Food for Thought

“You are gonna work the snack bar with Bev today.” Jodi said to me as I walked into work that morning. Oh my God, I thought to myself. She is so hot. ALONE? I was nervous, to say the least.

Bev pulled in to the restaurant right on time, like always, and she got out of the car. “Hey Sandra” she said to me as she walked past.
“Oh Bev, Jodi said you have to prep all the food, she was late for a doctors appointment. Everything is in the fridge.”
“Ok cool thanks.” I sat and stared at Bev for a moment. Her hair was soft and blonde, always pulled into a ponytail. She didn’t wear makeup, except for lipgloss. She didn’t need it. Her eyes were green/blue and her tan skin was flawless. She had an amazing body. Large, C breasts and a muscular frame. She was into sports in high school I was sure. Softball maybe.
“Hey Sandra could you do me a favor and get me some water, its hot in here.” She snapped me out of my daze and I ran off to get her drink, thinking Yes, yes it is.

We got to the snack bar very early. We set up the fridge and were prepared for the beach dwellers to come order our hot dogs and cheeseburgers with 45 minutes still left til open. She looked at me and said “So, 45 minutes.. What do you wanna do?”
“I’m kinda hungry honestly.” I said on a whim. I’d never been with a girl before, but I was trying my hardest to let her know I was interested. I looked her dead in the eye and asked “Got anything to eat?”
The look on her face of confusion, disbelief and finally excitement took my breath away. I was so wet already from watching her at the restaurant that I could feel my pulse in my pants. She took a deep breath and asked, just to be sure “umm… what were you thinking you wanted?”
“Oh, just whatever. Whatever you want me to eat.” I replied after a moment. I moved my stare down her body, as she took a step closer in the already cramped room. She was only a foot from my face now, and I was sitting on the counter.
“Have you ever been with a girl before, Sandra?” She asked me, as she touched my hand, sending shock waves all through my body.
“No, but I’ve never wanted to be either, until now” I said as I brushed my hand up her arm. She smiled her gorgeous smile that meant she was flattered and embarrassed. I knew her smiles, could read her like a book. She wanted me too. I ventured to add “I have wanted you for so long, I just didn’t know if you were into me too.”
That did it, she took the final step and leaned in to kiss me. Her lips were sweet, mango flavored lip gloss. Her tongue was soft, and it gently caressed mine for a moment, and then got more demanding as our pulses and sex drives soared. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her to me, between my legs. The smell of me floated up, I was so turned on I knew she could smell it too. She moaned into my mouth “Oh Sandra I did want you.” She pulled away and asked “but aren’t you straight?”
In response I lifted her shirt over her head, exposing her blue lace bra and her perfect abs. I pulled her closer again and began kissing her neck, her shoulder, her breasts. She responded by moaning quietly (there were people outside waiting for us to open) and grabbing my hair, pulling me into her more.
I hopped down off the counter, and slowly worked my way down to her waist. I undid her pants and lowered them to expose sexy boy shorts. I got nervous since it was my first time, and I hesitated. She looked down at me and said “Don’t worry, I know how to make you less nervous.”
She pulled me back up and took my shirt off, and repeated what I did to her, kissing down to my waist and taking off my pants. But I was wearing no bra, so my smaller breasts were exposed, and I was wearing a black lace thong. She moaned when she saw how wet I’d gotten. “Please tell me I can taste you now.” She begged from my bellybutton.
“Please do” I breathed.
She eased the thong to the side and slid her tongue between my lower lips, tasting at first and then began lapping it up. Her tongue darted in and pressed on my clit, sending pins and needles to my fingers and toes. I leaned against the counter I was just on and moaned under my breath. I slid my legs apart so it would be easier for her. She leaned into me and pushed her tongue inside my hole and fucked me with it for a few minutes. Then she replaced it with two fingers so her tongue could focus on my clit again. I could feel the orgasm coming, I began thrusting with her, and she backed down a bit to tease me. When I slowed back down she picked up speed again. In a few moments she had me begging her to make me come.
“OH GOD Bev please make me come, I’m so close! Mmmm it feels so good.” I moaned as I pushed her face back into my pussy.
“well enjoy it, I don’t want it to be over yet.” she said before once again slowing down. She began curling her fingers inside me, hitting my G spot and making me nearly orgasm again. She pulled away completely and said “Your turn”
I pushed her onto the counter and she leaned against the lowered metal blinds. I pulled down her boy shorts and saw the sweetest bikini wax in the shape of a heart. I began kissing her thighs, licking them. I got close to her slit and could smell how turned on she was. I slid my tongue over her lower lips, and a moan erupted from her. She lifted her hips up to slide my tongue inside. She tasted sweeter than I imagined, and I immediately began stroking her clit with the underside of my tongue. She put her hands in my hair and murmered “Yeah Sandra like that. Oh God it feels amazing. Don’t stop.”
I slid two fingers up between her legs and began curling them toward me at the same pace as I would flick my tongue on her clit. She was going crazy, bucking along with me all three movements in sync. Lick, Curl, Buck. I was getting so turned on by all this that I reached down and began fingering myself. She must have noticed because she was off the counter in seconds and on the floor, pulling me down on top of her to 69. She slid her tongue into my pussy again, and I pressed onto her face while I moaned onto her clit.
“Sandra have you ever used a toy before?”
I thought of my 8 inch vibrator next to my bed. The one I used every night and every morning while thinking of her. “Yeah I have one myself why?”
Bev pulled out a huge dildo. It must have been two feet long at least.
“this is a two way dildo. Wanna use it?” She sat up and slid it into me, before sliding it into her as well. We Hugged close and made out while humping each other and the dildo at the same time. She moaned as I bit her neck gently. I was so close to having an orgasm I asked if she wanted to slow down. “No baby I want to see you come.” She moaned as she rubbed my breasts and bit my bottom lip. She reached down one hand and pushed me over the edge by fingering my clit fast. My orgasm erupted from me, leaking out around the dildo and onto Bev’s fingers. She licked them clean and told me how good I tasted. Then I finished her off with more pussy licking and we got dressed and opened just in time. Every time I handed her an order and our hands touched, I felt myself get horny as hell and wet again. I hadn’t had nearly enough of her. I looked out at the pool and had an idea. I turned to see her looking at it too. She rubbed her hands between my legs without anyone outside noticing, and I knew where we would be going after this…

To be continued……

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