Capturing of Jennifer

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Jennifer was a goodlooking 35 year old woman. She worked at a bank as a customer service rep, had a charming boyfriend who worked for the same bank. She had her own apartment since she still after 5 years with Roger did not feel like moving in with him. They had sex on weekends and when feeling “kinky” they would rent a room in a hotel and pretend to have just met. She stayed late at work that Thursday night and was thinking about Roger as she entered her lonely car in the bank parking lot. There was only one other car in the lot and as she started the car started as well. She felt nervous for a second but as she entered traffic he forgot about it. At home she took her cloths off in the living room and admired her figure in the window. She grinned self satisfied, she has been exercising since college. She was feeling very horny and thought about fucking Roger the next day. She turned the TV on and started walking into her bedroom where she had new vibrator she bought that week. She lied down on the bed and starting playing with her hard and sensitive nipples. She was getting really wet really fast so she started playing with her clit and the vibrator. She never used a dildo since she had a very tight pussy and didn’t want it stretched. Roger had a small dick though he was great at eating her out and she didn’t want him to know how much she plays with herself, plus she never liked being penetrated. She came fast and hard and was shaking when she realized someone was clapping and laughing in her room. She started to jump from her bed when she felt hands pushing her down and blindfold was put over her eyes. TV got louder and she could hear a male voice whispering in her ear telling her to be quiet if she wanted to live through this. She opened her mouth to say something when a cloth filled her mouth. “This is from our previous toy,” the man said. Jennifer was panicking. The cloth smelled like a pussy and we means there were more of them. She started feeling drowsy and soon fell asleep, with a thought that she shouldn’t fall asleep.

When she woke up her head was aching and she was cold. Her nipples were hard from the chill and she was tied up with her hands behind her back. She was still blindfolded and could hear people walking around her. “She seems awake” A hand roughly pulled on her hard nipple. She whimpered. “Yes she does” a man laughed. It was a different voice. She couldn’t tell how many people were in the room with her. She was dragged up and placed on the chair and then her blindfold was removed. A bright light was shining in her face and she was trying to see the person behind but couldn’t/
“Don’t try slut. You will see us when we decide that. Actually everything that happens to you is our decision. Do you understand that?” Jennifer was trying to think “who are you Sir please tell me what do you want” she thought she should play along till she found a way out. Laughing the man said “I am your Lord and Master and you will serve me and my assistants until you realize you are worthless piece of shit and can be sold to others. At that point you will become my employee” he was laughing as if he just said a good joke. “No, please let me go I will do what you wish but let me go.” Jennifer was crying. “I will consider” Lord said. “Untie her.” She was untied. “Now get on your knees and suck Kinky’s dick.” She kneeled and a medium sized dick was pushing at her face. She taught she should do the best she can to be let go so she started sucking on it. It was making her sick because the dick stunk of urine and but she tried to focus on sucking and get done with it. After a few minutes Kinky shot his load into her mouth and was holding her head to make sure she gets it all. “Good” Lord said. “See this might be fun for you. Now a few more. I will be back when you are done.” She found herself in the circle of men and as soon as one of them came the other dick would fill her mouth. Finally after few hours she was picked up and thrown into a bathroom. Lord walked in and told her to wash up and walked out. She was throwing up and crying for a while and finally she took a shower. She was still hoping this is it and she would be let go…

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