Hotel Spying

I had to go away for 3 days to Europe but as the flight was very early, I decided to stay in the airport hotel the night before. As expected, it was very expensive but I couldn’t face the thought of a very early drive.

I arrived quite early, around 4pm, and checked in. The room was really modern with an entire double glazed glass wall looking across the courtyard to the rooms opposite.

I unpacked my few items of clothing and enjoyed a really powerful hot shower. I came out naked and completely forgot about the glazed wall. I became aroused that someone might be able to see me, so I approached the window which, by the way, had thin white net curtains. I glanced around the ten floors to see if anyone was looking and on the ninth floor I could see someone looking down from behind their curtains.

I laid on my bed, now sporting a nice erection and began to slowly wank my lovely thick cock. I had brought the small pot of body lotion from the bathroom and poured some of the white liquid on my cock head and let it trickle down my shaft. I slowly worked my foreskin up and down, each stroke making me harder and hornier. I glanced up at the window and saw a young woman, completely naked, rubbing between her legs. Her breasts were very small and she was really skinny. I didn’t want to stand right in the window and masturbate so I carried on gently stroking on my bed. I did this for a good fifteen minutes, taking care not to cum. I wanted to make this last. Eventually, I decided not to cum and got up from the bed and looked at the window. She was gone. I felt disappointed and after wiping my lotioned and pre-cummy cock with a towel, eased my erection into my boxers and  got dressed.

It was just after 6pm now so I decided to go to the bar for a nice glass of wine. It was fairly quiet and I found a nice table with a big leather chair on the corner. I looked around and just coming out of the lift was the woman from the 9th floor. I knew it was here straight away. I turned away and took a sip of wine. I felt someone approaching and as I looked round, she was there.

“Mind if I join you?” she asked.

“No, not at all,” I replied.

“I’m Laura,” she said, “and you are?”

“David,” I said.

There was an awkward silence. She broke the ice by saying ” I enjoyed what I saw earlier, did you finish the job in hand?”

I laughed and replied, “No, I looked up for you to help me finish but you had gone.”

“Sorry about that,” said Laura. “I was really horny and when I saw you, I orgasmed in no time.”

I thought for a moment and then suggested we go to my room. “Mmm fine, let me finish my drink,” she said.

We took the lift to my floor and walked down the long corridor. I opened the door with my key card and Laura went to the bathroom. I purposely left the curtains open and switched the room lights on as it was now quite dark. Laura appeared completely naked and I now saw her super fit young body in the flesh. My cock swelled immediately and Laura reached over and dropped my trousers. I took my polo shirt off and we both lay on the bed. I glanced out of the window and saw a person on the 4th floor and two on the 7th looking towards us. I couldn’t see if they were male or female but performing to an audience was quite appealing!

She made me lay on my back and began to stroke my heavy balls.

“Ooh, you ARE a big boy,” she said. “And SOOOO thick!”

This made me feel good. It’s great when a woman compliments your penis! She began to gently suck my swollen helmet and around the rim. Fuck this felt nice. I reached between her legs and she was awash with pussy juice. I eased a finger inside her and she almost cum. She was really tight and I was looking forward to stretching her. Up and down she went on my cock, taking most of it down her throat. I knew I was oozing silky clear precum as she had to keep swallowing. Her clit was now well out of its hood and very stiff. I squeezed it with my fingers and gave it a little pull. Laura cum immediately and moaned loudly. I knew I had to get inside her right now.

I made her lay on her back, legs wide and high and climbed between her. She took my cock, pulled the foreskin hard over the glans and offered it to her labia. She parted her lips with one hand and guided me inside herself with the other. Although she was really wet, I struggled to get inside her. She bit her lip as I pushed harder and gradually I slipped inside her.

Once I was fully up her pussy hole, I left it there for a few moments and when she had relaxed, I began to gently fuck her. Looking over my shoulder, the watchers were also stroking. I could see they were all men. This aroused me considerably and I upped my game. I began to thrust really hard into her now that her pussy muscles had relaxed. She was rapidly approaching another orgasm and without warning, she dug her nails in my back and screamed as a massive orgasm rippled through her body. It went on for what seemed like ages.

When she quietened down, I laid on my back and asked her to ride me. She willingly obliged and once she lowered herself onto my length, I told her to look out of the window. She too saw these guys masturbating as she began to ride my cock. This made her speed up and she was soon really banging down on my swollen cock and bashing her little clitty on my stomach. I squeezed her little titties but to be honest there really was nothing there to play with. Her nipples were huge so I tugged and squeezed these, resulting in her wincing.

I couldn’t hold on much more and as she approached her final orgasm, I started to squirt my sticky mess deep in her belly. I knew I was flooding her insides as I hadn’t cum for a week. I begged her not to stop but to make sure I was empty. Eventually, she eased off and a great big dollop of spunk fell onto my stomach.

“Mmmmm,” said Laura, and began to slurp it up. What a dirty slut!

She sucked the last drops of man juice from my flaccid cock and went to get dressed. I looked up at the windows but everyone had gone.

I guess we had put on a good show!


(Image Source: Mike Adriano Media)

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