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As late golden afternoon sun fell on the west wall of the small adobe ranch house, a full size Ford pick-up truck trailing a plume of dust made it’s way through the desert landscape towards the isolated old home. The driver of the truck saw as she rounded the last bend, that the entry gate of the adobe fence and arch was open and she sped through it with great anticipation.
She had given explicate orders that morning to her boyfriend as to just how things were to be when she got home from work that afternoon. He had no choice but to do as directed, since he was still wearing his slave collar which he had apparently fallen asleep in the night before. She thought about what she had told him and surmised that her instructions certainly weren’t too demanding! He was to leave his collar on all day, tend to the animals of the ranch and then shower and change into a black bustier and crotch-less fishnet stockings with the new black pumps and clean the whole house. Everything was to be spotless, dinner cooked, and the laundry cleaned and ironed. Hmmmm, definitely not too much for the whole day!
The Ford came to a stop in front of the house as door swung opened, she stepped out. She was thin and attractive and had a dominant air about her which was quite evident as she tossed her long blonde hair back…grabbed her bag and headed towards the front door.
Opening the heavy oak door of the house with a twist of the knob, she walked into the wooden beamed living room and noticed that indeed everything seemed to be in order. She continued through to the kitchen and again, all was clean and in place. Satisfied that her instructions were carried out she walked back towards the master bedroom, but stopped short when she passed by the second bedroom which was used as a guest and computer room.
“Oh I see you’re still working on that laundry” She said observing.
“Yes Mistress, I still have a few things left to iron…I tired to get it all done but couldn’t” He answered apologetically.
“Well no doubt because you’ve been watching TV or playing on the computer again!” She answered sharply.
“Just for a few minutes really…not long Mistress.”
“Were my instructions not clear? I wanted this all done before I got home and you’ve had plenty of time, but there you are!…I’m going to take a shower, continue with that ironing” She said.
“Yes Mistress” He answered submissively.
She knew that she didn’t have much time because she noticed that there were only about five items left to iron and she quickly showered, dressed in her favorite Domme outfit and tightly fastened her strap-on harness around her waist. Pausing to look in the full length mirror, she admired herself dressed in black leather and especially the way her large breasts stretched her top snuggly to the point they seemed they might explode out of it.
“Well, time to dish out a little punishment to my little Bitch eh?” She snickered to herself and with a twist, she spun towards the door grabbing her whip on the way out.
Finishing up ironing a blouse, he hung it up and grabbed the last article to iron. “Why did I fall asleep with this collar on last night damn it!” He thought to himself, “Must have had too much to drink and with that great sex…I guess it just couldn’t be helped…Man I was exhausted! Oh well, at least I’m almost done and tonight we can just relax and take it easy.” Suddenly his thoughts were invaded by the sound of high heeled boots on the tile hallway floor and a slight panic set in, even though he felt his cock starting to become aroused.
“Oh, still not quite finished?” She said stopping in the doorway and leaning against the jam lightly tapping her whip against her thigh.
“No Mistress, this is the last one” He answered.
“Well you can finish that after your punishment for not having completed my instructions” She ordered as she walked slowly around the ironing board and behind him. She moved in close and ran her free hand around his waist and up to his chest and while pinching a nipple, whispered in his ear, “You know you’ve been a bad Bitch don’t you?”
“Yes Mistress, I should have been done.”
“Yes you should have, but you weren’t…playing on the computer again! Did you jack-off looking at naughty movies?”
“No! Mistress! You strictly told me not to!”
“Well at least you’ve got that right…” She said and moving back a bit continued, “Oh and I see you have your cock and ball harness on as well…very good, where’s the leash?”
“On the table behind you Mistress” He quickly answered.
She reached around and finding the leash, attached it to the harness and while giving a snug pull said, “Lean forward…put your hands on the board.”
“Yes Mistress” he said complying.
“How many pieces did you have left to iron when I got home?”
“Five Mistress”
“Ok, That’s not too bad, so I’ll only give you two lashes a piece!” She said just as the first one landed on his ass cheek. Startled, he let out a cry and jerked forward.
“Enough of that Bitch” She said tightening her grip on the leash and pulling his balls and cock back between his legs. “Now stay still!”
“Yes Mistress” He obediently answered.
Smack! Smack! Smack! She whipped his ass until the total reached ten. His ass glowed brightly from the lashes and he squirmed…expecting another.
“How many was that Bitch?”
“I’m not sure Mistress” He answered.
“Hmmmm, me either….guess we have to start over” She laughed.
“Smack! Smack! Smack! And again she stopped when she reached ten and asked, “How many is that Bitch?”
“That was ten, Mistress” He said without hesitating.
“Good! I’m glad to see you’ve learned to pay attention…maybe next time you will do as told.”
“I will Mistress, I will.”
“That’s right, you will, Now stay just like that, I want a little ass before dinner! You did remember to cook dinner right?”
“Yes I did, it’s in the oven…ready…Mistress”
“Glad to hear it” She said and after setting the whip on the table picked up the lube laying there and squeezed some out onto the large strap-on cock she’d been wearing. “Hmmmm, I had a hard day…I’ve been looking forward to a piece of ass!” She said dominantly and added, “Nothing like a good orgasm to relieve the stresses of the day!”
She moved in behind him and quickly wiped a lubed finger between his cheeks and began pressing the head of her cock in.
He felt the coolness of the lube and then the tip of his Mistress’ cock against his asshole. He leaned forward on the board and rose to his toes as to make himself the right height for her as she roughly slipped the big slippery cock in.
“Ohhhhh!” He moaned loudly as the head popped in.
“Like my cock Bitch?” She inquired with a smirk.
“It’s big Mistress, please go slow.” He begged.
“Nope…” She said and slid a few more inches in “You haven’t earned any mercy today you Slut!”
She grabbed his hips and sank her big cock deep into his ass. She held it there for a second grinding it in and reached down and pulled the ball harness leash tight and tied it around her waist. When his balls were pulled back perfectly against her clit, she started slowly pumping the cock in and out of his ass. She looked down often and watched her cock penetrating his ass, pulling it’s full length out, admiring it’s glistening size and then watching it disappear as she shoved it back in until her thighs slapped against his ass cheeks. She repeated this over and over…fucking him harder and harder as she neared her long awaited orgasm.
“Ohhhhhh, I can feel you balls on my clit! You make me soooo Hot! Bitch!” She exclaimed but continued pumping his ass without interruption.
“Oh Yeah! I’m almost there Bitch! FUCK MY COCK! TAKE IT IN YOUR ASS YOU SLUT!” She screamed nearing a climax.
“Yes Mistress, cum in my ass!” He responded pushing back against her thrust. His balls were pulled tight and he could feel the warmth of her pussy as they bumpe
d against her clit. He arched his back further, so they hit her better as she thrust her cock into him
. The sensation of being fucked by her was tremendous! His own cock was hard and pre-cum oozed from the tip caused from the excitement of having his Mistress cum while fucking him.
She pounded into him relentlessly and he felt her hands first on his hips pulling him back into her and then on the top of his ass…her nails digging into his flesh as she neared her orgasm.
She stepped one booted foot back for better leverage and pumped a few last rough strokes into him before she reached her pinnacle.
“OH I’M CUMMING!!!OH FUCK!!!” She loudly moaned and added between thrusts, “TAKE!…IT!…BITCH!…TAKE!…IT!…ALL!!!”
She shivered in orgasm and moaned loudly before finally her knees became weak and she collapsed forward onto his back.
“Damn that was Great!” She said after a few short moments, “What a nice little fuck before dinner.”
“Yes Mistress, I’m glad you’re pleased” He said.
“Well too bad you were disobedient today or I’d let you cum now, but now you’re gonna have to wait…maybe I’ll let you after my dinner, a long pussy eating session, and another hard ass fucking…again with Mr. Big, in the dungeon!” She smiled.
“Yes Mistress” He said disappointedly knowing next time to finish his work on time.
“Ok, Finish that ironing and then go get dinner and serve it to me in my room…I’m going to go clean up a bit and relax…got that my little Bitch?”
“Got it Mistress, be right there.”

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