Cheerleader Jamelle – 1

I was beginning to think maybe daddy was right, that maybe cheerleading wasn’t for me.

The funny thing was though, that if daddy was right, it wasn’t because of the reasons he gave. Sure, there were boys who were coming on to me, but I think some of them were even intimidated by me now that I was a cheerleader, and besides, I was still getting daddy’s cock at home, so what did I need with a bunch of high school boys?

No, what had me thinking that maybe daddy was right was that I didn’t seem to be able to relate to the other girls, and that bugged me.

I mean, I don’t think of myself as an introvert, and yet, I was having trouble talking to them, and I knew they could see it, too, and that bugged me even more.

Then, one afternoon, that all changed.

I was taking a long shower. I love taking long showers. I love the feel of the hot water on my skin and if there’s no one else around, I love to play with my body as the water cascades over me. There’s just something different about playing with yourself when you’re wet that makes me so hot.

So anyway, I’d been taking a long shower and I realized that all the other girls were gone and tha really didn’t surprise me because it’s happened before, so I just stayed under the water a little bit longer.

Finally though, I got out. I mean you can’t take a shower forever, but even as I did, I realized I wasn’t alone and that kind of surprised me. Mindy asked if she and Amber could talk with me. Well, I was still pretty wet from my shower ’cause I hadn’t been able to dry off yet, but what could I do. After all, Mindy and Amber are seniors and Mindy is the captain of the cheerleading squad and everyone knows that Amber wanted to be captain before she lost out to Mindy, so of course, I said yes.

Only then, it seemed as if they didn’t really want to talk after all.

They started to get undressed and part of me wanted to ask why they were doing that even as another part of me told me to shut up. After all, these girls were Seniors and I was only a Freshman, so who was I to question what it was that they wanted to do.

So in the end, I just watched the girls undress themselves and then they were coming towards me, and suddenly, it was like I realized what they wanted, and part of me was scared, but part of me was like, oh wow, I can’t wait, and I couldn’t figure out what part of me was right.

Mindy sat down on the bench and then I felt her slide a hand up the inside of my thigh, and I couldn’t help myself because her hand just felt so good, so sensitive and tender as it touched my crotch.

Even as Mindy touched me between my legs, Amber was standing next to me, and sure, it was Mindy who got my attention first, but then Amber was touching me, and her hands were kneading my breasts, and I had to moan because that felt good, too.

I just had to moan again. My breasts aren’t real big, but what they lack in size, they more than make up for in sensitivity. My nipples are all nice and big and puffy, and they just love to be touched, and they especially loved what Amber was doing to them.

I moaned again as that girl worked my nipples. It felt so good.

But then I felt Mindy’s hand stroking me between my cheeks. Her finger pressed against the place, you know where, the place where I go … where I go … you know what I mean. Anyway, she was pressing me there and then she was pressing her finger against my hole, and then she was pushing it inside me, and I couldn’t believe how good that felt.

Amber turned my head towards hers and I found myself staring into her eyes, and then my eyes drifted down to her lips and for some reason, I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. I watched those lips move forward and then I knew Amber was going to kiss me, and then as soon as I knew that, I wanted to kiss her, too.

Amber pressed her lips to mine and I pressed mine against hers, and all the while, her hands worked my breasts, and I loved it.

Even as Amber and I kissed again, I felt Mindy’s hands squeeze my bottom and then I felt her squeeze me again, and then, even without seeing her do it, I knew Mindy was sliding down to her knees and I felt her press her face against me and I felt her push her tongue between my legs.

I would have moaned if it weren’t for the fact that Amber and I were still kissing each other and then I opened my legs and then I felt Mindy pushing her tongue even further between my legs, and I loved it when she touched my pussy.

Mindy’s tongue just kept licking me and Amber and I kept kissing, and I knew what was going to happen. It was inevitable. I stroked a hand over Amber’s body and my hand caressed one of her breasts, and then I was sliding it down over her body and I was pushing it between her legs.

Amber moaned as she took my finger between her legs. To tell the truth, I was surprised at just how wet she was down there, but then I was pushing my finger inside her, and I made Amber moan, and I really liked that, and then it was incredible, because Mindy’s tongue was doing just what my daddy did to me, and the pleasure was incredible.

But even as it was happening to me, I felt Amber shudder and then she gasped, and all of the sudden, I knew it was happening to her, and I just thought that was so cool.

I thought that would have been enough but I wasn’t even close. Amber kissed me again and then she was pulling me down onto the bench. She kissed me again and then she pushed my legs apart and then she was kneeling between my legs.

It was so cool. She looked up at me and she had this big grin on her face, and I knew what she was going to do, and then I was smiling at her because I knew what she was going to do and I wanted her to do it.

And then Amber was doing it. She slid her mouth between my legs and then her tongue touched me there and I loved it. I moaned as Amber licked me there, and then I grabbed my breasts and I moaned again as I squeezed my breasts and grabbed my puffy nipples, and I loved it. I loved having Amber lick me there.

I’d almost forgotten about Mindy as I watched Amber lick my pussy, but Mindy wasn’t forgetting about me. She tilted my head up so I was looking right at her, and then she kissed me, and when she moved in to kiss me again, I kissed her back. It was so incredible, the feel of those two mouths, kissing my lips on either end of my body.

Mindy pushed me onto my back and there I was looking up at her. She kissed me again and then she was straddling my body and I realized what she was going to do and I wanted her to do it. I wanted her to press her pussy against my mouth.

Mindy grabbed my hair and she pulled my head up between her legs and then I was there. Her pussy was really wet, and then I couldn’t help myself. I just let my tongue loose, and when I did, man, did I get Mindy to moan.

I thought that was so cool. I mean, I’m only a Freshmen and Mindy is a Senior, and here I was getting to lick her pussy, and I was thinking that it wasn’t everyone that was able to do that.

I wanted to lick her just like I was getting licked and I must have been doing a pretty good job about it because Mindy was moaning like crazy and she was pulling my face against her cunt, and it felt so good.

I just kept licking that pussy. I wanted to show Mindy what a good, little pussy licker I was. I wanted her to know that I was a team player.

Mindy pulled my mouth even harder against her slit. “That’s it,” she told me. “Eat my pussy. Eat it hard.”

I was doing just that but I was doing even more. Amber had continued to work her tongue between my legs and it was so good. I had to make Mindy cum, but that tongue between my legs was so damned distracting. I could feel the pleasure welling up inside me and that only made me lick Mindy even harder. I needed to make her cum.

I almost made it, but Amber’s tongue got me first.<
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I started to cum, and even as I did, Mindy pulled my mouth even tighter against her pussy. “Keep eating me,” she told me. “Keep eat
ing me.”

I did it and moments later, Mindy was cumming just like me and she was filling my mouth with her juices.

“What the heck is going on here?”

That’s what I heard someone say, and whoever it was was mad. Oh boy, I thought, we were going to get in trouble really big.

Everyone knew Coach Westin didn’t like the cheerleading team. Coach Westin coached the women’s volleyball team and she thought the cheerleaders were degrading to women. She thought that it wasn’t a real team. She thought we were an embarassment. At least, that’s what I thought because that’s what everyone else said.

I thought we were dead. I really did, but then Mindy spoke up. She said she wanted the coach to eat us all out and then I knew we were dead. I was already trying to figure out what I was going to tell my daddy. I mean, he wasn’t going to say “I told you so,” but I knew he was going to think it.

Only Coach Westin didn’t seem to be getting all that mad after all. In fact, she actually seemed interested, and then she grinned at Mindy, and she said that if that was what we wanted, then we had better get started.

So that was how the three of us ended us sitting side by side on the bench, each of us with our legs spread, each of us waiting for Coach Westin to eat our pussies.

I didn’t know Coach Westin was a lesbian, I thought, and then, maybe I thought she wasn’t. Maybe she liked boys, too. I just didn’t know. But then her tongue was between my legs and I thought to myself that if she wasn’t a lesbian, then she was doing a pretty good imitation of one because her mouth sure did love my pussy.

But then her tongue was gone again and I couldn’t help feeling just a little bit jealous as Coach Westin moved her tongue between Amber’s legs. I wanted that tongue on my pussy. Did that make me a lesbian, I wondered. I didn’t know about that. After all, I sure did like my daddy’s cock, too, but I knew I liked Coach Westin’s tongue.

Her tongue was back again and I couldn’t help moaning as the coach licked me again between my legs. My hands went to my breasts and then I was pulling on my nipples and I was twisting them, and it all felt so good.

I didn’t have to look to know whose pussy was getting eaten next. All I had to do was listen because whoever’s pussy was getting eaten, that was the girl that was moaning. I knew I was moaning whenever the coach stuck her tongue between my legs, and when it wasn’t there, I had one had on my breasts even as the other one stroked my little nub between my legs.

That tongue was making me so hot and it was back again. My big, puffy nipples were hard and erect, and I was about to come again. “Come on,” I pleaded with the coach. “You’re going to make me cum. Eat my pussy, ple-e-e-ease.”

I gasped as Coach Westin’s tongue worked a spot between my leg and then I just kind of moaned-like, and it was like all of the air just went out of me, and then my hands were squeezing my breasts again, and I gasped again, and then I was cumming. I was cumming really hard. I was cumming in Coach Westin’s mouth.

Coach Westin just kept working her tongue between my legs and I just kept moaning. I could not believe just how good Coach Westin’s tongue was making me feel. I moaned again. It was so good.

And then that tongue left the place between my legs, and while I knew it was selfish of me, I just couldn’t help myself. I still wanted to feel Coach Westin’s tongue between my legs.

But then I heard Mindy gasp as the coach slid her tongue between Mindy’s legs and I felt ashamed of myself. My fingers rubbed my clit even as that tongue workedMindy’s slit and I knew I needed to be more generous. I knew I needed to share.

I heard Mindy gasp as the coach got her off and I was glad about that. She wasn’t selfish like me. She deserved that.

The funny thing was that Amber seemed already to be cumming by the time Coach Westin got to her, but then she was cumming even harder when the coach got to her. I knew Mindy was fingering herself just like I was doing to me, and then I felt her lean over next to me, and I felt her turn my face towards her, and then she was kissing me, and even as I fingered myself and even as she fingered herself, I kissed her back.

I felt her moan as the coach slipped her mouth between Mindy’s legs and then I was bringing my hands up an I was fondling Mindy’s tits. It was one thing when I was doing my own. After all, it wasn’t the first time I had fondled my own tits, but Mindy’s were bigger and fuller, and from the way her kisses moaned against me, I knew she had to like it.

Moments later, Mindy was fondling my breasts, and for the first time in my life, I knew just how good it could be to have another girl fondle my breasts and then, it just got even better as Coach Westin slipped her mouth between my legs.

Coach Westin just kept moving back and forth between the three of us. I don’t know how many times she made the three of us cum, but I know that by the time she pulled back, I was pretty worn out, so I was pretty surprised when she said, “I did you, but now it’s your turn to do me.”

But then I saw Mindy looking up at the coach and I saw she was smiling, and then I saw her slide down off the bench and I saw her offer up her mouth to the coach, and suddenly, I was ashamed. The coach was right. She’d just done us, and she did us really good. It was only fair that we would do her, too, and I guess that’s why Mindy is the captain of the cheerleading squad.

Coach Westin looked down at Mindy and then she was smiling and then she was moving forward and she was positioning herself over Mindy’s mouth and I heard her moan as Mindy pushed her tongue in the coach’s pussy.

I was still sitting there and I was still fingering my pussy even as Amber slipped to her knees. I pushed a finger into my cunt as I watched the coach move her pussy to the other girl’s face and I couldn’t believe how cool it was to watch to girl’s going at it. I mean, I had never really watched it before. Either it was someone doing it to me, or I was doing it to them, but I was getting to watch now, and it was really, really cool. I wondered if watching a boy fuck a girl would be the same, and I figured it probably would be.

And then I was dropping to my knees next to Mindy because as much as I liked watchin those two girls get to eat Coach Westin’s pussy, I realized I wanted to do it, too.

And then Coach Westin brought her pussy over to my face and then she was pressing herself down on my mouth.

Well, you know my tongue was out of my mouth in a flash and then it was in the coach’s pussy and I loved it when I heard her moan.

Unlike Mindy and Amber, Coach Westin had a real hairy pussy, and of course, I had never seen a pussy like that, but I liked it and so did Coach Westin as I continued to lick that pussy.

And then Coach Westin was moving her pussy back to the other girls, and she just kept moaning, and then she was moving back to me, and she moaned again and again as the three of us continued to eat her out, and then Coach Westin moaned as she ground her pussy against my mouth, and I could feel her squirting her juices in my mouth and I loved it. I loved the taste of the coach’s cum.

“Oh you girls are good,” Coach Westin moaned as she continued to cum in my mouth. “You girls are good.”

I moaned as Coach Westin pulled her pussy up off of my face and then I watched as the coach moved her pussy to Mindy’s face and I watched the coach moaned as the girl licked her cunt.

Even as I watched Coach Westin move her pussy over to the next pussy, I felt a hand cup my little tits and when I looked down, I found Mindy’s hand on my tits. I looked up at the girl and then she smiled shyly at me and then she smiled again as her hand squeezed my tit.

Mindy pulled me to her and she kissed me and then I kissed her back. My tongue slithered into Mindy’s
mouth and then I was kissing her back.

I don’t know what came over me but suddenly, I was pushing Mindy onto her back and th
en I was straddling her body. I pressed my pussy against her mouth and I moaned as Mindy ate me, and then I moaned again even as I fondled my little breasts and even as Mindy ate my cunt.

Mindy just kept eating me and I just kept on moaning and then something again came over me. Mindy was eating me and I wanted to eat her, too. I turned myself around and then I was leaning down over Mindy’s body. My mouth sank between Mindy’s legs even as I felt Mindy’s hands on my little, round bottom, and then even as my tongue was reaching out for Mindy’s pussy, Mindy’s tongue was reaching out for mine.

I moaned against Mindy’s pussy even as Mindy tongued me and then I tongued her even harder. I wanted to make her cum. I wanted her to make me cum.

Mindy’s pussy twitched under my eager tongue but I just grabbed her thighs and I held her down even as I buried my tongue in her hungry, little cunt. I drove my tongue inside her tight, wet hole and I could hear her moaning against my hole.

I wanted to make her cum. I needed to make her cum.

I just drove my tongue over the girl’s little nub, and I worked her little clit. I knew she was succumbing to my tongue, and that just made me tongue her harder.

I wanted to make her cum. I needed to make her cum.

I heard the girl underneath me gasp and I felt her body shudder, and even as I drove my tongue into that little, clenching pussy, I felt my own body surrender to the tongue between my legs. Even as I lapped away at Mindy’s juices, she lapped away at mine. Even as I listened to Mindy moan, I moaned, too.

I couldn’t believe that the captain of the cheerleading squad was letting me eat her out, but I was determined to show her that I was a team player, so I continued to eat away at Mindy’s slit, and I just kept eating her over and over again.

I was completely worn out by the time Coach Westin left us. She told us not to be too much longer and then she left. That was all she said.

I was still sitting on the locker room floor as Mindy and Amber stood there and looked down at me. “I’ll do it,” Mindy said, “I’ll turn Janelle here into a one-buck fuck.”

I just looked up at them wearily and althought I didn’t know what it was, I knew something had changed, and I was sure that whatever it was, I was going to like it.

to be continued …

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