I hold no onus to your antipathy. I hope we will become friends tonight, is all.”

“I told you,” James said to Bethany, sitting again.

The front door opened and Jennifer walked in. Jerry, Tommy, Yolanda, and Sam Followed. Jennifer spied Eric and ran to him, jumping in his lap and planting a big, wet, sloppy kiss on him, while grinding her hips into his crotch.

Eric came up for air. “It’s good to see you too, sweetheart,” he said to her.

James and Bethany had quizzical looks on their faces.

“Where’s Angela?” Jennifer asked.

“In the den, still getting things ready,” Eric said.

Jennifer smiled and went for the den.

“Who was that?” James asked.

“That was Jennifer,” Eric said. “Excuse me.” He got up to greet the others.

Bethany looked at James. “Are you sure we can trust him?”

“Yes,” he said, but not as confident this time.

“Glad to see you all!” Eric said to the throng. “Sam, where’s Alex?”

“Oh, she’ll be along. She’s bringing our other two guests in. They’re not too sure about this.”

“I have the same thing here,” he whispered to him, pointing surreptitiously at James and Bethany.

“Eric, Where is my woman?” Jerry asked.

“In the kitchen.”

Jerry left for the kitchen.

“Come in everyone. Sit down.” Eric said.

Tommy, Sam and Yolanda went into the living room. Eric heard a gasp from Bethany when she spied the collar on Yolanda’s throat. He then looked out and saw Alex shepherding a man and a woman up the walkway. Eric greeted them when they got to the door.

“Hi Eric,” Alex said. “This is Elaine Thomas, and this is her friend Paul Wilkes.”

“Nice to meet you both. Come–“

“Jennifer!” Jason yelled as he bolted out of the kitchen and headed to the den.

“—in,” Eric finished as he giggled at the looks on the two new people’s faces.

Alex ushered Elaine and Paul in and sat them down on the couch along with James and Bethany, as Eric instructed, and then went to find Sam. Eric went to the den to leave the new people alone.

“Hello,” James said tentatively.

“Hello,” Paul said. “I’m Paul.

“And I’m Elaine,” Elaine said.

“I’m Jim, and this is my sister Beth.”

“Hello.” Beth said.

The four of them heard a crash in the kitchen and saw Sam, Alex, Tommy, and Yolanda head there.

“Is it crazy like this all the time?” Bethany asked Elaine.

“I don’t know,” she said. “This is our first time here.”

“Same with us,” James said.

“To tell the truth, I was a little afraid to come tonight,” Bethany said.

“So were we,” Bethany said. “I mean, we had only known Eric for a day, and well…”

“You know Eric?” Elaine said. “Angela’s Fiancée?”

“He is the one who invited us here tonight.”

“Well, I had met his fiancée up at the college last Saturday. We had…a fine time.”

Bethany picked up on the nuance.

“So who is this Jennifer we keep hearing about?” Bethany asked carefully.

“She’s kinda hard to describe. She’s like-a force of nature,” Elaine said, a wistful smile on her face.

“You just don’t mee
t her,” Paul said, “you sort of-experience her.”

“Oh, come on!” Bethany said. “No one is that perceptive!”

Elaine and Paul just smiled.

“So how did you meet Jennifer?” James asked, trying to bring the tension down.

“She and I study advanced business concepts on Wednesday evenings.” Paul said.

“And I met her last Saturday, on my friend’s advice
,” Elaine said. “He told me she could help with my…situation.”

“And what situation is that?” Bethany asked.

“Well, I hope I don’t shock you, but, you see, I’m a lesbian, and–“

Bethany sat back, wide-eyed. James stared at Elaine.

“See?” Elaine said to Paul, almost in tears. “I shouldn’t have said anything! We shouldn’t have come!”

Paul held Elaine as she started crying.

“Did you have to be cruel?” Paul said, a little nettled. “She was just trying to be honest! Jennifer has been helping her to better accept herself and her situation. It’s hard up at the school for us gays!

“You’re gay too?” James asked, suddenly interested. “So are we!”

“Jim!” Bethany said, shocked.

“Well, it’s about time you started owning up to your nature, sis.” He turned again to Elaine. “Elaine, forgive us if we seemed cruel. It was not our intention. We have been hurt before, and we just want to be careful. Please accept our apology.”

Elaine looked up, tears in her eyes. “You’re…gay too?”

For the second time tonight, Bethany adjusted her attitude. She made a mental decision. “Yes, Elaine, I am also a lesbian.”

“Oh, this is weird!” Elaine said. “I didn’t think Jen could pull it off, but she did!”

“Pull what off?” Bethany asked.

“Well, when Paul took me to see her, I was lonely and needed a friend, a—lover. That’s when I met her and Angela, and Yolanda, and Sherry, and–“

“Sherry?” Bethany and James said.

Did I hear my name?” Sherry said, peeking out the kitchen door. She then spied Elaine. She ran to Elaine and landed in her lap.

“Elaine! I am so glad you came down!” Sherry planted a wet kiss on her lips and massaged her breast. She then looked over to Bethany. “I take it then you all have introduced yourselves?”

“Are you gay as well?” Bethany asked, a little shocked at the brazenness that Sherry showed.

“Nah, I’m bi,” Sherry said.


Everyone looked. Jerry was standing at the kitchen door, with his arms folded.

“Get off her lap and come help finish up in the kitchen! Everyone is hungry!”

“Yes, Master,” she said.

“‘Master’?” James asked.

“That’s my Master,” Sherry explained. “Gotta go. See ya in a bit, you guys.” Sherry skipped off.

Elaine had an impish grin on her face.

“What was THAT all about?” Bethany asked, wide-eyed.

“She was the most ardent at our little party last week,” Elaine said, reminiscing about that encounter.

“So that’s what had you distracted the whole week!” Paul said.

“Among other things,” Elaine said, smiling.

James whistled.

“So, How are you getting along?”

The four of them suddenly turned. There stood Jennifer, with Jason holding her from behind, and Angela, with Eric holding her from behind. All of them were topless.

“Uh, I think we’re coming along ok,” Elaine said.

“Jennifer, You sure know how to shock a person!” Paul said.

“It seemed the only way for you to shed your reticence, my friend.”

“You’re Jennifer?” Bethany asked.

“Yes. And you must be Bethany. Eric told me.”

Bethany’s eyes could not get off Jennifer’s chest. Here tits were full and round with red areolas surrounding lusciously pert and erect nipples. The mere sight got her pussy wet with a desire she had not felt in a long time.

Jennifer disengaged from Jason and took the seat that Eric had used earlier.

“Sweetheart?” Jennifer said to Jason. “Would you get everyone in here, along with the food?”

“OK,” Jason said.

“OK. Now, Elaine, you came to me a week ago wondering if you will ever find another love that wasn’t a bull. I really had a hard time finding one. Bethany, Eric called me yesterday about you and your brother, and I figured that you all should meet. You all have needs that people like me, or even Sherry, cannot fully satisfy. You need your own loves, people with similar likes and dislikes. From what I heard, I deduced that you, Beth, and your brother have suffered recent heartbreaks. That accounts for your surliness. You don’t seem the bull of a relationship, and you, Jim, don’t seem the feminent. I think you both want loving relationships where you see each other as equal.”

Bethany and James nodded, amazed at the near perfect assessment that Jennifer had just made.

Jason came back with Jerry, Sherry, Tommy, Yolanda, Sam, Alex, Daly, and Mark. Eric and Angela had moved two other couches up behind Jennifer for everyone to sit. Also, the women carried plates of chicken legs, fruit, hot biscuits, juice, and coffee. They were all topless as well.

James saw this and gaped. All the men were well built, and he also felt a stirring in his crotch that had been absent for a while.

After the women set the food down on the end tables around the couches and sat, Jennifer got up and took Bethany’s hand and stood her up.

“Bethany, I want to welcome you to a world of love, a place where you can be yourself, no matter who or what you may be,” Jennifer said. Then she kissed her deeply.

Bethany felt an almost electric shock of lust from that kiss. Jennifer’s lips knew how to move against hers, raising her emotions. She pressed herself against Jennifer, to feel those wonderful tits against her, and to deepen the kiss. Jennifer hugged her even closer.

After a few moments, she led Bethany to each woman, who also welcomed her and kissed her. By the time she sat down again, she was thoroughly horny, and her panties were wet with her juice. Her breath was short, and her skin was slightly mottled.

Mark got up, and took James by the hand. “Of all the men here, James Tarvo, I am the only Bi male, yet this will not preclude any of them from welcoming you as I do. Welcome to our world, a world of love and acceptance.” With that, Mark kissed him deeply.

James responded ardently. He had never been so thoroughly kissed!

As Jennifer did, Mark Took James to each man, and each welcomed him, although their kisses were not deep, nor were they perfunctory. Each meant it, and James knew it. By the time he sat again he had a raging hardon that hurt from the restraint of his pants.

Once again, Jennifer took Elaine, welcomed her, and kissed her deeply, but this time she stripped her top off so their tits could touch. Elaine melted into that kiss and contact, rubbing her nipples against Jennifer’s.

Jennifer then took Elaine to each woman, and they repeated the welcome. Finally, Jennifer brought a thoroughly turned-on Elaine to Bethany. Bethany, very hot herself from watching the proceedings, stood up. Jennifer then unbuttoned her shirt, unsnapped her bra and took them off.

“Bethany,” Jennifer said, “I bring to you a kindred soul to help ease the pain of your heartache. Take her, and be welcome.”

Bethany took Elaine’s hand. Both she and Elaine were breathing hard as Bethany pulled her in for a kiss. Jennifer backed off and let the two find each other.

Bethany and Elaine tenderly kissed each other, letting their hands lightly explore each other’s body. The curiosity in each other’s eyes told Jennifer that these two would be together, at least for tonight.

Mark Then took Paul, and did the same to him as he did with James. Then as Jennifer did, Mark presented Paul to James, wishing them happiness with each other.

James stood and took Paul by the hand and kissed him. The touch was electric for both, as their hands found each other, each cupping the other’s hardon, and lightly rubbing.

James tenderly broke the contact and went to his knees, unzipping Paul’s pants. Paul’s breathing became ragged. James reached in and pulled out the most beautiful cock he ever saw, and was overcome with an irresistible lust that made him want Paul in all his holes. H
e took Paul’s cock into his mouth, slipping that gorgeous piece of meat into his throat as he slowly sucked. Paul closed his eyes and held on to his head.

Elaine and Bethany sank to the couch, still kissing. They broke the kiss, grinning
at each other as Elaine undid Bethany’ pants. Bethany lifted her hips to help. Soon she was naked. With a smile to her new lover, Elaine dropped her head to Bethany’s sopping wet cunt, inhaling deeply, then lapping it up.

“O-o-o-o-hhhh,” Bethany stuttered as Elaine’s tongue found her clit.

“Come on everyone,” Eric said quietly. “Let’s take the food and go to the back bedrooms, and leave them to themselves for now.”

With a nod of agreement, Jennifer’s friends, all of them, picked up the food and moved to the back. With one last look at the two couples, smiling to herself, She closed the door to the back bedroom, allowing privacy for the two newly formed couples.


Jennifer and Eric have hooked lost souls together. Will their tryst last? Will they be able to satisfy each other? And what about Jennifer and Crew? What new sexual Antics are they exploring? Find out in the next exciting chapter of “Jennifer’s World: The College Years”, coming soon!

If you liked this story, or have any comments email me, I enjoy hearing from all my readers.

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