Dinner Date parts 1-4


Well, let’s see how to start this…we go to dinner it was a small quiet place we got a table in back. It was one of those round booths. I was wearing this black dress that I have…it’s long, sheer (in the right light you can see right through it) and low cut and my black heels no slip or hose. We sat down and I motioned for you to move closer so I could whisper something to you…as I lean over I put my hand on the inside of your thigh just to make sure I have your full attention so that I can tell you that I also have on no panties and no bra because I know how much that turns you on. You start to run you hand up the inside of my leg moving my dress up as you tell me you want to check to make sure since you could already see that I had no bra because you can see my nipples through the dress. Your hand finds my already aroused and very wet clit gently stroking it and kissing my neck. By this time I have unzipped your pants and slid my hand in so that I can stroke your already hard dick. You want to leave and skip dinner completely but I tell you I have other plans. We continue to fondle each other through dinner.


Fully enjoying each other through dinner barely touching any of the food except to feed each other in between the kisses. Both having had a couple of drinks…of course. As we leave the restaurant…you ask what other plans I have for the evening. I tell you…I want you to take me to a strip club since I’ve never been and I think it would be really sexy and fun to do together since we are both already so turned on. Agreeing on this we go…sitting in the club we are more into each other than what’s really going on around us…so after a few more drinks I tell you I want to leave so we can go somewhere more private so that I can strip for you. Deciding that sounds like a good idea you ask were we are going… telling you that I have made a reservation at hotel nearby with a nice big bed and a Jacuzzi tub big enough for two. After checking in we make our way to the elevator…fondling and kissing all the way to the room. Barely making it to the room…I tell you that I want you to get undressed and sit on the bed so I can watch you touch yourself while I strip. After I strip you are practically begging me to fuck you because you can’t stand it anymore…but I tell you it’s not quite time yet as I kiss down your chest because I want to taste you first. Making my way down your body your dick is rock hard…I start by kissing the head licking up and down the sides taking it in my mouth and stroking up and down with my mouth and hand glancing up to make sure you’re watching me because you know how much this turns me on…fondling your balls with the other hand then gently taking each one in my mouth licking and sucking while you run your hands through my hair. I tell you I really want you to fuck me in that nice big bathtub…I have no problems convincing you of as you follow me to the bathroom.


I can’t help but follow that perfect ass as you walk to the bathroom. The way it switches back and forth…I cum up behind you putting my arms around you caressing your breasts pulling you close to me so that your ass is touching my dick. So many thoughts go through my head but I can’t figure out where I want to start. Before I could figure it out you turn around reach your arms up and pull me down so that our lips meet. Oh I just love the way you kiss me. Those soft gentle lips. I run my hands over your ass squeezing and rubbing. My dick is soo hard waiting in anticipation of being inside of you. You tell me to lift you up and put you on the counter because you want me suck your clit. I start at your neck and with soft kisses. I lick my way down the your chest till I get to the breasts. You tell me that you are so horny and that you want to feel me inside of you. But not yet. I lick circles around your nipples. They are excited sticking out screaming for me to put my mouth on them. I caress the other with my hands. Pinching your nipples between my thumb and index finger. Work my way down your stomach leaving no skin untouched. Then to your thighs. Kissing your thighs running my hands up and down your legs. I find your feet – so I decide to restart there. Taking your toes into my mouth playing with my tongue tickling you. All the while running my hands up your leg. I work my way to your ankles. You squirm as I tickle you. I make it to your knees. You seem to like it. Finally I work my way to the sweetest part. The aroma alone almost sends me to orgasm. You are dripping wet I have to lick it up. Damn you taste so good! I start playing with your clit and you cum just like that!

You decide that you have had enough of the foreplay. You push me back against the stool. You walk over raising one leg up – so you could straddle me. You squat down grabbing my shaft and putting it where you want it. You slowly start up and down bouncing and moaning. Damn you feel good around me. I grab a hold of your ass squeezing it pulling you close to me. Your warm touch has given me goose bumps. You kiss my neck. Oh I am definitely in heaven! Holding you feeling you enjoying you! You start bouncing again – it is going in and out – in and out. You scream out cuz you can’t hold it back any longer. I pick you up and carry you to the tub. It is big, full of water and the hot tub is on. I set you down on the edge – as I try to figure out where I want start you grab my dick in your hand. You start stroking it like you want it. I watch as you insert it into your mouth. Slowly licking and sucking. The feeling is out of this world. The warm water behind you is bubbling and your theme song cums on the radio. I try to change and serve you but you won’t let me. So I start running my fingers through your hair. I can’t believe how good this feels especially when you take as much as you can into your mouth. I feel an orgasm cumming on. But I don’t want to cum just yet. I start kissing your forehead working my way to your lips. Again I work your body to get to the box of roses that has been dripping with desire. I lick it up not wasting a drop. Then you ask me to fuck you in the water. We both get in me first then you straddle me putting your pussy in my face as you lower yourself. Damn that is beautiful. You lower yourself onto my hard throbbing dick.

To be continued……..

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