An Unexpected Call

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She had tried to avoid thinking about him during the day, when she was at work, but she had failed. She would be sitting at her desk, working on a report, and some perverse thing he had said would run through her mind. She’d be caught off guard and feel that familiar tingling in the pit of her stomach. He did that to her for some reason.

There was something very primal about their attraction to each other. They were online friends, having met through an online game, but had met in person once, at a party. Both had spouses and both loved their spouses very deeply. Their spouses were even aware of their conversations and neither of them were threatened by this. If anything, their spouses got to enjoy the side effects of their online chats.

It had started innocently enough with a conversation about filming a porno, together. It was just surface talk, nothing in depth and she hadn’t thought much else about it until she had an extremely graphic dream about him. She had told him about the dream, initally not providing many details. He had wanted to know more, and feeling adventerous, she gave him details.

That was how it began. The conversation progressed to other porn-like scenes she could dream about, with them in the staring roles. She wasn’t sure as to when she had started thinking of him in such a sexual way, but was now fully aware of how excited he could make her.

They wrote about things they would like to do to each other. They talked about toys she owned. Repeatedly she had noted that they were “bad, very bad,” but both were enjoying the experience. Occasionally he would type something to her that even he was surprised by, but both felt safe and both trusted the other.

This continued for several nights and she had gotten into the habit of using one of her vibrators each night before she went to bed. He got her that worked up. With her husband working nights, she had no other outlet. She would lie in bed pleasuring herself, all the while fantasizing about some thing that he had said or about some idea he had given her to use on her husband. Occasionally she fantasized about having both men at the same time, and then she added his wife into the mix for good measure. It didn’t take her long to reach an explosive orgasm and he enjoyed hearing about them the next day.

She thought about these things during the day at work. She could feel herself becoming wet and worried that others may notice. Even this did not stop her mind from constantly returning to the sexual thoughts. Something had definitely reawakened her wild side, a part that had been dormant since she and her husband had had kids.

Later that evening, on the computer, she told him about becoming excited at work, and he laughed. He enjoyed the thought of her being unable to stop fantasizing about him. They really did bring out something in each other.

That night, they continued to tease each other over the next three hours as they messaged each other on the computer. He told her to lick him repeatedly and she asked to be punished. He told her that he would make her beg for it and she told him that she looked forward to it. By the time she logged off the computer, she again was worked up to the oint that she needed a serious release.

She went up to her bedroom and found her favorite toy. Luckily, her children were staying the night at her mother’s, so she had the house to herself. She undressed and lay back on the bed. She was just about to turn her vibrator on when the phone rang.

“Damn.” she thought, reaching for the phone. Even though she knew the person on the other end of the phone couldn’t see her, she felt embarassed to be answering the phone naked, holding a vibrator.

“Hello?” she said, somewhat exasperated.

“Are you naked yet?” came the reply. It was him. She smiled in spite of herself. He had called her once before, but that was before they had started having these very sexual conversations.

“As a matter of fact,” she replied, “I am.”

“And do you have B.O.B. out?” he asked.

“I do.” she replied. “I’m holding him now.”

“I don’t believe you.” he said.

She turned the vibrator on and held it close to the phone. “Believe me now?” she asked.

“Mmmmm… yes, now I do. I just thought you could use a little assistance while you played with your toy.” he said.

She felt a shiver run the length of her body.

“I do get confused sometimes as to what I’m supposed to do with him,” she replied.

“Well, I’ll walk you through it on one condition,” he said.

“What’s that?” she asked, already anticipating his answer.

“I want to hear how you feel, every moan, every gasp. You don’t get to be quiet. I want to hear it all.” he said.

She felt herself growing more excited. Hearing his voice, sexy and soft at the same time, was driving her mad. She was even more frustrated than she had been earlier.

“I think I can meet that condition.” she replied.

“Good. Now, do exactly as I say, no questions.” she loved that. It gave her the ability to not think and to just listen to his voice.

“I’m ready,” she replied.

“Oh, I know you are my dear, I know Now, lie back on your bed. I want you to imagine I’m in the room with you. I don’t get to touch you… not this time. I just get to watch you please yourself, knowing that you’re thinking about me.” he said.

“Jesus.” she said.

“What?” he asked.

“The way you talk… are you trying to work me into a frenzy?”

“That’s exactly my intention. Now, are you picturing me in your room, leaning againstg the wall at the foot of your bed?”

“Oh yea,” she replied. “I have a very clear mental picture of that.”

“Good.” he said. “Now, you don’t get to play with your toy, not yet. First, while you’re staring at me, I want you to run your hands over your body.”

She followed his directions, clearly picturing him at the foot of her bed. She ran her fingernails over her stomach, causing her to shiver. She moved her hands higher, gently caressing her breasts. She ran her nails over her nipples and gasped when she felt them harden and spring to life.

“What was that? he asked. “You sounded as if you enjoyed it.”

“My nipples,” she replied. “They are extremely sensitive right now.”

“Mmmmm… yes, I can see that. Beautiful, so large and firm. I want you to grasp one and twist it between your fingers.”

She did as she was told. “Ohhhh” she cried out. “It hurts… yet it feels so good.”

“Yes, I know you like some pain. Now, move your hands lower, past your stomach. Run them over your thighs, over your pretty tattoo. Now, I want you to spread your legs wide for me. Remember, I’m right there, at the foot of your bed, and I want to see verything. Display yourself for me. Tell me what I’m seeing.”

“I can’t believe I’m doing this… but… I’m still lying on my back. My nipples are hard as rocks. I have my legs spread apart and they’re trembling. You have me so excited that I can’t stay still. One of my hands is continuing to travel around my body, and damn, it feels good.”

“Good. Now, I want to see more. With your free hand, reach down and spread yourself open for me.”

“Oh God.” she said.

“Are you doing that for me?” he asked.

“Yes” she whispered.

“Tell me what I would see.” he said.

“I… I don’t know if I can” she stammered.

“Yes, you can. Please, I need to know. You aren’t the only one worked up here.” he replied.

“What re you saying?” she asked. “Are you excited too?”

“God, how can you even ask that? I have a mental picture of you, lying on your bed naked, holding yourself open for me. I’m hard as a rock.”

“hmmmm ok, that helps. Tell me…
are you clothed? Are you touching yourself?” she asked.

“No to the first question. Yes to the second.” he replied.

She didn’t say anything for a minute.

“Are you there?” he asked.

“Oh yes.” she replied. “Just altering my mental picture, removing your clothing so I can watch you stgroke yourself while you watch me.”

“Damn woman, you re something else.” he said.

“I know,” she laughed. “Now, where were we?”

“You were about to tell me what I’m seeing.”

“Oh yes. I can do that now. I haVe my legs drawn up and I’m holding myself wide open for you. The dark red polish on my nails contrasts with my white, creamy skin. I’m shaved with only a small patch of red hair at the top, so there’s nothing to obstruct your view.” she whispered.

“Good. I can see that clearly in my head. Now, run a finger down your slit. Tell me if you are wet.”

“Yes. Very.”

“And your clit, I can see, is standing up. Run your finger over that softly for me.”

“Oh God.” she said.

“Yes, I thought you would enjoy that. Now, where is that vibrator at. I want to see it. Tell me what it looks like.”

“Hmmm… well, he is large and clear. You can see that he has many ball bearings inside of him. His head is very large and it rotates. He ha a little section at the base with prongs that vibrate to stimulate the clit. He’s beautiful and powerful.” she said.

“Very good. Now, turn on the part that makes the prongs vibrate.”

She clicked the switch and the whirring noises began again.

“God, now I want you to rub the prongs over your nipples. Tell me how that feels.”

“Oh lord… it feels good. Can you see that in your head?”

“Oh yes, very clearly. Now, move him down, past your stomach, but don’t put him inside yet. I want to hear you scream at least once before that point. I told you I would take my time with you…”

“You are brutal.” she said.

“I’m just getting started my dear. Now, you said those prongs are for… hmmm… what was it again? Oh yes, clitoral simulation. That’s exactly what I want you to do with them. Tell me how that feels.”

“Oh God… that feels wonderful. Really really good… oh God.”

He moaned softly. “You sound like you really like that. Now, I want you to turn the power up on your little toy and really start working your clit.. and I want to hear everything.”

She did as he intructed, savoring the feeling of being under his control. She held the vibrator tightly, manipulating her body. She began to tremble. She couldn’t keep quiet, moaning softly at first and then growing progressively louder. Thinking about him listening to her only worked her up more. She couldn’t control herself, screaming out “Oh God… Oh God!” as she had a mind-blowing orgasm.

It took her a minute to calm down and she realized she had dropped the phone.

She picked it up. “Are you there?” she asked.

“Oh I’m here, and that was amazing to listen to.” he replied.

“Mmmmm” she moaned, feeling very content. “I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

“Oh, we’re not done yet dear. Remember, I told you I wanted to scream once before you got to fuck yourself with it. That’s next.”

“I don’t know how much more I can take.” she said.

“We’re about to find out,” he replied. “I want you to turn on the part of the vibrator that makes it rotate. Hold it right up to your slit. Let your wetness soak onto it. Does it feel good?”

“Oh yeah, it feels good.”

“Now that he’s all wet, I want you to start to slowly slide him into you. Not too quickly. I want you to feel every inch.”

“You do know how to torture … oh lord.. oh my god…” she couldn’t finish her sentence. She seemed to have lost the ability to think clearly. He loved it. It told him that he was in complete control.

“Oh yeah beautiful, it feels good, doesn’t it… work it in deeper… deeper… yes, like that” he said as she continued to moan, getting louder each time. “Now, I want you to slam him all the way in, as deep as he goes.”

“Oh shit” she moaned. “god it’s huge… oh god…”

“That’s right, all the way… hurts good, doens’t it? But you love it, and you want more, I know you do… the little prongs are teasing your clit again, aren’t they… and I bet it feels so good…. Now… I want you to fuck yourself with that big cock… slowly at first, but deeply … while I watch you… and listen to you…are you fucking yourself?”

“God yes… oh my god.. it feels so good… oh god… oh yes….”

He loved hearing her moan, and as her moans got louder, he knew it was time to finish her off.

“It’s time,” he said. “Fuck yourself hard for me.. hard and fast… fuck yourself like I would fuck you, with no mercy… do it… do it faster…” he continued to instruct her, listening to her moan louder and louder.

She reached a point where she started to shake. Her hips were thrusting up to meet the vibrator, slamming it deep into herself. Her moans turned into screams… “oh god… oh yes…. right there.. oh god…” She finally screamed “oh fuck… oh god” and felt her body shudder over and over again. Her breathing was coming in gasps. Her body shaking, covered in sweat.

When she caught her breath, she said, “That was amazing.”

“That, my dear,” he said, “was just the beginning.”

“Oh God… thank you.” she said.

“My pleasure.” He replied. “Sleep well beautiful. Dream of me.”

“Good night. Sleep well.” she said, and hung up the phone. Smiling, feeling exhausted and spent, she rolled over and fell asleep.

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  1. cuteroselovnisjack

    this was a good story. infact it made me erotic and ready for an intercourse. The only thing you should add up is some photographs as you have in your magazines

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  2. sospoiled

    What an incredibly erotic story..please write more! Great story to fantasize and masturbate while you are reading it!!

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  3. sexysgt

    Now this is a very erotic story. Full of of passion and able to set the mood for a very sensual eveing.

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