I wish you were here

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I wish you were here, not so far away. I wish you were here, so we can play. You know the kind of games I like to play. Just thinking about you makes my pussy so wet. I run my hand across my ultra sensitive nipples and they immediately become erect. I take my breast and pull it up to my mouth. I lick its nipple imagining my tongue is you. MMMMMM baby, I wish you were here.

I lay down on the bed and squeeze my breast and run my hands down my stomach to my dripping wet pussy. I caress my clit, encircling it with my finger, then trail it down to my wet slit. Dipping my finger in to get it nice and wet. I bring it out and touch my clit more and dip my finger back to my pussy. I take it out and bring my finger to my lips and lick all of my juices off. My finger likes my wet pussy so it goes back to play. My finger slides into my wet pussy and wiggles around. It comes out then goes back in quickly and deep. MMMMMM. The palm of my hand rubs my clit while my finger fucks my pussy. Another finger joins in the fun.

Oh how I wish it were you. I remember your toy cock you left me to play with when you aren’t here. I reach over and open the drawer to the nightstand and pull it out. It is big and hard. I close my eyes and bring it to my face and flick the tip of the head with my tongue, my tongue circles the head and then take the whole cock into my mouth. Sucking all the down and back up. MMMMM your toy cock tastes so good.

My pussy is aching for this cock. I spread my legs and bend my knees. First I play with my clit with the wet toy cock. I move it down to my slit and press it against my opening. The head pops through the opening and enters my love cannel. I push it as deep as it will go and then bring it back up, almost all the way out, teasing myself, just as you would do. Then I plunge it back in. In and out it goes, harder and faster. Ohh, in and out, I rub my clit with one hand and move the cock in and out with the other. God this feels good. The finger that is rubbing my clit moves to my ass. I press it on the rim of my pucker. I push it in further, just a little bit further. My finger is fucking my ass as your cock is fucking my pussy. OOOOHHHHH my god! I’m going to cum!

MMMMMMM I love you baby, please come home soon!

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  1. rockhard

    I would never leave you, I have been searching for a girl/woman like you. I love to make babies 24/7/365, I will eat you to multiple orgasms. yum yum, here I cum in your panties.

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