11 weeks apart – part 2

I woke up still laying on your arm. I must have dozed off for a hour or so, it was a long flight. I got up quietly, letting you sleep a while longer. I quietly pulled my phone out of my purse and retrieved the menu from the chinese restaurant I saw on our door as we ran inside. I ordered us some dinner, and slipped into the shower while waiting. I want to be nice and clean for you when you wake up… so you can get me nice and dirty again. I smile as I slip into the shower, feeling the water run down over my tits, thinking about how your hands ran over them. My finger tips brush over my nipples and I blush thinking about how you made me cum over and over just a little while earlier. Before I know it my hands are running down my stomach, up and down my hips, before sliding to my inner thighs.

I shouldn’t be touching myself, as you just got me off 7 or 8 times, and I’m still shaking from it… but I can’t help sliding a finger inside my pussy lips. Mmm… it brushes gently along my clit, and I’m wet all over again, and not from the shower. My fingers begin to explore my warm wet cunt deeper and more urgently. I want to be filled up with your cock again, but I don’t have the heart to wake you… I’ll just have to fuck myself for a bit until you wake up. I have two fingers up inside my pussy now, but it’s just not good enough. I need something big and hard in my dirty little cunt. God, I am becoming a slut. I can’t wait for you to wake up and fuck me like the dirty little girl I am. I grin, and reach for the shampoo bottle. It’s long and rounded, some expensive brand a friend gave me. I never noticed just how perfect the shape was.

Before I can think better of it, I’m rubbing it along my pussy lips, over my hard little clit. I slide it inside slowly. It’s not as good as you, but it is at least filling me up. I lean forward, my tight cunt holding the bottle inside me, as I massage my large tits. They ache gently as I rub them, moving my fingers in circles towards my hard little pink nipples. They’re so hard, I can’t help but pinch them. But I want more… I know what I’ll have to do to get it. I play with the bottle a bit longer, before sliding it out and rubbing it back along my clit. Soon my finger tips are there too and I’m rubbing faster, bracing myself against the shower wall as I make myself cum hard, twice.

I step out of the shower and since our towels are packed somewhere, wander back out to the living room naked. You’re still laying where I left you sleeping. I kneel softly beside you and begin kissing just below your navel, downward to your beautiful cock. I’m kissing up and down the shaft when you begin to stir, and I feel you growing hard. I lick the head, taking you into my mouth, and sliding you deep down my throat until all of you is inside. Your eyes widen and I feel you stiffen even more. I smile and continue bobbing my head up and down, fucking you with my mouth until you’re wide awake. Soon you’re reaching to stroke my cunt while I suck you off, but I only let you barely brush your finger tips over me. “Oh no, I’ve got something else in mind…”

I straddle your hips and slide onto your hard cock, bouncing up and down, sliding my wet pussy up and down you. Soon your bucking your hips, thrusting back. You start to push me over, to get on top of me, but I push you gently back, before turning around to face your feet, and leaning forward, giving you a view of my tight little ass. I hear you moan as I begin bouncing again, and I know I’m getting you more turned on. I know I’m not being very subtle, but I don’t care. I want you to fuck me again, and I blush knowing that I want it to be in my tight little pink ass. I was scared the first time you asked to put it in my tiny hole, but soon you were fucking me so good, I was a convert. I crawl forward, letting you come to your knees, and soon you’ve taken over, thrusting into me.

I smile as you give a playful slap to my ass. Mmmm… I’m moaning now, and your fingers are twirled in my hair. Your hands are on my bottom, and I feel you slide your fingers to my crack, trailing down to brush past my tiny tight ass hole. You get your fingers wet in my pussy, and slide one gently inside my ass. “Oh God… yes” I can’t help moaning and shuddering as your finger slides into it. “Mmmm… I love you” I murmur as your other hand plays gently across my clit. “I love you too… do you want me to?” I moan in assent, wanting to feel you inside my ass. You pull your cock out of my pussy and slide slowly up to my tightest hole, pushing the head agaist me. It resists at first, but soon you’ve slid your cock deep inside my ass and hold still so I can feel you filling me.

You move slowly, rhythmically sliding in and out as I flex my ass muscles, to grasp your cock, and you speed up. Soon you’re fucking me hard, your balls slapping against my ass, your hands on my hips pulling me against you. I feel you getting more tense and I know you’ll cum. “I want you to cum in me… Please… cum in my tight little ass!” I feel you tense again and you’re exploding inside me, pulsing as you shoot load after load of cum into me, filling my ass with with your hot cum. But at the same time, your fingers find my clit and flick across it just once, and I’m pushed over the edge, cumming right along with you. Mmm… We collapse on the floor again, sweaty and spent, just as the doorbell rings. The delivery place has a hell of a sense of timing…

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