Battlestar Erotica: Order of Succession

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Winters was annoyed. Here she was, a cabinet level officer in the President’s staff (and a minor one at that) and suddenly the office of Presidency had been thrust upon her.

President Dinali was a virile man but the Sx’Non attack had left him week and feckless. Every time he had an erection, (and he had them often,) he would decide that he needed to go and lie down until it went away. And so it went with all the males in his cabinet.

The women were little better off. They were constantly on the make and with the men out of the picture, they were usually going after one another, and so randy were they in their activities that they had little time for the affairs of state.

And so it was that Maggie Winters, who had been in a shuttle at the time of the attack and thus had not been exposed to the Sx’Non bioagent was the only high ranking official not affected by the attack and so it was that Maggie Winters had had the office of President of the Twleve Worlds thrust upon her. It was not an office she had wanted or had even pursued and yet, here it was.

She had only just taken the oath of office and already, there was someone there, challenging her authority and her right to lead. Part of Maggie wanted to say fine, take the damned job, but Maggie knew the job was hers and so with a sigh, she had settled down to take on this new attack.

The attack came from Wanda Bell from the office of Youth Authority, an official of even less authority than Maggie, (at least Maggie’s office was of cabinet stature,) and yet, Wanda thought that she, not Maggie, should be the one to lead.

That no one seemed to give any credibility to Wanda’s claim was of little comfort to Maggie. If things went wrong, (and considering how badly off things were, they probably would,) then people would start to wonder and people would start to question. No, this was something that needed to be nipped in the bud right away.

As soon as she had assumed the office of President, Maggie had set up an office on the Battlestar Erotica, and it was into that office that she invited Wanda Bell.

But the woman appeared to be just as intransigent as her reputation said she’d be. The youth was our future, Wanda said, and she was the Youth Authority. She, not Maggie, was the only one properly equipped to take them into the future.

Maggie let out an exasperated sigh and it just came out. She hadn’t meant for it to, but it just did. “What you need is a good cock,” she said.

“I beg your pardon,” the other woman said. “I do not need and have never needed a man’s cock to validate me.”

“You’ve never had a man,” Maggie asked.


Maggie smiled. “You don’t know what you’re missing.”

“And if you haven’t had a woman, then you don’t know what you’re missing, either,” Wanda shot back.

Maggie smiled. Now, they were on ground she was a little more comfortable with. “Who says I haven’t had a woman?”

Wanda suddenly appeared flustered. “No one said it … I mean, from what you said … I just inferred–“

“Well, you inferred wrong. Come on,” Maggie said, “off with the skirt and panties. Let’s see it.”

“You mean here? You mean now?”

“Of course that’s what I mean. Come on, hop to it.”

The woman looked around her nervously, almost as if expecting a trick of some sort, but then she slowly stood, unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She looked at the woman across the desk from her and then she gingerly eased her panties down her slender legs.

“What a cute, little pussy you have there,” Maggie commented. “Okay, now, let’s have the rest of it. Take off the top and let me see your tits.”

Wanda looked at the woman across the desk from her and then almost hesitantly, she began to unbutton her blouse. She wasn’t wearing a bra because her little titties were so small they hardly needed it.

Maggie looked at the woman approvingly. “Nice. I like it. You have such cute, little tits. Tell me, are your nipples as sensitive as they appear to be?”

Wanda couldn’t help lifting her hands and squeezing her little titties at that. Her hands seemed to gravitate toward her nipples and her fingers squeezed and pulled on them. Her nipples almost seemed to explode from her tits. “Oh yeah,” she moaned, “they’re really sensivtive.”

“I thought so. They look good enough to suck. Do you mind?”

“Not at all,” said Wanda even as she continued to pull on her tits and her nipples. She loved it when another woman noticed her tits.

The new President got up and came around the desk and she knelt in front of the woman and then as the other woman offered up her tiny tits to her, the President sucked on the woman’s nipples.

Wanda moaned as the woman sucked on her nipples. Her nipples were naturally sensitive but it seemed as if this woman seemed to know how to get even more out of her tits. She moaned again as the woman sucked on her. Geez, this woman was good.

The new President of the Twelve Colonies pulled her mouth back from those tits. “Mmm, very tasty,” she said as she looked up at Wanda. “How about your pussy? Is it just as nice?”

Wanda slid her butt forward on the chair and spread her legs wide. “See for yourself,” she said as she again played with her tits.

Maggie slid her mouth between the other woman’s legs. She could already see the other woman’s pussy glistening with anticipation and then she slipped her mouth down and licked that pussy.

Wanda moaned as the new President licked her. Never in her wildest imaginings had she ever expected her interview would come out like this. Truth be told, her challenging authority of the new President was just a lark on her part. She hadn’t really thought that there was anything wrong with the succession but she was a rabble rouser at heart and it seemed like fun to be able to make the new President sweat.

Wanda moaned. Oh fuck, the new President was one hell of a pussy licker.

Wanda moaned again. Her hands squeezed her little tiny tits. Oh shit yeah, that was good. She moaned as the President let her tongue slither around inside her cunt and then she moaned even louder as the new President stroked her her clit.

Wanda gasped and then gulped. “You’re going to make me … make me … oh shit, you’re going to do it, you’re going to make me cum-m-m-m-m-m-m.”

The new President smiled to herself as the woman’s pussy tried to grip her elusive tongue. She was really cumming now and the President was going to make sure she gave that cunt one hell of a pussy licking. She might not have felt that she was cut out to be President, but licking pussy was one job that she was more than suitable for.

The girl was really cumming hard and still Maggie Winters continued to work her tongue over the girl’s slit. The girl’s little body just writhed and bounced in that chair as Maggie worked her over.

It wasn’t until Maggie had made the girl cum for a second time that she finally gave the girl a break.

“What about me,” the girl asked as Maggie pulled back, “don’t I get to eat your pussy, too?”

Maggie smiled at the girl. She’d long since realized that the girl wasn’t the threat she had first appeared to be. “You want to eat my pussy?” Maggie asked with a smile.

“You know it,” the girl said eagerly.

The President smiled back. “Well then, I wouldn’t have it any other way. She stood and slipped out of her gray wool skirt and then dropped the the matching gray jacket on top of the skirt. Next came the silk blouse and suddenly the President was standing there in just her bra and panties.

“May I?” asked the girl and the President nodded.

The girl leaned in and reached behind the President and then she undid the catch on the President’s bra, pulling the garment free and revealing the President’s much more fully sized tits.

“Oh wow,” the girl gushed as she fondled and kneaded the President’s tits, “I love them. They’re a lot bigger than the rest of my girl friends’. They are so cool.”

“You’ve still got one more garment to go,” the President reminded her.

The girl looked at the President sheepishly and then she slid the President’s panties down her legs to reveal the President’s pussy.

“Now that we are properly attired,” the President said with a grin, “I suggest we move to the adjoining room so that we can get to know each other better.”

As it turned out, the adjoining room was also a bedroom.

Wanda squealed in delight as she jumped on the bed while the President moved at a more sedately pace.

“It’s my turn,” said Wanda. “I get to eat your pussy now.”

The President just smiled. “Yes, dear,” she told her much younger counterpart, “it is your turn,” and yet, even as she was saying that, she was reaching into the nightstand next to the bed, and when she pulled her hand back, she pulled out a big, fat dildo. “But,” the President continued, “that doesn’t mean I can’t have some fun, too.”

The girl squealed with delight. “You mean you’re going to try and get that thing in me.”

The President smiled knowingly. “Not try,” she said. “You may have one tight, little cunt, girl, but don’t you worry, I’ll get this inside you.”

“I’d like to see you try,” the girl said.

So that was how they ended up on the bed, with the President on the bottom and the girl perched on top. The girl slipped her head between the President’s thighs and pressed her face up against the President’s cunt moments before she shoved her tongue deep inside that wet and drooling hole.

For her part, the President just kept working the dildo between her rival’s legs. The girl’s pussy was sopping wet and still the President refrained from driving it home.

The girl got more and more frantic as her tongue worked over the other woman’s clit. She needed to be fucked. She needed that cock inside her.

And still the President refrained.

The girl savaged the President’s clit with her tongue and the President gasped. The President was just as wet as she was, the girl figured and that was more than enough reason to get the President to drive that cock home.

And still the President refrained.

She’d show her, the girl thought as her tongue worked the President’s pussy over. She needed that cock so bad, and she was sure she could get it, if only …

The girl gasped as the President jammed that cock into her pussy. As tight as her pussy was, it resisted the intrusion but the President would not be denied. She kept pushing and shoving until finally that tight little pussy started to give, and once the breach had been formed, it was only a matter of time before that cock drove all the way home.

The girl frantically tongued the President even as the President frantically fucked her. Shit, that was good. That was real good. That was fucking good.

The girl screamed as that cock pushed her over the edge and even as it did, her mouth was rewarded with a burst of pussy juice from the President’s pussy. Girl licked President and President fucked girl and both came hard at the hands of the other.

“I’ve got something else for you to try,” the President said.


Maggie reached into the dildo next to her bed and she extracted something long and flexible.

“Is that what I think it is?” Wanda asked.

Maggie smiled. “Well, if by that, you mean that this end goes in here,” she said as she pushed one end of the double-headed monster into Wanda’s tight, little cunt, “and if you mean that the other end should go in here,” Maggie continued as she screwed the other end in her cunt, “then yes, that’s exactly what you think it is.”

The girl moaned as Maggie moved closer and as that same movement pushed the two-headed cock even deeper into her cunt. “Oh geez,” she moaned, “that feels good.”

“You like it when I do this,” Maggie teased and she tried to get her pussy even closer to Wanda’s, eliciting yet another moan from the girl.

“Oh yeah,” the girl moaned, “I like that. I really do.”

“Well then, if you like it, why don’t you try to fuck me back with it.”

The girl grinned and then she was pushing her pussy towards Maggie and both women moaned as they felt the two-headed monster move deeper into both of their cunts.

“Play with your pussy for me,” Maggie instructed even as she fingered her own cunt and the girl obediently slid her hand between her legs and stroked her fingers over her clit.

The girl moaned as her other hand went to one of her tiny tits. “That feels so good,” she moaned, “so fucking good.”

Maggie was fondling her own tits even as she watched the girl enjoy the same fucking that she herself was enjoying. “You look like you’re really enjoying that,” Maggie purred.

“Oh yeah,” the girl moaned, “aren’t you?”

Maggie smiled. “I wouldn’t have this baby around to play with if I didn’t enjoy using it,” Maggie confided, “but you do have to find the right person to enjoy it with.”

“And you think I’m the right kind,” the girl moaned.

“I don’t do this with just everyone,” Maggie confided, “and now, I think I’m going to cum.”

“Oh, me too,” the girl moaned. “Me, too. Oh shit, I’m cumming. I’m cumming hard.”

The bedroom was filled with the moans and cries of the two women as each surrendered to the fucking that the other had delivered.

“I think it’s time you got fucked by a man.”

“I told you–“

“Relax. I had something else in mind.” Again the President reached in her drawer and this time she pulled out a big strap-on dildo. “this is what I had in mind.”

Wanda just looked at it. “I’ve never been done like that.”

The President smiled. “Well, I think it’s time you learned.”

Wanda looked at that cock and then she looked at her President and then she just nodded her agreement.

I’m going to enjoy this, thought the President as she donned the synthetic phallus. After all the trouble this girl has given me, I’m really going to enjoy this. On the other hand, as hot as the little slut is, maybe I should make her a part of my staff so I can fuck the girl on a regular basis.

Yeah, she thought, that was just about right. Put her on the staff and then fuck her brains out every single day. She knew the girl would love that and she knew she would, too.

The girl moaned as Maggie shoved the cock in her pussy and she moaned again as Maggie pushed her way inside again. “Who’s the President?” Maggie demanded as she fucked the girl yet again.

“You are,” the girl moaned. “Oh, you are.”

“That’s right,” said Maggie as she drove the cock inside the girl, “I am. And who’s your leader?”

“You are,” the girl moaned. “You are.”

“Who do you support?”

The girl moaned again. She was so fucking close. “You,” she gasped. “I support you.”

“That’s right,” Maggie said. “You support me. And now, I’m going to do you a favor. Do you want me to do you a favor?”

“Oh yeah,” the girl moaned. “F-f-favor. I want favor, please.”

“I’m going to put you on my staff,” Maggie told the girl, “and every day, you’re going to come to me to get fucked. How’s that sound?”

“That s-s-sounds … oh shit … sounds g-g-good, so good.”

“Are you going to cum for me?”


“Are you going to cum for my cock?”


“Are you going to cum right now?” Maggie asked even as she thrust herself in the girl’s clenching cunt.

“Yes-s-s-s-s-s-s,” the girl moaned. “Oh yes, I’m cumming. I’m cumming so fucking hard. I want to be on your staff. I want you to fuck me every day. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.”

And as th
e girl continued to cum, Maggie knew there wouldn’t be any more problems over the order of succession.

to be continued …

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