Part 2 New Gay Day

Well Tony found me after about a half-hour wait. He walked out wearing a long blue bathrobe and nothing else as he quickly dropped it on the patio and walked towards me in the wet grass. There he smiled as he told me, “Training starts this evening when I return. This morning I would like to make love to you alone and then tonight we’ll see how you catch the train.”
Now I really had no ideal what he was talking about so I smiled and figured go with it. He lifted my head up and slipped his big dick to my now open mouth and as I began to suck him he sighed with a deep appreciation. I was rocking on his monster whopper as he dribbled then flooded my mouth with a load of his hot sperm. I lapped almost all of it up and as I did he smacked my face gently and ordered me with, “Now stand up here.” I moved a little slow I think, and as I was not fast enough he grabbed my short hair and yanked me by it upward. Then he unleashed me and forced me up onto the bench on the patio. There on my back he lifted my legs and pushed them upward almost making me flip. When he saw I put the butt plug in, he remarked, “Good slave boy, keep that asshole trained and plugged until I am ready to screw it again.” Then he widened my legs and pulled my dick to his mouth where he began to gnaw on it and nibble and bite it and my balls. Holding me firmly with one hand his other slipped to my nipple and began to twist it like a corkscrew. As I began to cry out his vengeance grew on my small tiny cock. Then suddenly I felt myself gush into his mouth and I sighed mightily in appreciation of it. When I drained my load into his oral cavity, he dropped me onto my back and moved to kiss me and as we did he swirled my cum into my mouth which I accepted. Then he brought his dick top catch the last few drops of it and with that offered me his prick to clean once more. I did and after almost ten minutes it began to firm once more. Then he slid it out and the butt plug went next, followed by a thrusting hard-on in my asshole.
With me on my back this time he rode my ass for the longest period of time, until I was almost crumpled into a wad, where he blasted up deeply inside me with a fresh hot load of cum.

I was smiling at him as he retreated from my ass and as he did he moved his prick to my mouth again, and this time he told me, “Clean my dick with your mouth until I say stop.” I did as he said, and though I knew it had my own shit on it I was a little less receptive until he began to finger my asshole and eat it himself as I watched. When he had taken five loads from me he offered me the last three which I locked clean and slopped up for his pleasure. Then he moved away from me long enough to go inside clean and re lube the plug, which he placed in my ass once more. Then he turned to my small cock and began to fondle it while he licked and kissed my nipples. As he did I was getting harder by the send and when I was really firm once more, he truly surprised me by sitting on my cock and fucking himself with it. He bounced on me for almost ten minutes before I came in him and then he moved from dick to my mouth for more cleaning. After I had pleased him, he lifted me from the bench walked me back out into the yard and retained me to the hook. Then he spoke firmly to me, “No matter what, you do not leave this place or go inside or into the garage. If you have to use the bathroom piss on yourself if you must or better yet piss in your own mouth and drink it.”

I had no ideal that he really meant it until after I realized he had left the house, and after eight hours in the late spring air a storm began to brew. He had gone to work and I had no inkling of an idea when he would be back, but I knew he was serious and wanting to please him I lay there on the soft grass as the rain poured down upon me. The force of the rain made me want to pee and I began to let it flow over my chest and as I aimed it on me I remembered what he said so I opened my mouth and peed some in it. Just a mouthful enough to get the taste and as I swallowed the salty warm mist I was a bit taken back by the fact I did it. That’s when I realized I was always submissive and easily trained into serving as my wife had done me for years. The real furry of the storm began to grow closer and as the lightening rained down nearer and nearer, I wanted to find shelter. Just then Tony appeared and motioned for me to come to him in the garage and when I unleashed myself and joined him, he was not alone. Six younger men and boys were standing there with him. He was smiling at me as they began to take notice of me and after he opened the door into the house they began to paw at me and pinch and slap me and one started slapping my face while another yanked the butt plug from my ass. Soaking wet they threw me on the cold tile floor and as each one of them undressed I found out what a train is all about.

One young boy that found out later was only eighteen curled under me and began to suck my dick while he offered me his own to suck. I did that, just as another boy also eighteen began to ram his prick up my ass and as the pair worked me over Tony and the other four watched and took photographs of them. Then when these two came in me and I in the boy, they moved to the side where two men in their mid 30’s began to ram their pricks in my mouth at the same time. Another man who was just 21 took my ass while they fucked my mouth. It was almost half an hour long before all three had came. Not letting anytime pass, Tony flipped me onto my back and mounted my now soaked mouth with his prick while last man who was 40 began to fuck my ass harder and harder and even shuttered the room with his thrust. Tony came first and as he moved off me the man who was fucking me exclaimed, “I’m glad that you jerked me off while we watched them Tony, I think I can go for another ten minutes now.”
It was more like forty when he came in my ass and with it he almost passed out on me. The first pair had been watching and was quickly back in the hunt this time swapping ends and as they fucked me, I began to enjoy it. Then after that they led me down the hall and into the basement and the hot tub where they washed each other and me. After the bath they began to torture me in the water by holding me down over the rail and fucking my ass, I am not sure because for the next two hours and a half I couldn’t move with a hard prick fucking me. Then suddenly after what I believe to be the third fuck for each of them they released me. Tony made me wash one last time then sit on the cold floor while he and the others went upstairs and ordered pizza. When he brought me some food and drink, Tony told me, “You did well for the first round after dinner settles, we will show you some real fucking.”
It was no half past nine and they were returning to the basement to begin on me all over again. Tony led me to a small room at the back where a funny looking swing hung down from the ceiling. They placed me in it and began to fuck me all over. I had no ideal by the next morning I would have let them each fuck me five times and Tony and another man seven each.
I couldn’t move by the first light of day as I had passed out sometime after the last boy fucked my mouth. Tony came down before he went to work and told me, “I called you wife yesterday and told her I had you. She said she didn’t want you back so now your mine. She called your boss and told him you what happened so you have no job. I also made sure your friends know and now you have only me and whoever I bring to fuck you for company. What do you have to say?”
“Please can I have some more master.” Was all I could think of to say.

Wait for Part 3 of New Gay Day to find out how crazy Tony can be and how good a slave I will become.

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  1. MasterHank

    I’m stroking my boner from reading this. Is there ever going to be a part 3?

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