A Lonely Wife's Tale 1

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This morning as I do my daily routine exercise (which usually last for 30 minutes) and was doing the crunches, I rested for 10 counts after completing the cycle. It was amazing how just lying there could trigger the memory of that man on me… amazing, isn’t it? He just appeared there – a brown colored man naked from waist up (although no face can be seen… just the memory of what he is to me) and he was in a position like doing the push up. I was startled and felt the kiss on my lips and the whisper of my name from him. He was telling me that he is missing me so much… that he wanted to make love to me right at that moment. I squirmed at the thought…. it was fleeting but it gave my body a quiver. Then I was mumbling his name, wishing that he also feel what I feel at that time of the day which was only 6:40 am.

I shook off my head and told myself to continue the exercise but it is so hard to stay focused after that. I have to concentrate but I cannot anymore. My, my, … I closed my eyes… he started to kiss me gently on the neck, this time I can feel his body weight on mine, as if leaving imprints on it… I can feel the muscles tighten as he devours my mouth already moist of the desires for him. I fought back, sucking all the sweetness of his mouth… and it so turned me on… making me moan… He pushed the shirt upwards to expose the breasts that were longing for his touch, this time the nipples had erected already from the initial activity….(I was moving my hands gently at that time, cupping each breast, and it feels like he was the one doing it.) Another moan came out because of the tingling sensation from nowhere….

Longingly I touched my pussy, not yet inside the panty…. I cried out another moan…. and thought of his cock that had fully erected. His hand moved slowly on the sides of my waist, so gentle but I can feel the desire of every single touch… then it moved down on where my panty was…( this goes on as my hands move towards my panty)… I felt he pulled my panty down and pushed his way inside my pussy without fully getting rid of the panty which was just below the knees…. Ohh my gosh… up to this time I feel I am going to explode…

Then hubby called from downstairs, “Haven’t you finished the exercise? You’ll be late!” That was a snap from the daydream… I pulled my panty and my shorts up. I was relieved he did not go upstairs….

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  1. pantyboy

    I would love to buy your sweet smelling soiled panties that you wore when you day dreamt, I would cum in them.

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