Caught in her underwaer

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I had been living with my fiancée Lisa for a year or more when this happened. Lisa and I had been arguing this particular night resulting in Lisa leaving and saying she was staying at her mothers for a while.
I spent the evening alone, watching TV mainly. I went to bed about 11 o’clock and went into our bedroom. I sat down at Lisa’s dressing table and opened her top drawer. I knew of course that this was her underwear drawer. I looked through her tights and stockings, putting my hand into some and sniffing them. My cock began to stiffen as I did this and I then looked in Lisa’s laundry basket. I took out a pair of sheer white stockings, the thin white panties still inside them. I brought them to my face and sniffed at the fresh aroma of Lisa’s pussy. I removed my clothes, found a white garter belt in Lisa’s drawer and put on the panties and stockings; I took a pair of pink high heels from Lisa’s shoe rack and now lay on the bed. I could only get my toes into the heels, but they looked so sexy. My hard cock was now out of the top of the panties as I was so turned on by wearing Lisa’s clothes.
I then lay back in the middle of the bed and pulled down the covers a little and released my hard cock from the panties I jacked myself off, whilst sniffing a pair of black pantyhose from the laundry
I was so turned on by wearing Lisa’s underwear. I soon came to climax, my hot sperm shooting into the air and onto my chest. I quickly fell asleep as I was so relaxed.

I was awoken by the bedroom door opening and Lisa walking into the room. I was still lying on the bed wearing Lisa’s underwear and stockings with the covers still back as she walked in. “Just as I thought” she said. “I have noticed that my underwear has been regularly moved. Had a good evening then?” I was so shell shocked at being caught that I just had to say “yes” and pulled up the covers. “Been wanking yourself off again over my underwear again I see” Lisa said. She took a photograph of me and giggled. She laughed as she said “to show the girls”
This certainly changed the balance of our relationship from then on, as you can imagine but did not stop me masturbating whilst sniffing Lisa’s laundry.


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