Fun with Sarah's laundry

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I said I would look after the neghbour, Sarah’s cat while she was away on holiday. She left me her keys to feed her cat while she was away. On my first visit I quickly fed the cats and headed upstairs to find her laundry. This was in the bathroom and I at on the loo as I looked through her laundry. I found a pair off white stockings and brought the feet to my nose. I found panties, pantyhose and bras to sniff. I took a handful into her bedroom and found many pairs of sexy heels to sniff too.

By now my pants were around my ankles as I watched myself masterbate in the mirror. Sniffing Sarah’s panties, bras pantyhose whilst jacking off my cock soon brought me to shoot cum all over Sarah’s stockings. Oh how I’d love to fuck that girl.

As usual I took some of Sarah’s underwear and hosiery for sniffing later. I just bought her sheer white stockings to my face. I would love to suck you’re toes Sarah.

Maybe someday…

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