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Once again he told her that he had imagined the pubic hairs touching each other in every thrust that he makes. She voluntarily replied that she can feel the hardness and she is welcoming every inch of it. He told her that he hoped he could match her cravings for more and that he wanted to continue the kind of communication they were having and would not want it to risk being discovered by anybody in their house. She replied that she loved him for being so concerned about it. He added that he wanted her continued to be respected in spite of what is happening between them that was why he was asking if nobody can hear her or see her and if the lights were off. Her heart melted. She was so moved by those words. How can he be so caring? Moved by the words, she typed, “I love you”, and not really being sure if that was what she felt that time. She felt that she needed to tell him that in exchange for the kindness and concern.

She told him she felt that she wanted to do it with him but she is so frightened in which he replied that he will wait until she had the courage already. “I wanted to see how you look like in your white bikini briefs,” she said. He said that he had already told her that he is not white and he looks older than his age. She did not know why these words droved her to get more interested with seeing this man. She wished, in the words she keyed in, that she wanted to be there to kiss him, the upper lips first then the lower lips, then she would search for the tongue. He retorted that he would actually kiss also the sides of the lips before plunging his tongue into hers. If she was there, he said, he would have laid her gently in his bed and embraced her and looked at her eyes the same way he told her and would have said, “I love you”.

Does he really love me? She was so confused. Could she resist this man when the time comes that he really would insist in seeing her? Then in the middle of her thoughts, she saw what he typed in, “Your complexity and fragility interested me.” So, I am complex, she thought. Why would that be? Those were the words she answered. And he said, “You sound so fragile over the phone on one hand and then you have the tentativeness, then the assertiveness, the sensitivity to what I write in the email etc. hahaha” She had never realized that she is like that. Really this man can paint me if he can paint, she thought amusingly.

Then unexpectedly he asked how she had brought herself to peak the last time they had sex chat. She answered promptly that she caressed her breasts while he was telling her that… doing simultaneously what he is writing. He told her that she was sustaining his erection by saying that then asked if the breasts is the part of her body that brings the most excitement to her. She answered that it is the pussy. He added if she liked it plunged by the shaft or licked clean. She answered, “Any ways…” to which he laughed. Then he informed her that he would want to do the licking while she is sitting and her legs are opened wide. He imagined that her clit is exposed to the full in that position. She was starting to get turned on. She was expecting it though and she was starting to writhe with excitement. “Are you going to let it in and out?” she asked him. He replied that he would do that if the shaft was plunged already. If she was there she told him she would beg him to come inside and fuck her.
Then he asked, “How about also sitting but you facing to me? Are you comfortable with that?” She was moaning softly as she typed in her answer of approval. She also told him that would feel really, really good. Increasing the pleasure, he added the question if that would feel really good if they kiss while both their hips are moving in rhythm with their moves. And while he comes in and out, would she move simultaneously towards him to have his cock thrust deeply into her wet, wet pussy? She wriggled at the pleasure those words were bringing. She felt she was there and then she started to insert her hand into her panty, searched for the hole and started to let her two fingers come in and out. He continued by saying that they would continue doing that until they hear the sounds of their bodies touching each other frantically because of the excitement. She added, “Perspiring because of the excitement and the movement… please… suck my tongue…” He so turned on repeated his desire to have his shaft shoved deeply to the base of the mound and told her that he wanted to stay longer inside her pussy. She got so excited and went panting as she pushed her fingers even more inside her pussy. She writhes with the pleasure. She was about to come but didn’t want to because she wanted more of the words. There were few seconds before each of them answered. The thought of the man stroking his cock while she was waiting for more typewritten sexy notes drove her to moan and heave sighs of excitement. His words came again and they said that his cock was so hard now and he was imagining that they were still in that position. His cock now he said was so wet with the lubrication from her shaved pussy.

He was now begging as if she was really there, “Pump it up and down, baby, while I caress your breasts so hard and suck your tits…” He told her that his cock was so hard and he felt that she was there doing it. She was so wild now, moaning on the computer seat, and could not answer immediately because she was so busy seeking for the pleasure that she wanted and she came, she came. He, too, came. The two were both exhausted. A few minutes had passed before they could talk civil about the experience. They both wished each of them were there. He told her that he came and it was a lot.

She did not know why she said “I love you” and if she really meant it… He replied telling her he loved her, too.

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