Maid in Britain

“You must be the new girl,” the young maid said. “The professor must really like you.”

“Why’s that,” asked Eileen.

The maid smiled at the new girl. “Well, the professor usually likes brunettes, and you are most certainly not a brunette.”

Eileen smiled nervously. The young redhead couldn’t help it if her hair wasn’t dark.

The other girl seemed to sense the young girl’s discomfort. “Don’t you worry,” she told the girl. “I know the professor will like you anyway. If you speak the English language well and if you have a great body, then Professor Higgins is going to like you, but you realize, it’s not him you have to impress anyways.”

“I don’t understand,” Eileen said.

The young maid grinned at her newer, younger counterpart. “The professor’s good, but he’s always spending so much time working with that Dolittle girl, and truth be told, between you and me, she doesn’t do all that much. But anyway, the one you really need to impress is the head maid, Mrs. Pierce.”

“Why,” asked the young maid.

“She’s the head maid. Do you know why they call her that?”

The young redhead looked blankly at her peer. “I thought it was because she was in charge.”

The brunette laughed at that. “Yeah right, in charge. That’s what they got a butler for, you know. He runs the household staff,” and then the other girl’s voice dropped to a conspiritorial whisper. “No, there’s a reason Mrs. Pierce is called the head maid nad it’s not because she’s in charge. It’s because once you get her between your legs, well, once you get that, you unerstand why.”

“Oh.” Eileen wasn’t sure how she was supposed to respond to that.

“Can I see your body,” the other girl asked.

“What, now?”

“Sure, why not? I’ll tell you what though. If you’re nervous, I’ll show you mine first.”

The young redhead nodded conspiritorially. “Okay,” she said.

Eileen stood there and watched as her counterpart took a step back and then the other woman was reaching behind her and running the zipper down her back. Her hands came forward and then she was pulling the little, black, satin, maid’s uniform off her shoulders. She let the dress fall at her feet and then her hands went to her full, round tits and she fondled her ample mounds.

And then the girl was reaching behind her again and she was opening the clasp on her bra and then her hands were moving forward again. She pulled the bra off her shoulders and again, she let it drop at her feet. She was standing there in just her panties as her hands fondled her full, round tits. Her fingers pulled on her nipples and the girl moaned.

Eileen knew what was going to happen next and incredibly, she found herself wanting it to happen. She had never been with a girl before. She had never been with a boy either, but here was this girl standing there in just her panties, and Eileen knew the girl was going to take them off and she wanted her to do it. She wanted to see the girl’s naked body.

The brunette seemed to sense the redhead’s need because she stayed where she was for just a moment longer, teasing the girl with her tantalizing body and then she was sliding her panties down her legs. She stepped out of the panties and she stood there naked in front of the other maid. “There you go,” she told the girl. “Now, it’s your turn.”

Eileen couldn’t help staring at the other girl’s body and then her hands seemed to move almost without her realizing what they were doing. Her hands slid behind her and then she was unzipping her dress. The dress fell loosely about her even as the girl’s hands fumbled with her bra and then she was bringing her hands forward and she was pulling the dress and her bra off her shoulders.

The girl wrapped her hands nervously across her chest as she stared at the other woman. She felt insignificant because her tits were not nearly as substantial as the other girl’s tits. She felt embarrassed.

But then the brunette stepped closer and she was pulling the girl’s hands down off her tits. “They’re so cute,” she cooed. “Don’t ever cover them up.”

The redhead smiled nervously as she let the girl pull her hands down and then she moaned softly as the girl cupped her hands under her tits and gave them a little squeeze.

“Come on,” the brunette encouraged her, “finish it off. Take the panties off.”

The redhead stepped back and she looked at the girl in front of her and then she smiled nervously as she pushed her panties down her legs and then she was just as naked as her peer.

“Oh, I love it,” the brunette said as she stroked a hand over Eileen’s compact body. “You are so cute.”

And then the brunette was moving in and she looped an arm around the redhead’s waist. She moved in closer and she pressed her lips against the other girl’s and then Eileen moaned as she felt the other girl’s bigger breasts press against hers.

“Yeah, you like that,” the other girl told her and then she kissed Eileen again.

Eileen couldn’t help moaning as the other woman pressed against her. Incredibly, she thought, she did like it.

And then the brunette was kissing her again, and this time Eileen kissed back.

The brunette pulled her face back just a little bit. Her lips lightly kissed Eileen’s anxious lips. “Yeah, I knew you’d like that,” she told the girl, “but I’ll bet there’s something you’re going to like even more. I’ll bet you want to get fucked.”

Eileen wasn’t sure she wanted to do that, but she also knew she was in no position to argue. She offered no resistance as the other girl pulled her to the floor or when the other girl pushed her onto her back. She let the other girl push her legs apart and then she let the other girl slide between her thighs.

The young redhead had no idea where the vibrator came from but suddenly the brunette was rubbing it between her legs. The young redhead moaned and her hands went to her tits. Her tits might not be as big as the other girl’s breasts, but they were very sensitive and as the other girl continued to strum that toy between her legs, there was no place else that she wanted her hands to be.

The brunette smiled at her. “Yeah, you like this,” she said. “I knew you would. But, I know something more. I know you want me to fuck you. Do you want me to do that? Do you want me to fuck you with this cock?”

The redhead just groaned as her hands continued to fondle her tits and her fingers toyed with her nipples. She was a virgin and that was important to her but there was something that was even more important. She looked the other girl in the eyes. “Do it,” she moaned. “Fuck me with that cock. Do it!”

But the brunette didn’t do it, at least not right away. She just kept teasing the other girl with that cock and Eileen just kept moaning louder and deeper. “Fuck me,” the girl moaned, “fuck me,” and just when it seemed as if the brunette might not fuck her after all, she changed the angle of that cock and with a hard thrust, she shoved that cock into Eileen’s pussy.

Eileen’s back arched as she took that cock and she sobbed as much in relief as she did from the pain that cock was inflicting and then she felt the other girl pull that cock back only to plunge it inside her again, and again the redhead sobbed. There was no doubt about it but she really, really loved that cock.

And that was good because it seemed as if the brunette was bound and determined to give the little redhead all the cock she could handle.

Eileen sobbed with every inward thrust of that cock and she moaned as she felt it being pulled back. Her hands squeezed her tits and her fingers pulled on her nipples and she would moan again. She loved the feel of that cock inside her. She loved the way it vibrated and she loved the way it made her pussy pulse. She was going to cum, she realized. She was going to cum hard, and almost as soon as she realize
d that, she was doing it, her pussy gripping and holding the embedded toy as her body succumbed to the overwhelming joys of orgasm.

“That was your firs
t one,” the brunette said as Eileen’s orgasm finally began to recede and the the redhead nodded her acknowledgement.

“I could tell,” the brunette said. “I could tell, and you looked so damned cute doing it, but now–“

The redhead looked at the brunette eagerly.

“Now, you’re going to do me.”

The redhead just looked at the brunette and then she nodded eagerly, even as she felt the other girl pulled her between her legs and then she felt the other woman pulling her mouth against her little, shaven pussy.

The redhead wasn’t sure what to do but the other woman’s pussy was wet and waiting and the other woman kept pulling her between legs. “Come on,” the brunette told her. “You know what to do. Lick it. Eat it.”

Still, Eileen stared at the pussy in front of her and then she just couldn’t help herself. Her mouth opened and her tongue flicked out. Her tongue stroked the pussy in front of her and the brunette moaned and as as the brunette moaned, the redhead worked her tongue even deeper into the other girl’s pussy.

“Oh yeah,” the brunette moaned even as her hand stroked the girl’s cunt, “oh yeah, that’s good. That’s good. Oh yeah, eat me just like that. That’s good. That’s good.”

The redhead could not have pulled her mouth back even if she wanted to but the truth was she really didn’t want to. She wanted to lick that pussy and that was exactly what she was going to do.

The brunette just kept right on moaning. “Eat me,” she moaned. “Eat me.”

The redhead’s fingers pried the other girl’s lips apart even as she worked her tongue even deeper into the hot little hole between the other girl’s legs.

The brunette let out a little gasp and then her whole body shuddered as her pussy surrendered to that tongue. The girl gasped again and then she moaned again. “Oh yeah,” she moaned. “Oh yeah, that’s it. That’s it.”

Suddenly, the redhead was moving up on the brunette’s body and then she was kissing the other girl even as the girl’s orgasm continued to control her body. Eileen kissed the brunette again and then she was reaching for the vibrator that the brunette had so recently used on her. “Now, it’s my turn,” she said with a mischievious grin.

The young brunette was still moaning as the redhead straddled her body and then the redhead was teasing her with the cock and the brunette just started moaning all over again.

The brunette just moaned even louder as the other girl plunged the cock into her aching pussy, and then she was grabbing the redhead’s ass even as she pulled her mouth up to the other girl’s drooling cunt. She moaned again even as she plunged her tongue into the redhead’s pussy.

“Well, well, well, will you look what we have here.”

The redhead was still plunging the vibrator into the other girl’s pussy as she looked up to find the matronly housekeeper standing over her. “Mrs. Pierce,” the girl gasped.

The fifty-something woman looked down at the two women. “Don’t let me stop you, dears,” the older woman said as she started to remove her own uniform. “No indeed. Don’t let me stop you.”

And Eileen didn’t. She just kept working that vibrator in and out of the brunette’s pussy even as the brunette kept working her tongue in hers.

Eileen felt a hand stroking her short, red hair and then that hand was tilting her head up. A finger stroked her under he chin and then the hand stroked the girl’s hair again. “Excellent,” said the housekeeper. “Absolutely excellent, but wouldn’t you like to have your pussy licked, my dear?”

Eileen groaned even as the brunette’s tongue continued to work the place between her legs and then she felt the brunette squeeze her little, compact ass. “Go aheah,” she heard the brunette tell her. “You’ll like it.”

Eileen groaned as she slid off the brunette’s body and soon, she and the brunette found themselves sitting side by side as they looked up at the naked housekeeper. The brunette was rubbing her pussy so the redhead decided she would rub hers, too.

The housekeeper was fondling her tits as she looked down at the two youngsters sitting in front of her. “Open up, girls,” she told them, “because mama needs to lick some pussy.”

Eileen didn’t think about it. She just did it and then the older woman was dropping to her knees and she was sliding her face between the redhead’s thighs. The redhead moaned as she felt the matronly housekeeper work her tongue between her legs.

She groaned as the housekeeper pulled her mouth back and then slid it between the brunette’s thighs. As much as she liked the other girl, she wanted to make sure the old woman made her cum.

She had nothing to fear on that account because Mrs. Pierce wasn’t going to let her down. The older woman kept moving from one girl to the other, getting them hotter and hotter. Each of the girls would moan as the old woman licked them and each of them would stroke their clits even as the older woman worked her magic on the cunt of the other.

Eileen knew she was going to cum. It was imminent, and then the housekeeper again slid between her legs. She was going to cum. She was going to cum so hard. The girl sobbed as her pussy relented to the older woman’s insistent tongue. She knew the brunette was fondling her little, firm tits as she started to cum and that just made her cum all that much harder.

And then Mrs. Pierce was working her mouth between the other girl’s thighs and suddenly, she was cumming just like Eileen.

Back the housekeeper went between the redhead’s thighs and then back again between the brunette’s and both girls continued to cum and cum and cum, and finally, when it was all over, the redheaded maid knew she was going to like it here. She knew she was going to like it a lot.

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    your first? very good one. liked it :)

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    I loved this so much. I cummed and got all wet just reading it. PLease Please write more.

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    great story,it had me cummin

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