Destination: Masturbation

As he beglns to touch his skin
…his hand trembles. Every part of his body…every square inch of skin has the potential to arouse him. He slowly and deliberately runs his hands over different places allowing himself to feel the sensuousness that resides there. He does not focus on his penis or testicles yet. He delights in his sensual nature…and not in the sexual aspects of his body.

He feels the ripple of his rib cage. He follows his obliques down to his hips. He traces along the hip bones to his upper…then inner thighs. He lifts his legs and continues his journey. He feels the roundness of the cheeks of his ass and the cleft that separates them. First one leg then the other….all the way down to his feet…has his attention. He works his way back up until he has found his chest and his nipples are hard and sensitive to his touch. He lingers there. He visits his arm pits…neck…ears…face. He runs his fingers through his hair.

His ministrations have awaken his senses. He feels the warmth that radiates within his body spreading over him…seducing him. His body gives up its sensual secrets. He is in a heightened state of arousal. It has driven him to an erection. He reaches for his member with one hand and with the other feels the smoothness of his skin at its base…then the velvety texture of his sack. He takes in a deep breath and slowly begins his exploration there…it will soon enough become overtly sexual.

He feels the blood begin to course its way into his rod…adding fuel to his already burning desire. Pressure slowly building…he takes up the task with both hands now
…as one hand slides along the complete length and is about to withdraw…the other hand takes its place. He picks up the pace and finds it pleasing. Pre cum snakes its way up and oozes its way out of the tip of his cockhead. As his hand catches some and spreads it about…it is as if the potion ignites all the nerve endings. He lets out a deep moan and as its faint whisper touches him it further fuels the fire.

He reaches over to a case laying open next to him. He fumbles around until he finds what he’s looking for. He lubes the toy and then himself
…but he won’t use it yet. He settles back in to his spot and begins to bring himself to the edge just short of orgasm.

He toys with himself. He spirals his hand on his shaft. He cups first one then the other…rolling his nuts between his fingers…then up and down the under side of his cock.

It is becoming harder to resist the temptation to cum. He presses on the spot between his nut sack and asshole. He feels the surge of heat and allows himself the pleasure of an orgasm without ejaculating. It took him a while to learn how to achieve this…looking back…it was well worth the effort.

He maintains a heightened state of arousal but backs away from its intensity.

He switches to his well lubed anus. He slowly inserts the long thin dildo and begins to thrust it. His cock responds and jerks up and down. Fully engorged…throbbing and releasing copious amounts of pre cum. In tandem he pumps his ass and shaft..raises and thrusts his hips up. The added pressure propels him to the crest…

He flicks on the power and the dildo goes live…his sack contracts and sends the first stream of cum up the length of his shaft and it explodes in a thick long rope…euphoria washes over him…another stream and another find their release.He has reached the top and is consumed by it. He remains there as long as possible…

He then begins the descent. He turns off the toy and removes it. He continues his attention to his shaft even as it grows soft.

His face is flushed as he takes in a deep breath…he releases it and feels relief. He closes his eyes. As he drifts off to sleep he is content. Although it was so brief…the journey was sweet…
he reached his destination.

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