Adventures with Tia – Part 2

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Adventures with Tia
Life Goes On
Part 2

The first two months away from my Nikki were pure hell and I wasn’t sure if it was better or worse that Dawn, Christy and Jan still weren’t returning my messages.

On top of that, I was sharing a dorm room with the biggest bitch I had ever known. My roommate, Nancy, was a complete pain in the ass; bitching at me about anything and everything. Apparently I wasn’t cleaning my side of the room to her satisfaction and my shoes always seemed to be in the wrong spot. If one of my drawers was slightly ajar, you would have thought that I was a murderer that deserved to be executed.

At one point I almost removed from the dorms after putting a chair against the doorknob, just so I could get 24-straight-hours of peace and quiet. She went beyond nerve-wracking to total nutcase, forcing me to consider asking Eric if I could move in with him. I’d wait until Thanksgiving break, knowing the worst he could do was say no and I could probably overrule that decision with some help from our parents.

The fact that my business courses bored me to tears wasn’t helping my disposition in the least. My mind was, literally, a steel trap, making school entirely too easy for me, but this was the direction my mother chose for me, so that’s what I did.

Nikki and I spent most of our evenings, instant messaging each other, but on very rare occasions we were able to talk over the phone. She always had to be careful, so the times were never the same, but it wasn’t as though I had a life without her. The occasional dinner with Eric was about it and she always called my cell phone so I wouldn’t miss it. She had explained that there were Catholic watchdogs trying to catch her doing something wrong continuously. The brown-nosing freaks were looking for extra points to get into heaven, at least that’s what I assumed.

We both wound up with a headache whenever we spoke, because our conversations always ended in tears. It felt as though we were the only two people in the world to ever be that miserable, but I always tried ending things on a more positive note by looking forward to Thanksgiving. I continued saying it, but I don’t think it made life any easier for either of us.

The original plan had been to ride home with Eric for Thanksgiving, at least until Mrs. Dawson had called me, personally asking me to pick Nikki up at the airport. She would be taking a flight directly into Minneapolis and I found myself waiting anxiously for her to get off the plane.

My entire body began to quiver as our eyes connected through the window as she stepped onto the ramp; then she was walking towards me, crying. I began crying as soon as I her body appeared in the doorway. I had missed her so much and wanted to hold onto her as tight as I could, never letting her go. The moment she walked through the gate, she ran into my arms, kissing me as we wept. God how I had missed those tingles.

“Still there,” Nikki said, smiling through her tears.
“Tingles too?” I asked.
“God yes, you’ve always given me tingles, even if you just brushed past me,” Nikki confided.
“Me too. God I’ve missed you.”
“I’ve missed you too. Let’s get out of here and maybe we can make an unscheduled stop before we go home.”
“I was hoping you’d suggest that,” I laughed.

Once her luggage was tucked into the car, I didn’t even think about anything other than a hotel. I had actually been hoping she would suggest exactly that. I had saved some of the money my mother had sent me just to get us a room. Thank goodness rooms in the nicer hotels of Minneapolis were reasonably priced. I really didn’t want to have to worry about a cockroach running across my ass or anything like that.

In the room we were both too excited to be nervous, unable to keep our eyes off one another as we began removing jackets and scarves before taking our clothes off; dropping them wherever. My smile grew as I noticed she was still shaving her pussy just as bald as our very first day together.

I began moving towards her, but she held her hand out to stop me.

“What’s wrong?” I asked. “What’d I do?”
“Nothing at all, I just wanted to look at what I’ve been missing.”
“And I just wanna touch what I’ve been missing.”
“You little minx,” she laughed.
“I’ve missed you!” I admitted. “I can’t stand being so far away from you.”
“I know,” Nikki agreed as she moved into my arms. “I hate it too. This whole thing sucks and I hate the control our parents have over us.”
“Not over me. I could come to New York if you wanted,” I offered.
“But my mom…”
“I know, I know, I’m sorry. I’ll try to be more patient, I promise.”
“I do love you.”
“I love you too.”

That had been more than enough conversation and we began kissing. I loved kissing her soft lips and when our tongues began tangling and touching… oh my god, it was heaven. It was as though we had been kissing for years and she could sense my every move, I loved it and I had missed it immensely.

We were the only two people in the world as our tongues began searching for each other while the lightening coursed through our bodies. Her lips always amazed me, they were so soft and eager to be touching me, trying to satiate my every need, but we both knew that could never be complete as long as we had to be away from each other. I needed to stop thinking about that, she was with me then and there and I wasn’t going to go anywhere negative, if I didn’t need to.

Pulling down the blankets, I gently turned her back towards the bed, kissing her as I lowered her onto it, ever so gently. I opened my eyes so I could see into hers as we kissed; hers were already open and looking at me. I could see how much she loved me as I melted into her.

I slid down as I continued looking up at her, while she smiled down at me. As I began running my tongue over her nipples, she ran her fingers through my hair.

I wasn’t planning on stopping anytime soon and positioned myself between her legs so I could use both hands as well as my mouth on those beautiful breasts, fondling, kissing and sucking on them, feeling every ridge as they grew even harder, feeling the goose bumps on the rest of her body as they pushed against the ones on mine. I touched and fondled those stiff, beautiful nipples until her legs were flexing and un-flexing continuously. I loved making her legs move that way. As I was kissing and licking her, a string of guttural moans continuously began exiting her mouth.

“Tia, please… you’re driving me insane,” Nikki begged.
“Good, I want you to crave me.”
“I already do baby,” she whimpered.

As she said this, I looked up to see tears falling from her eyes. Making my way back up, I held her close. She began crying hard as I held her and all I could do was wait until she stopped 20 minutes later.

“What happened?” I asked.
“Nothing, I just miss you so much and I hate all of this, but I love my mother too and she’s so old and I don’t know how long she’s gonna be here and I really need you to be patient with me, but don’t ever give up on me,” Nikki rambled.
“I could never give up on you, you’re all I’ve ever wanted, for as long as I can remember,” I confessed.
“Promise me,” she insisted.
“I promise. Why?” I asked, suddenly curious. “What’s gonna happen?”
“Nothing… I don’t know; I think one of my dorm leaders may have seen an email and I just wanted to wait until we got home. I wanted to see how my mother treats you when we get there. If she’s cold, then she knows and you’re gonna have to wait until I can call you.”
“But ‘she’ called ‘me’ to pick you up,” I reminded her. “You really think that’ll happen? Why should this girl care so much? Fuckin’ bitch!”
“I hope not, but I don’t know for sure. The one that was watching me so close… well she g
ot pissed when she tried kissing me one night and I pushed her away.”
“I’m gonna kick somebody’s ass!” I shouted, beginning to shake.
“Calm down baby, you can’t lose your head over this or we’ll never get through any of it.”
“Can’t you just tell them she made up the story because you pushed her away?”
“I don’t know, maybe. I’m just hoping I can figure it out when we get there. If I handle it wrong they’ll force me to get married or something, maybe put me in a convent, who knows. I just need you to stay patient,” she insisted.
“Isn’t marriage kinda final in your religion?!” I asked, sitting up in a panic.
“Not really. There are ways out of it.”
“So this could be our last time together for a while?”
“I hope not, but maybe,” she answered, crying again.
“Don’t cry… I’d wait for you until the day I die, if I had to. I don’t want anyone else,” I confessed, moving back to hold her.

Nikki began kissing me with a necessity as never before; descending to go after my nipples with the same intensity. She was teasing me, going from nipple to nipple as she nibbled, sucked and flicked, but I wasn’t going to beg her, because I never wanted it to end. When she realized I wouldn’t be doing any begging, she moved down my body, kissing my stomach until I rolled her over, going after her nipples again, vigorously.

We must have rolled back and forth on that bed, kissing, caressing, sucking and nibbling for almost half an hour before she maneuvered herself into a 69 position. We were both so wet we were dripping; all I could smell was sex. Neither of us wanted the time to come to an end, we just wanted each other; we craved one another’s touch as we connected tongues to vaginas.

Our tongues traveled in, out and through each other’s hairless pussies, but never touched what they needed to drive us over the edge, until, it occurred to me that the longer I kept her away from home, the more suspicious her mother might become, so I whispered, ‘I love you’, into her pussy before gliding my fingers inside her vagina and nibbling her clit, as she did the same to me; holding our positions until we couldn’t stand the contact any longer.

Three orgasms later, we were quietly washing up prior to dressing. We returned to the car silently, trying not to think about what lie ahead.

Neither of us said very much on the five-hour ride home, but Nikki leaned against me until we were just outside of town. I slowed down before reaching the city limits, leaning towards her as she met me in a kiss; holding my eyes open all the while to see her and the oncoming traffic.

At Nikki’s house, I grabbed one of her bags out of the car, helping her carry it inside, where I was most definitely greeted with an icy reception as I said hello to the Dawson family. They continued staring at me as I sat her suitcase down, wished them a Happy Thanksgiving and cried my way back out the door.

I was in hell, I could tell, because it felt as though my heart had been pulled out of my chest, directly through the skin. I was trying to stop crying before reaching my parent’s house, but it wasn’t working.

My family was smiling until I entered the house, walking directly into my mother’s arms and sobbing as she led me into my old bedroom. Sitting on the side of the bed, mom continued holding onto me until I managed to calm down slightly.

“What’s wrong baby?” Mom asked so sweetly.
“I can’t tell you,” I cried.
“You can tell me anything,” she insisted, I vigorously shook my head.
“Can I talk to Eric?” I asked.
“I guess,” she replied. “I’ll send him in.”

Mom didn’t act upset or rejected; she just left me alone so she could send in my older brother who held me while I cried.

“Is this about Nikki?” Eric asked.
“How’d you know?”
“Process of elimination dweeb.”
“I really could do without the names right now.”
“Sorry. So did she dump you?”
“No, her mother did,” I lightly sobbed.
“She found out about us… wait a minute, you knew about me, us?”
“We all knew about you. I just guessed about Nikki a few days ago. Mom and dad both know about you, but I think they’ve just been waiting for you to tell ‘em.”
“Why didn’t you tell me you jerk?!” I asked, slapping his chest.
“No hitting! And what about the name calling rule?”
“This is different, you should’ve told me!”
“Should I have told you that I’m gay too?”
“What?!” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “Are you sure this is my family?”
“Good question. Guess you were a little too focused on Nikki to ever know what was going on with the rest of us,” Eric pointed out.
“I’m sorry Eric. You could’ve just come right out and told me.”
“And you could’ve told me about you and Nikki.”
“You’re right, I could’ve. I’m sorry.”
“You didn’t fall for her because of Trent, did you?”
“No, I felt this way about her way before Trent died.”
“Are you sure about her mother knowing?”
“Yeah. She warned me before we got here and said that no matter what happens, I just need to be patient and she’ll find her way back to me.”
“Sounds like she loves you anyway.”
“She does,” I admitted.
“Maybe you should just do that then Tia,” Eric suggested.
“I guess… can I stay with you for a while Eric?”
“No,” he said abruptly. “I’ll send mom and dad in.”

And the butthead was gone before I could say anything else. I was playing with a loose button when mom and dad walked into the room, sitting on either side of me.

My sister, Callie and my brother, Sam were peeking around the corner at us, so I leaned forward, pushing the door shut before sitting back down on the edge of the bed.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you knew I was gay?”
“We just thought that was something you were supposed to tell us honey,” mom said, putting her arm around me. “Is that what this is about?”
“Yes and no I guess. Nikki and I were kinda seeing each other, but she thinks her mom found out; she wasn’t very friendly to me today, that’s for sure,” I explained, crying again.
“I can’t imagine she would be,” mom admitted. “So what now?”
“I don’t know,” I cried. “Nikki said that no matter what happens, she’d get back to me somehow, but they could make it almost impossible.”
“I guess you just need to decide if she’s worth waiting for then,” dad suggested.
“She’s definitely worth waiting for.”
“Then just be patient and hopefully everything will work out fine in time,” he suggested.
“Aren’t you guys even upset with me about this?” I asked, almost wishing for something else to occupy my thoughts.
“You know we’ve pretty much dealt with anything you kids do since…” Mom couldn’t even bring herself to mention Trent’s name, but I knew what she meant. “You know we love you all, no matter what and we just want you to be happy and stay safe. You and Eric being gay, doesn’t change the fact that you’re both wonderful people; besides that, there’s still hope for Callie and Sam,” mom said, making me laugh a little as she and dad smiled.
“You gonna be okay now?” Dad asked, rubbing my back.
“No; I wanna quit business school and go for hairstyling and I want you to make Eric let me move in with him for a while,” I stated. Definitely a power-play.
“Hairstyling? Where’d that come from?” Mom asked, leaning away from me.
“I’ve wanted to do that for a long time now. Business is too easy and hairstyling is more hand’s-on,” I explained.
“And since your life sucks, you want something you can look forward to?” She asked.
“That and it might occupy my mind more. Give me less time to dwell on things.”
“I’ll talk to your brother and we’ll take care of the rest of it after Thanksgiving, okay?” Dad asked.
“Thank you, both of you.”
“You’re welcome sweetheart,” mom comforted, hugging me again. “Sure is a shame about school though; you’re a very smart girl,” she sighed. “You gonna
join the rest of the family now?”
“I think I’d just like to take a nap first, if you don’t mind.”

My parents gave me a kiss on the cheek before leaving me alone to cry myself to sleep.

When I woke up, my life still sucked, but at least I was able to talk to my family about the feelings N
ikki and I had kept hidden from each other for so long. I explained everything that had happened on our camping trip, from start to finish.

By the time Thanksgiving vacation was over, I would be going to Hairstyling School, while living with my brother.

I held my hand down on the horn as I drove by the Dawson’s house twice. When I didn’t catch a glimpse of Nikki anywhere, I thought it best to just leave before her mother called the cops on me. It was such a depressing, long drive to pack up my dorm room.

My first day in beauty school was a complete disaster and I was almost positive I had made the wrong decision. Starting so late had been pretty stupid to begin with and I had absolutely no clue what was even going on through the day. I was feeling so sorry for myself by this point, that it felt as though the more I tried, the further I was sinking into the pit of hell.

Walking outside after class, I sat on the hood of my car, glancing at the day old book. As I began leafing through it, I noticed a pair of very red, spiked shoes over the edge of the book; looking up to see a very pretty blonde staring at me. Actually, she was gorgeous and had, what appeared to be, some of the nicest tits I had ever seen. The green Capri slacks and pink blouse under a purple jacket left a lot to be desired when you threw in the red shoes and the green scarf around her neck. I stared at her for a moment before widening my eyes. I just wanted to know what in the hell she wanted without having to say anything.

“Jasmine,” she announced, holding out her hand.
“Tia,” I answered, grasping her hand as I sighed.
“Nice handshake, you have scruples.”
“What in the hell does that mean?” I asked, feeling annoyed.
“And forward too!”
“Did I do something to you?” I asked.
“No, why?” She asked, looking confused.
“I was just wondering if you were bugging me for a reason.”
“Class made you pretty pissy today I guess.”
“Were you in that class?”
“Why yes I was, thank you for noticing!” She laughed.
“I’m sorry,” I offered, softening a little. “My life’s been pretty messed up lately.”
“Is that why you’re starting so late?”
“I guess. I didn’t know they’d throw me in during the middle of it. Not that it’d matter by the looks of it. I guess I was kidding myself that this was for me,” I admitted.
“You, my dear, need an attitude adjustment and you’re coming to have a drink with me.”
“I don’t drink.”
“Well, you can have a soda and I’ll have two drinks then.”
“I’m not; oh I guess I am; they just lowered that thing to 18 again, didn’t they?”
“They sure did darlin’ and you’re coming with me, no arguments,” she insisted, dragging me off my car.
“My brother’s gonna worry about me if I don’t check in with him.”
“You live with your brother?”
“Yeah, while I’m going to school,” I stated defensively.
“Well, you know what?” She asked as I shook my head. “I’m gonna get you all set up; school, home and a job.”

I had no idea what in the hell I was doing taking off with some stranger, but it was almost as though I had absolutely no control over my life and it suddenly seemed that maybe somebody else would have a better idea of what to do with it, because I sure as shit didn’t; so I sat back to see just where it would take me.

The first place Jasmine took me was to a beauty salon. She walked in as if she owned the place, leading me through the crowd of people to a room in the back. She sat me down in the chair, snapping a picture of me, before putting the hair bib on me.

“If you wanna be a hairstylist, the first thing you need to do is change your style. You can’t look like a schoolgirl forever,” Jasmine explained.
“But Nikki likes my hair like this,” I informed her.
“Who’s Nikki?”
“Long story.”
“Tell Jazzy all about it.”

That was all she said, but it was enough to encourage me to spill my guts. So caught up in my tale of woe, I hadn’t even noticed that she cut off most of my hair until I saw it in the mirror. Leaning forward, I studied the cut and the way she had combed it out. I liked it, but it felt foreign to my head. Originally it had been to the middle of my back and now I was looking at hair that was no lower than my neckline and I had bangs for the first time since I was about two.

“My brother’s gonna hurt me,” I announced.
“I have got to meet this brother of yours. He sounds like a prize,” Jasmine said sarcastically.
“We got pretty close when our older brother died in a car accident,” I explained, almost glaring at her in the mirror.
“I’m sorry sweetie. So now you know one of my secrets. More often than not, I tend to put my foot in my mouth… but what d’you about the hair?”
“Actually, I kinda like it,” I admitted. “It makes me look nothing like myself,”
“And after that story, the last person you wanna feel like is yourself, right?”
“I guess, yeah,” I admitted. “So is this your place or something?”
“Yep, all bought and paid for,” she stated.
“But you can’t be much older than me. Are you independently wealthy?”
“I guess I am now. My ex had to set me up with something before he could go through with the divorce, so this was it,” she announced proudly.
“How old are you?!” I asked, turning to look at her.
“Twenty-five and if I thought I could make a career out of getting married and divorced, I’d do it.”
“Well, at least you’re honest about it. How much do I owe you for the new style?”
“I like that you didn’t call it a haircut. You don’t owe me anything. Haven’t you noticed yet that I’ve decided to take you under my wing?” Jasmine asked.
“I just thought you pitied me.”
“No, I wouldn’t go out of my way for pity; I can spot natural talent a hundred miles away. For a while I thought they weren’t gonna get anyone in that class who knew what in the hell they were doing.”
“If you own this place, what were you doing in class?” I asked.
“I like to take a refresher course every so often, plus that’s where I find all of my stylists. So you wanna see your new home first, or you wanna get that drink?”
“Are you sure you got the right person?” I asked, highly doubtful.
“I don’t think you know me well enough to question my talent spotting abilities.”
“Maybe not, but there’s no way I can’t afford to pay you back for anything, especially not rent on an apartment. That’s why I’m staying with my brother,” I explained.
“Well I don’t recall mentioning money, d’you?”
“I can’t live there for nothing,” I insisted. “My dad always said that nobody ever gives you anything for nothing, so what d’you want from me then?”
“Smart girl. So you’re not just another pretty face,” she said, making me blush. “You don’t even know you’re beautiful, do you?”
“I’m not,” I stated, blushing again. “Nikki’s beautiful.”
“Got a picture?”
“Always,” I smiled, pulling it out of my jacket pocket.
“Gorgeous eyes. You have good taste in women; let’s go someplace and look at some.”
“But you were married.”
“So? I can swing either way sweetie. Maybe once you loosen up a little, we could even have some fun.”
“Hopefully Nikki will come back to me before too long.”
“For your sake sweetie, I certainly hope so, c’mon, let’s go.”

Jasmine didn’t take me to an apartment as I expected, she drove to the edge of the city, pulling into the driveway of a huge house. She let me know that my place was out back before I could embarrass myself, thankfully. We walked through the house to get to it, even though we could have walked around the side through a gate.

The house, inside was amazingly huge and so white. I was afraid to touch anything as we made our way through it and onto the patio. I was in such awe as we walked through, stopping to look around until she grabbed my arm and pulled me through to the sliding glass door.

Just down a small path was a cottage. I would say it
was small, but it only looked small from the outside.

Inside it was amazingly wide open with spiral stairs leading to two bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs.
The entire first floor was a natural wood wainscoting under gray brick paneling. In the living room there was a small, gas fireplace over heated hardwood flooring. The walls upstairs were all cedar and the smell wafted throughout the cottage as we moved around the second floor. It was an awesome place and I definitely wanted to live there.

“So what’s the catch?” I asked.
“Dear, sweet, suspicious Tia, what makes you think there’s a catch?”
“There’s always a catch.”
“Okay, actually there’re three catches…” she finally admitted. “One is that after you graduate, you have to work for me…”
“For free?”
“No, you’ll get paid, silly girl. The second catch is that you have to be my poster girl.”
“What’s that mean?” I asked.
“That means I wanna put your face all around town for my advertising and third catch is … okay, this part might scare you, but it’s really not that bad.”
“What is it?” I asked, giving her a sideways glance.
“See the view from up here?”
“Yeah,” I replied, feeling worried.
“I want you to dress and undress in front of it.”
“Huh?” I asked, stepping away from her as she laughed.
“That’s all. You don’t have to touch yourself, if you don’t want to, or do any sexy dances or anything like that, I just wanna be able to watch you dress and undress.”
“That’s the oddest thing anyone’s ever said to me,” I admitted.
“I would imagine it is, my sweet, innocent Tia,” Jasmine smiled.
“That all just sounds too easy.”
“Really? I thought for sure you’d be totally against that last part.”
“Well, I can’t say that I understand why anyone would wanna see me naked, but to each her own I guess.”
“That’s a great attitude.”
“You wouldn’t expect me to do anything else, would you?” I really wanted to live there.
“Not unless you wanted to. I know you’re waiting for Nikki and all, but if you were exceptionally horny, I wouldn’t turn you away. I must warn you that I enjoy bondage though.”
“What’s that mean? Like tying people up and stuff?”
“Something like that.”
“Do you hurt them?”
“Only for fun.”
“Fun for who?!”
“Both of us.”
“Could I maybe watch you with someone first? If I ever wanted to, I mean,” I was blushing so badly by this point.
“I think that could be arranged; might even be fun,” she admitted.
“I’m actually still… you know.”
“A virgin?! I didn’t know those existed anymore,” she laughed.
“Nikki and I are both still virgins,” I informed her.
“Amazing. So, does the arrangement sound like anything you’d be interested in?”
“I’d be a fool not to be interested,” I admitted, “but I’d still need to talk to my family.”
“You’re a diehard, aren’t you?”
“I guess. Things just really changed after Trent died and I don’t like my parents to worry.”
“Well, I guess I better take extra special care of you then,” Jasmine smiled.
“You don’t even know me, why’re you doing this?”
“I told you, I can spot talent and you have it. I may be a lot of things, but an idiot isn’t one of them. Can’t you just picture it, ‘Hairstyles by Tia’?”
“Actually, I use to all the time, until today,” I admitted.
“First days always suck. You’re too young to worry so much,” she insisted. “Okay, before I take you out, let’s go meet this brother of yours.”
“I have no idea why I trust you, but something keeps telling me I should, so I’m just gonna go with it and hopefully I’m not wrong, but I do need to read that book at some point.”
“Nonsense, I’ll tell you everything I know while we’re out. The rest is all hand’s on.”

Jasmine put her arm around my shoulders as we walked back to the car. I really had no idea why I trusted her, maybe because she had been so open about watching me and the bondage information, but whatever it was, she made me feel like things could possibly be okay if I just relaxed and went with the flow, so I would until I couldn’t.

When I gave her Eric’s address, Jasmine insisted that she knew that address for some reason. I had no clue why until we walked into the apartment and Eric was on the phone, telling someone he’d call them back, before hanging it up.

“Where in the hell have you been?!”
“I’ve been…”
“Lighten up Eric,” Jasmine insisted as I stared at her.
“Jazzy! How’d you hook up with Jazzy?” Eric asked as he walked over, hugging her.
“Bitch at me and hug her, what’s up with that?” I asked.
“Jazzy’s been doing my hair since I’ve been down here and I’ve been to a couple of her parties… you’re not allowed to go, just in case you were wondering,” Eric informed me.
“I wasn’t wondering. I’m 18, I don’t need your permission,” I stated defiantly.
“She’s a pistol Eric.”
“She is something, but what’re you intending with her?” Eric asked, folding his arms.
“Do you see me here?”
“No, keep quiet,” Eric ordered as I slumped into the chair. “And what the hell happened to your hair?” I didn’t answer him.
“I guess she takes orders well,” Jasmine laughed. “She’s my new girl Eric, but I’ll treat her with the utmost respect, just for you.”
“Her?” Eric asked, looking genuinely shocked.
“You’re such a jerk sometimes,” I snapped.
“Is this the closeness you were telling me about?” Jasmine asked; I shrugged.

Eric wouldn’t let me go out alone with Jasmine that first night, but all we did was talk. Jasmine told me everything she knew about hair and the beauty shop business. My mind, being what it is retained every single word… mostly. I tried paying complete attention to Jasmine, but she had taken us to a topless bar and I have to admit, I did stare on occasion, forcing me to ask her to repeat herself every so often. Eric would laugh whenever my eyes began to roam.

When Jasmine and I walked into class together the following day, the teacher walked up to us, looking Jasmine directly in the eyes.

“Really?” The teacher asked.

I felt indignant, even though I could understand her doubts after my ignorance the previous day.

“I think you’ll be impressed with our little Tia today,” Jasmine laughed, noticing my obvious ire.

I think the teacher was impressed as she threw questions at me and I gave her the answers without hesitation. I think Jasmine was impressed as well.

That night I called my parents, telling them almost everything that was going on; leaving out the sexual parts, obviously. They weren’t satisfied with just hearing it from me though, so Eric had to explain it to them all over again before they eventually agreed.

I didn’t have that much to take with me, but Eric followed me to Jasmine’s house so he could see the cottage. He had been to Jasmine’s, but never to the cottage.

I think Jasmine was actually impressed that he was so protective of me. Once we had carried my few things out back, Eric began looking around as Jasmine showed him what was where, while I went to check out the kitchen.

I definitely wouldn’t need to go shopping for food. The place was stocked with almost anything a person could want. I was slightly apprehensive, but I still wanted to live there and if it only took my dressing and undressing, who was it hurting. If I became comfortable with it, I might even give her a show every so often. I smiled to myself at the thought.

“I wanna live here too,” Eric admitted as he and Jasmine walked down the steps.
“I don’t think so; I don’t wanna see you walking around naked,” I stated dully.
“You two have a very interesting relationship,” Jasmine pointed out.

I’m sure he was concerned about the nudity agreement, but he promised not to tell mom and dad as long as I stayed in touch constantly with him. That included calling him as soon as I got home and dinner with him every Friday. Jasmine stepped in to insist that we have our dinner with her, even though Eric argued with her about it. She wound up wearing him down, obviously not the type of girl to take
‘no’ for an answer from anyone.

After Eric had gone, Jasmine insisted that I follow her upstairs, where she led me to the bathroom. Upon closer inspection, she showed me the
whirlpool tub and shower with a curtain against the back wall. It was explained to me that once I became more comfortable with my exhibitionism, she expected me to open the curtain when I showered or bathed. Once she pushed the button, opening up the glass wall, my eyes grew wide as I stared out the window. The tub appeared to have been especially made for that purpose, with its cutaway back, giving a clear view of anyone in the tub.

“You’ve really thought this through, haven’t you?” I asked.
“For a very long time.”
“Were you into this stuff while you were married?”
“I probably was, but we divorced because he was cheating on me,” Jasmine explained before leaving the room.

I followed Jasmine downstairs, stopping her just before she reached for the doorknob. I apologized for what I had asked, explaining that I could put my foot in my mouth at times too, but she just smiled, stroking my cheek with the back of her hand before leaving.

I watched her walking on the path, but I couldn’t just let her leave that way.

“Jasmine!” I shouted as she stopped, turning to look at me. “Your ex-husband was a dumb ass!”

Jasmine smiled sadly before turning to finish her journey to the house.

I’m not positive what it was about that first day, but I felt bad thinking I may have upset Jasmine after how kind she had been, so the first thing I did was go upstairs in front of the window, undressing very slowly as my blouse, pants, socks, bra and panties were removed. I stood in front of the window for a short time before going downstairs to get my luggage, hoping I would be comfortable with being nude soon, just so I could stop blushing.

I wasn’t positive, but it almost felt as though I was being watched no matter where I was in the cottage, but as long as she wasn’t touching me without my permission, I could deal with it.

Once I had finished unpacking in the nude, I entered the bathroom, opening the curtain against the window.

I have to admit that the thought occurred to me that quite possibly I wasn’t the good girl I thought I was, but the only one I was hurting was me and for some reason, it felt right.

I crawled into the hot shower with my razor, shaving and washing everything very slowly, paying extra special care and attention to face the window as I spread my pussy lips, shaving that extra fuzz that likes to grow inside the lips. I debated touching myself, but it seemed entirely too soon for that when I couldn’t even walk around naked without blushing; besides, I would need to be looking at a picture of Nikki or talking to her before I could even consider doing that.

After finishing my shower and drying off, I grabbed my robe, went to the window and put it on before going to the sofa to get in touch with Nikki. I discovered that her email address had been shut down and she had no more cell phone; that began an assault on the postal service.

At 18, life was suppose to be my oyster, at least that was what my mother had always said and even though my professional life seemed to be heading in the proper direction, the only thing I had known for sure that I wanted, had been suddenly taken completely away from me and I couldn’t see beyond that one issue.

I remembered Nikki telling me to be patient, after sending a letter a day to her home address for two weeks straight and actually had to force myself to stop the barrage. I hated doing it, but I needed to stop pushing the issue before she wound up married or locked away in some convent.

School was going well and I had become Jasmine’s constant companion, but she refused to show me her torture chamber no matter how often I asked her. I’m pretty sure it was because of Eric, but she never offered a reason, so I never asked.

During Christmas break, I spent the majority of my time parked down the street from Nikki’s house. I just wanted to catch a glimpse of her coming or going… something, anything! I was going crazy.

On Christmas Eve I was finally able to see Nikki walking out of the house, holding her mother’s arm. I hit the horn, one quick blow, as she looked up, searching for the source. When she finally spotted me, I blew her a kiss as I watched her eyes fill and a sad, lost smile crossed her face. We held eye contact until she was out of sight.

I remained in that spot, waiting until they returned from church services. The church was just up a block and across the street from Nikki’s house. It was the perfect place for the devoted Catholic family to live.

I was hoping Nikki might be able to sneak out once her mother had gone to sleep, but suddenly cars were pulling into the driveway as her brothers and sisters began arriving for the Holiday.

As I continued watching, Nikki walked outside, helping them carry in luggage and gifts. She smiled at me every chance she got, being careful not to give her family a clue that I was watching her; then on her very last trip out of the house, while she was smiling directly at me, Nikki whipped her jacket open, as if to flash me; making me smile, before driving back to my parent’s house.

At last, I was holding Nikki, we were wrapped so tightly in each other’s arms I could barely breathe, but I couldn’t let her go; we had both been waiting so long for this moment. No phone calls, no letters, she was just suddenly with me.

We kissed, gently, tenderly, our tongues searching desperately, hungrily tangling around one another as she practically tears my clothes off me. She wants to ravage me, but I make her stop, slowly removing her blouse and her bra before letting my hands glide down to those beautiful breasts, feeling her nipples as they harden by my touch. I loved how our nipples responded to each other’s touch.

I open my eyes to see those beautiful green eyes staring back at me, deep and green, hungering for me to touch her all over, never wanting me to stop as I kneel in front of her, my queen, love of my life; truly my only reason for being.

Unsnapping and unzipping her jeans, I gently tug them off, pulling her panties along with them as I’m kissing that beautiful, bald mound that she keeps hairless, just for me. I listen to her gasp, smiling as I look up at her beautiful face, lost in ecstasy, lost in my touch.

I begin fondling her nipples, brushing over them with my open palms as I force my tongue between her pussy lips. She spreads her legs to accommodate me as I’m sliding my tongue into her vagina, digging, stretching as far as I can inside of her. Its warm and inviting me in; its been so long, too long and I replace my tongue with fingers, all three at once as her walls work to pull them in further, my tongue is traveling through her labia and around her clit, slowly teasing her. As I flick my tongue across her clit, I listen to her pleasure, causing my own orgasm as she holds my face to her pussy, pushing into it harder and harder. I close my eyes again and suddenly I see… her mother and it makes me shout.

I sat up as my eyes flew open in a panic, looking around at the dark bedroom; I began crying as I curled up in the bed, realizing it had only been a dream.

If it hadn’t been for Jasmine, Eric and school the following months, I’m not sure what I might’ve done. I can’t even deny that I actually considered suicide, but there was no way I could do that to myself or the people I loved. I thought about my brother’s death and how my parents reacted when the police couldn’t see any skid marks, so they assumed he had committed suicide at first. My dad chewed their asses pretty seriously when they corrected themselves after finding the soda bottle wedged under the brake. There would be no way I would ever put my parents through that again.

Mostly, during that time, I focused on school and putting more and more pictures of Nikki into frames around the cottage. I had gotten pretty comfortable with my
nudity by then and actually began releasing a little sexual tension.

I had a special picture of Nikki fro
m the camping trip enlarged and stored in a drawer when I wasn’t ‘using’ it. I would take it down to the coffee table, pulling it close to the sofa so I could look into her eyes. It was a photograph I had taken previous to one of our hikes. She had such a look of desire on her face at the time, that I knew it was the picture I needed for the purpose intended.

When everything was in place, I would hang one leg over the top of the couch as I began running my hands over my nipples; tweaking, pulling and rolling them between my thumbs and fingers, keeping my eyes on Nikki the entire time. I would focus on my breasts, imagining it was Nikki with her hands all over me, rubbing and fondling until eventually I would move one hand over my stomach before reaching to the inside of one thigh, back up, over my pussy and down the other thigh. I’d then pull my hand up to my pussy, finger through my vulva and around my clit before continuing the descent into my vagina, never taking my other hand away from my nipples.

When I stared into Nikki’s eyes long enough, my fingers would turn into her fingers gliding into and out of my vagina. My thumb on my clit was her tongue, so gentle and loving, always taking her time because she loved to tease me. I would will her there with me and she would slowly bring me to a fantastic orgasm, usually several.

Generally it was a trancelike experience that completely drained me, so they didn’t actually happen that often, but I think Jasmine enjoyed herself when she watched me. I know she would always take me on a shopping spree the day after, rubbing my arm and hugging me a lot while we were out. It took me a couple of times to realize that I wasn’t alone when imaginary Nikki made love to me, but I just let it slide since she was so emotional about it all.

Jasmine had almost become an older sister figure for me by that May, as long as you don’t count the voyeur/exhibitionist aspect of our relationship. She had even gone so far as to plan on opening a hair salon in my hometown, informing me that when I was ready, she wanted to change the name of it to, ‘Hair by Tia’, but I just laughed, insisting she was crazy.

Several days before classes were over, billboards were going up all over the Cities with my before and after pictures on them, along with a corny little slogan that read: ‘HERE TODAY, TIA TOMORROW’. I thought it was ridiculous, but people seemed to be flocking into the shop making hair appointments with ‘me’!

Jasmine had put an ad in my hometown paper, stating she and I would be available for the grand opening to cut and style hair.

My life should have been perfect, but I felt hollow inside, even after my mother called about the ad and how excited she and dad were for me.

The Grand Opening had been a helluva day, keeping us totally swamped with customers. My mother even made an appointment and I had to laugh after listening to her insistence on getting, a hairdo exactly like her famous daughter.

Mom and Jasmine spoke back and forth, as I cut and styled her hair. They actually seemed to hit it off quite nicely, making me wonder if mom would have been so receptive had she known the woman built a torture chamber in her basement and enjoyed watching her daughter walk around nude. Thinking about it actually brought a smile to my face as I hugged her before wishing her luck with dad.

Dad liked long hair on ‘his girls’ and it had taken him almost two months to even accept the idea of my hair being short. God only knows how long it would take him with mom. She assured me they had discussed it prior to her making the appointment, but I had my doubts.

By the time we were locking the doors, I was beat. Jasmine and I were cleaning and bagging up hair when there was a knock at the door. I looked at her before walking over to see Nikki’s brother, Ted standing at the door, holding an envelope. I was hoping beyond hope that maybe he was on our side, but all he did was shove it into my hand before walking away rapidly. You would’ve thought his ass was on fire for as fast as he was moving.

When Ted was out of sight, I locked the door, walking inside as I stared at the envelope. Suddenly I was afraid to open it, delicately setting it on the coffee table as I sat down. All I could do was stare at the damned thing.

Jasmine walked out of the back room and over to where I was sitting. She reached for the envelope once she saw what I was looking at.

“I was thinking that if I don’t open it, it won’t be true,” I informed her.
“You want me not to?”
“Might as well, hearts already gone, may as well take my soul too.”
“I thought that was mine?” She asked, making me laugh.
“Right, I forgot for a minute,” I answered, leaning back.

Jasmine never took her eyes off me the entire time she opened the envelope, causing the photograph inside to fall onto the table. There was my Nikki, more beautiful than ever, standing next to the ugliest man I had ever seen in my life. I needed to lean forward for a closer look, but I couldn’t touch it.

I guess he wasn’t that ugly, but he was to me. He was extremely tall with short black hair. His face was almost square and the bastard was smiling at the love of my life.

Nikki had a smile on her face, but she wasn’t looking at him and her eyes had an empty, hollowness to them. Jasmine noticed immediately, mentioning it as she twisted her body to see the photograph better.

“When?” Was all I could ask.
“Tomorrow, sorry.”

I couldn’t cry, or laugh or even talk, all I could do was stare at the picture and remember all the special times with Nikki. The time she spent with my family after Trent died, holding me and Callie until we cried ourselves to sleep. I remembered staying with her and Mrs. Dawson after Mr. Dawson died, making sure they wanted for nothing. My mind raced through every picnic, the holidays, the summer camping trips Nikki joined with me and my family and I realized this was it, this was the end. There would be nothing more to wait for after this. It left me feeling so empty, I couldn’t even cry…
(To be continued…)

Hope part two is keeping you wondering. Sorry if anything was missed, but decided to attempt my own editing. Parts three and four, coming soon. Thank you for reading.

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