A Helping Hand

Joe and Gloria had been my friends since the early days in college. We used to hang out together in the same group and eventually they “clicked” and became a couple, marrying after graduation. Since then, we had kept our friendship, sharing good and bad times for more than 20 years.

Well, a few months ago, Joe got a job promotion and moved to Las Vegas. As soon as they got settled in their new home, they invited me to stay with them for a few days. Why me? Simple: I had just ended a nasty divorce process with a woman they had introduced me six years before. Since knowing about the details of the divorce, Joe and Gloria felt guilty and decided to take me to Vegas to cheer me up. They did not have to feel guilty, but I accepted the invitation anyway…

So there I was in Sin City, having a great time with my long time friends. They took me to their favorite spots – the shows, the different casinos and restaurants – and honestly, I was enjoying the whole thing.

Two days before my departure, Joe told me we would have a “Boys Night Out”. Gloria was not too happy, but she stayed home that night while Joe and I went to a strip club tour. The bastard took me to at least 10 clubs throughout Vegas, with women that were hotter and hotter at every joint. By 5 am, we were spent and went back to Joe’s home – him completely drunk and me horny as fuck after receiving three or four hot lap dances earlier that night. It was college all over again, with the two of us smelling of cheap whores, booze, and one of us almost passed out!

Lets say that Gloria was not too happy to see that Joe was the one almost passed out. She did not argue, but with a dry smile she looked at me and told me that I was supposed to be the one arriving drunk that night. She looked at Joe and told him: “Don’t worry… Remember that payback is a bitch!” I laughed and left her to deal with Joe, who was already snoring loudly.

I went to take a shower before going to bed and while showering, Gloria’s face came to mind and I felt my cock getting hard. In all the years I had known Gloria, I normally treated her as family – after all she was my best friend and she was married to a guy who was like my brother – but the reality was that she was hot. At her 40s, Gloria looked better now than when she was 20. She always had been skinny with breasts that were two sizes too big for her body. We liked to tease her back in college that she weighted 90 pounds and 80 of them were on her tits. Twenty years later she had put a few extra pounds – she was like 120 now – but the proportion was the same. Now she had some hips and her ass had rounded, so now the weight was better distributed. Also, her face had not changed in all these years. Yes, she had some eye lines and a mark here and there, but she looked as if she was 10 years younger… and she always looked damned cute when angry! She had a devilish look that was sexier than frightening and many times Joe told me that when she was angry, she was a demon in bed.

All that had me all worked up, so I began to slowly stroke my now hard cock while the warm water fell on me, imagining her mouth sucking on my cock and her curly black hair bobbing up and down on my lap. I imagined grabbing those humongous tits, rubbing her hard, long nipples. In more than 20 years, I had seen her nipples sticking through fabric more times than I could count, but I had never seen them in the nude. I wanked faster, imagining my mouth sucking and biting her nipples while grabbing her round ass. I imagined Gloria’s body tensing and shivering on my hands, screaming my name in pleasure…

Those images had me close to orgasm, but I stopped before cumming. I wanted to take my time and masturbate slowly in bed while thinking on Gloria and her big, soft breasts and meaty ass. So, I dried and wrapped my towel around the waist, smiling at the tent formed by my erection while walking to the bedroom.

Going to bed, I laid naked with my erection pointing to the ceiling. Lying on my back with my eyes closed, I teased myself stroking the whole shaft of my 7 incher from the base all the way to the swollen head as slow as possible. I could feel my cock pulsating, each vein getting fatter and fuller with each stroke. I felt the pre-cum oozing and used it to lubricate the head, imagining that my fingers were Gloria’s tongue bathing my cock. I was in heaven!

I was so involved in my self pleasure trance that I almost had a heart attack when I felt another hand on the base of my cock! When I opened my eyes, I could not believe the sight of Gloria, standing completely naked at the side of my bed. She was grabbing my cock with her left hand, continuing the slow motion I had when I thought I was alone, while her right hand was rubbing her pussy. She smiled, and not saying a word, climbed to bed and laid next to me.

I turned to face her and before I said anything, she hushed me and guide my hand to her pussy. I got the message and began fingering her at the same pace she was stroking my cock. Damn she was good! Her fingernails teased the whole length of my little friend, her hand closing and pressing at times, at others her small hands would just caress the underside and the fingertips would gently rub the frenullum, sending wave after wave of pleasure to my brain. I was doing all I could to avoid cumming right there, so I focused my attention on rubbing her clit with my thumb while fingering her now dripping cunt with the same malice she was rubbing my member. It was doing the desired effect, since Gloria then had her eyes closed and her mouth ajar, making soft and deep moans of pleasure.

Her big breasts and her hard nipples were inviting me, and for the first time in the years I had known her, they were at my reach. I realized that it could be my only chance to taste them, so I took one of them in my mouth and sucked at it as if my life depended on the action. The fingers attending her pussy matched the intensity of my tongue on her nipple and in a few seconds, Gloria had released my throbbing cock, grabbing my arm to slow it a bit, but hell no, she was going to cum hard on my hand! Minutes passed and she did cum, wetting my hands with her fluids while leaving marks on my forearm and my back.

Feeling her intense orgasm, I let go of her nipple and pussy and smiled to her. For response, Gloria motioned me to lay on my back. “Payback’s a bitch” she said before grabbing my cock, spitting on it and stroking it as if her hand was an ultrasonic knife. Her hand was a blur over my now shining wet member. Suddenly Gloria changed position and sat over my legs while continuing the attack on my cock. I could see her melons rocking with the shaking motion and that was too much for me. My balls sent the signal and my cock shot rope after rope of white cum, some of it landing over Gloria’s massive chest, and the rest covering her hands with my juice. I kept cumming for an eternity and Gloria dutifully kept stroking until nothing else was left in my system. The view was glorious, with her chest, tummy and hands covered in cum while my cock was still pulsating on her hands. She gave an additional show, licking her hands and my cock clean and swallowing everything before leaving the bed with a smile on her face.

I slept for hours and when I woke, I believed it had been a dream. After taking a shower I went to the kitchen, where Joe and Gloria were watching TV, so I sat down with them. Joe began laughing when he saw me and when I asked him what was so funny, he signaled to the marks on my arm and told Gloria that one of the strippers had been too rough on me. Gloria smiled and said with a wink “Yeah, payback’s always a bitch!”

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