“You want me to WHAT?” Brig demanded as he propped himself on an elbow to look into the cool gray eyes of the girl he had just fucked.

Those eyes were dead serious as Morgaine replied, “You heard me. I want you to kill somebody, and you said you would do it. So it’s a done deal.”

“Like hell!” The muscular fellow bounded off the bed, his limp but long tallywhacker swaying. “I’m not into murder, no matter what I said. Shit, there are limits.”

“So you don’t like me?” Morgaine pressed. Idly she fondled her tits.

“I don’t like you if you’re nuts. Where the fuck are my swim trunks?”

“Okay…okay…come back to bed, man. It was all a joke. Forget it.”

Buck naked, Brig stood and stared down at the beautiful woman stretched out before him. She had blond hair streaked with black, gorgeous tits, and a little dark landing strip just above her cooch. As he stared, she moved her tanned thighs apart, again showing him the way to paradise which he had traversed just minutes ago.

Her eyes were locked with his, and she slid her hand down her front, along her cute landing strip. Her fingers squeezed and rubbed her clit. Brig’s cock fattened as he watched.

Morgaine dipped a slim middle finger into her honey hole, wiggled it around, then brought it out and extended it toward him. “Some?” she offered sexily.

Brig seized her hand and took her tasty finger into his mouth, sucking all the juice off it. His cock lifted to full erection, and he immediately snuggled down next to the girl, wrapping his arms around her. They kissed passionately.

He had known the hot young bartender for less than 24 hours. She worked at Pablo’s in the hotel where they now lay. He had whiled away the previous evening sucking Coronas and admiring Morgaine. They had made a date to meet this morning and had ended up in her room. Now they were preparing to fuck for the second time.

Morgaine had a most talented tongue. Studded, it stroked Brig’s tongue and curled around it, then retreated from his mouth, causing his tongue to chase after. Their two tongues tussled in her mouth, then back in his.

Her slim, cool fingers wrapped themselves around his cock, which was hot as a rocket. A few strokes of her hand made him anxious to go at her, but he didn’t. He pushed back instead and looked her in the face.

“Tell me what the fuck you were talking about,” he demanded. “I have to know whether I’m messing with a crazy woman.”

“You are way too hyped over this,” Morgaine complained. “I told you to forget it.”

“I can’t forget it if you’ve got murder on your mind. The fact that you told me makes me legally involved. I ought to call the cops.”

“Here in Baja?” Morgaine looked at him as if he was the crazy one. “You don’t mess with them, man. You report something and it’s you that’ll land in jail. Me, I could fuck my way out of it.”

“Okay. Okay. Just tell me, damn it. Tell me who you hate so bad that you want me to kill them. And don’t try again to pass it off like a joke because I know it isn’t one. We wouldn’t still be talking about it if it was.”

“Okay! Shit!” Morgaine pounced to her feet, titties bobbing. She was lithe as a tigress. She snatched a cigarette from the pack on her bedside stand and lit it.

“What the fuck do you mess with those for?” Brig asked. “You’re a surfer.”

“I try not to smoke but, man, you’ve got me way agitated.”

“Sit down and put that damned thing out,” Brig ordered, swinging his legs off the bed to sit on the edge of it. His dick had gone limp, but he didn’t care about that at the moment. He had to know what was messing up Morgaine’s mind because he liked her a lot.

She snuffed the cigarette, sat beside him and said, “Okay.” She ran fingers through her loose, streaky hair and looked at him. “Pablo owns the bar, okay? He and I have had a thing going for awhile. He was going to make me his partner because, hell, I draw business to the place. I was going back to the States, but he wanted me to stay, so I was planning on that. It’s a nice business, hm? Money. Fun. Guys.”

“But if you belong to Pablo, isn’t it dangerous to screw around, like with me now?”

“Are you kidding? Pablo likes me to bring guys to his place so we can have threesomes.”

“He’s bi?”

“No, silly. He likes to watch and jack off while the other guys screw me.”

“Oh. What about other girls?”

“Them, too. And that’s the fucking trouble. There’s this goddamned fucking bitch from North Carolina. I invited her to Pablo’s pad, and he really dug her. He dug her so fucking much that he’s been seeing her on the side. He never did that before. Also, he has arranged for her to stay free in the hotel. And he’s turned cool towards me all of a sudden. I think I’m about to be dumped.”

“Wow,” Brig said. “Is Pablo the guy I saw in the bar last night–the one who slapped you on the ass?”

“Oh hell, no–that’s Lorenzo, the bar manager. He’s a small-time pain in the butt, but he keeps things running so Pablo likes him and I have to put up with him. Pablo just sits in a corner and watches. Watching is his big thing. He’s older, you know.”

“How old?”

“Sixty something.”

“So it’s the tourist from North Carolina that you want to kill, hm?”

Morgaine laughed, and her lush titties trembled. “Not really. It was just a fucking whim. I didn’t think before I spoke. But, damn it, I sure want her to move on.”

Brig pulled the blonde into his arms again, and they engaged in some serious smooching. His hand slid along her body and surrounded a lush buttock. He squeezed, his fingertips tickling the girl’s crack. Brig’s cock became a bolt once more. Morgaine slid down and began to suck him.

“Ooh Goddd…” Brig groaned, and ruffled the cocksucker’s pretty hair.

She played with his balls as she pumped her mouth on his rod. After a bit, she swung astride him and impaled herself on his lance of love. Smiling down, her hair partially hanging in front of her face and her boobies bobbing, she fucked him. It was sheer delight for Brig to feel her warm, slippery cunt clutching him snugly and stroking down and up…down and up. He began to move his hips in concert with hers. He reached up and squeezed her titties.

“Oooh, yesss…yesss…yesss,” Morgane chanted as they fucked. “I love it! Ooh, Brig…you’ve got such a…wonderful…cock!”

“Better than Pablo’s?”

“Pffft,” Morgaine said and kept riding the rod.

“Then leave him and come back to the states with me,” Brig urged.

“Fuck!” was the girl’s only reply, and he wasn’t sure if it was a comment or a command.

After a bit, he rolled Morgaine over and pounded her into the bed. She came loudly and explosively. He pulled out just in time and spurted onto her tits and flat belly.

“Oooh, my gawd, that was great!” she exclaimed. “You are some first-class fucker!”

“Then come to L.A. with me.”

“No. I can’t leave here as long as I could still get lucky. Hey!” She sat up suddenly. “I’ve got it. You don’t need to kill the Carolina broad. Just get her interested in you instead of Pablo. You can win her away from him.”

“Oh yeah! Like it’s that easy. I don’t own a hotel.”

“Yeah, but you own this,” Morgaine said as she grabbed his cock. “And you’ve got charm, man. Once you take her to bed, she’ll be hooked just like I am.”

“And you won’t be jealous?”

“It’s for a good cause, baby. You and me and the hotel.”

“And Pablo,” Brig added dryly.

“Fuck Pablo,” said Morgaine.

“That’s the part I don’t like–you and Pablo. I’m not very good at sharing women.”

“But I told you, Pablo’s a voyeur. He’ll just want to watch us, that’s all.”< br />
“And you won’t touch him?”

“Oh, maybe just a little hand action. You won’t mind that.”

“Shit,” Brig grumbled.

“The Carolina broad’s name is Nancy, and she’ll be in the bar tonight. Pablo w
ould love to watch you and her going at it. So far it’s just been her and me.”

“Hell, this is nuts!” Brig exclaimed.

“I know. But we can make it pay off. Trust me. Tonight, baby.”


Nancy was tall and willowy, with warm eyes and lustrous brown hair that curled around a creamy-smooth cheek. She had small but pointy breasts and a pert ass. Morgaine pointed her out to Brig as she sat in a corner booth with a heavy-set swarthy man in a white suit, open-collared silk shirt, and a showy diamond on his plump hand. That hand cuddled Nancy, once gliding up to cup a tit.

Brig could tell that Morgaine was seething. He doubted she had much of a hold on Pablo, considering how he was acting with the other girl, but Brig wanted Morgaine for himself and had decided to play along. The question was, how could he muscle in between Nancy and the hotel owner? They looked like a pretty solid combo.

Morgaine told him: “When I serve them drinks, you follow me. I’ll introduce you. Trust me, Pablo will be interested in the possibilities. He hasn’t seen Nancy with a stud yet.”

“But how about HER?” Brig asked skeptically.

“Never mind. She knows what Pablo likes. She’ll play along. But then you’ll have to win her away from him. Tell her you hate to share, just like you told me. I don’t think she cares about the hotel or even Pablo much. She’s an adventuress with money who’s just out for kicks. Trust me.”

Why did Morgaine keep saying that? It made Brig nervous. Still, he followed her instructions, and in a few minutes was sharing a booth with Pablo and Nancy. The hotel owner’s dark, avaricious eyes glinted as they moved from Nancy to him and back again. As for the girl, she seemed interested in Brig’s patter about drifting down the Coast and doing an assortment of odd jobs along the way. All the while he kept giving her a look that had charmed the panties off more women than he could remember. An hour later, the three of them were in a back room which had a large comfy couch.

Brig had made a porno while he was in L.A., and now he felt like he was making another as he responded to Pablo’s direction. Nancy was reluctant at first, or pretended to be, but she caved in to the older man’s insistence and settled into a clench with Brig on the couch while Pablo sat in a corner. It was weird, Brig thought, but then he forgot the swarthy Mexican and concentrated on the babe. So she had money, hm? That was interesting. Muy interesante, as they say in Mexico.

Nancy willingly accepted Brig’s kiss while she cocked an eye at the white-haired, stout man who watched them. Brig felt the girl’s titties through her clothes, then began plucking those clothes from her nubile form, and Pablo appreciated the scene, rubbing himself through his pants.

In a blue bra, matching lace panties, sheer stockings, and a white garter belt, Nancy was as perfect a porno queen as Brig was a porno stud. His hand caressed and squeezed her boobies through her bra, then traveled down between her legs which she obligingly spread apart. She looked at Pablo as Brig fingered her panty frills aside. The older man stared back, his fleshy lips parting, and he unzipped his pants to let his snake out. It was stubby and brown, still soft as he began to fondle it. Brig removed Nancy’s bra.

“Do you like them?” she whispered and licked his ear as he felt her firm titties all over and began toying with her nipples.

He tugged at the rosy-beige tips, making them firmer and longer, then rolled them between his thumb and index finger. He bowed his head and took a suck. He switched titties, sucking the other one.

Nancy watched Pablo begin to stroke his thick brown cock and seemed fascinated. Brig caught that look on her face when he raised his head, and the porno pattern was reinforced. She was as much an exhibitionist as Pablo was a voyeur. As for Brig, he was going along for the ride and still thinking of Morgaine. That is, in the back of his mind, he was. In the foreground, his thoughts were fully focused on the willowy brunette he was cuddling on the couch. His cock was attentive, also. It was stiff as a poker, in fact.

As he sucked Nancy’s tits, his middle finger stroked in and out of her cunt. She writhed pleasurably, bumping against the stiff but skinny probe. He added a second finger, which pleasured her more. Still, she wanted something else:

“Eat me,” she requested sweetly, and Brig moved down. He slipped Nancy’s panties off.

Guessing what Pablo might want, he glanced his way and the older man nodded vigorously, raising a hand to catch what he obviously wanted Brig to toss over. The lace panties came flying, and Pablo snatched them, immediately pressing them to his face. He held them there, inhaling Nancy’s sweet and sexy scent while Brig went down on her, opening her bald little pussy with his fingers and licking up and down her juicy split.

Nancy watched Pablo sniffing her underpants and rubbing them all over his face, and this seemed to give her a charge even as the thrills imparted by Brig’s lips and tongue traveled up from her pussy to spread throughout her body, setting her all atingle. She pressed her wet puss against Brig’s face and smeared it around.

“Ooh fuck me now,,, fuck me!” Nancy demanded as she pulled at Brig to bring him up to fucking position.

He raised his head but wasn’t prepared to mount the girl just yet. Since they were putting on a show for Pablo, it might as well be a good one. Anyway, why shouldn’t he get all his jollies along the way, as well?

He stood next to the couch and raised Nancy to a sitting position. He indicated the front of his constricted jeans, and she proceeded to unzip him. Her delicate fingers entered his fly, wiggled around, and brought out his 9-inch cock which quickly snapped to attention. Brig changed positions slightly, affording a profile to the hotel manager in the corner as Nancy bent to lick the bulging bald knob of his pecker.

Brig thoughtfully lifted her brown hair away from the show she was putting on for her erstwhile older boyfriend. Brig had a selfish interest in making sure the show was a good one because it was part of his scheme with Morgaine to get himself accepted in Pablo’s inner circle. Yes, he had fallen in with the whole thing now.

As Nancy’s tongue danced over the head of his cock and waggled up and down the shaft, moistening it completely, Brig watched Pablo’s reaction. The older man was holding Nancy’s panties in one hand, still pressing them against his face, while stroking his dick with the other, and his tool was standing up now in workable condition. Brig found it hard to believe Morgaine’s story that he was content merely to pleasure himself when his cock was fully capable of being used on herself or on Nancy.

Brig’s skepticism was to be confirmed in due course. But first, Nancy fitted her wet, warm lips around his cockhead and began to suck. She pumped her mouth down and up, down and up on his rod, going lower with each lunge. She fondled his nuts. Her hair hung down and swayed, blocking Pablo’s view, and like any porno leading man, Brig lifted her locks away once again so that Pablo could plainly see her lovely lips encircling his rod and gliding up…down…up…down on it, while her titties quivered with the motions of her body.

In due course, Brig eased the young woman to a reclining position on the couch, and he mounted her. His cock parted the lips of her pussy, and his wide knob spread the mouth of her love tunnel as it popped in.

“OOH!” Nancy exclaimed, appreciating his thickness. Next she appreciated the super stiffness and extra-long reach of his rod as he thrust it all the way up inside her.

“Holy shit!” the sweet North Carolina girl exclaimed as Brig began to fuck her with his big, hard cock.

In the corner, Pablo leered as his pl
ump hand with the glittering diamond pumped his stubby prick vigorously. Then suddenly he lurched to his feet, stil
l holding Nancy’s pants against his face, and he lumbered over to the couch. When Brig saw him coming, he was dismayed. He should have anticipated this, he supposed, but now it was too late to do anything about it.

Pablo offered his projecting dick to Nancy as Brig continued to fuck her, and the pretty girl opened her mouth. As the hotel owner used one hand to support her head at exactly the right level, while holding her panties to his face with the other, Nancy obligingly took his cock into her mouth and sucked it. Her pretty brown eyes rolled from looking up sideways at Pablo to looking straight up at Brig while both men serviced her and were serviced themselves.

Brig vigorously screwed her hot pussy as Pablo fucked her pretty face. While sucking, Nancy moaned against the burrito that filled her mouth. Just as a climax was about to grip Brig, he pulled out of the young woman’s quim. Pablo pulled out of her mouth at the same time. He grinned at Brig as he vigorously hand-jacked his cock, which was pointed at Nancy’s face. It was clear that he wanted the younger man to follow his example, and Brig did. They both pumped their cocks, and Nancy the Adventuress lay there with a bemused look on her face, awaiting the inevitable.

Brig erupted first, looping a creamy shot which splattered on Nancy’s nose. Then Pablo lobbed one onto her forehead. Brig hit her parted lips with his next one, and Pablo squirted her in the eye, making her wince. By the time the two men were through, her face was a yucky mess of white gooey cum. Pablo used her panties to wipe the stuff away.

Brig could hardly wait to get out of the room and back to Morgaine. “That mother-fucking Pablo joined in,” he complained. “You said he just liked to watch, but Nancy had to take him in her mouth. That means you must have been doing that too, and you will still have to do it when you’re with me. That’s no fucking good!”

“Okay,” Morgaine replied. “Check out. Go back North. Leave me…and leave all this–the sun, the beach, the surfing, the babes. You’ve got a free ticket here, man, and so have I. All we’ve gotta do is keep Pablo happy. You have your girls, I have my guys, and you and I have each other. Could anything be better than that?”

Brig stared into her cool gray eyes and knew she was speaking the truth. He wanted what she wanted, damn it. At least for awhile, and then they would see…

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