Janitor's Jubilee

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Sal grew up in the average household. His parents are what one would call normal. When Sal got into his teens he started to notice the opposite sex. He found women to be so mysterious. Through his teen years he was so shy that he never was popular with girls his own age. In fact, most of gals were turned off by him. This often became frustrating because he was horny like all the other boys. There was so much sexual frustration. He turned to masturbation most of the time just to get satisfaction.

Then, as an adult, came the day when he was watching a movie which showed women pissing. Something about a woman urinating was ever so hot and amusing. He was so aroused by what he was seeing that he needed to find a woman that would be open to this type of sexual activity. But as Sal knew he didn’t have good luck with women. This is one of the main reasons why he took a job as a janitor at a local gentlemen’s club. He had this idea that most of these women didn’t care how he came off as long as he flashed the right amount of money in front of them. He was hopeful that things will start to look up for him.

Many times when he was working he was always thinking of ways that he could get with the dancers. Sal knew that he could be desperate acting at times, but what did they expect? He wanted to taste all of the sweet, shaved pussy. One of his main duties were cleaning the bathroom area. He got to thinking about the ways the bathrooms were situated that it would be perfect if he could set some type of thing up to where he could take the bottom half of the toilets out. What if he could pull this off and then when the performers go to the bathroom he could stand underneath and this way when the ladies go to the bathroom they would piss all over his face. The thought of this made him want to stroke one out. He was going to start planning right away. The awesome thing is that they wouldn’t know until it was too late.

Sal needed to open the club so that he could start his shift. This was a perfect opportunity for him to proceed as planned. He finished up a few last minute tasks and then he moved forward. He brought in a few tools that he thought he may need. He went into the room that was right underneath the ladies restroom. As he began taking the bottom out of the one toilets he once again became aroused at the fact that his fantasy was going to come true.

He finally got everything fixed up to where it would not be noticed by the ladies. Plus, he has noticed their behavior and they are in such a hurry that he couldn’t imagine them looking before they sat down. He would wait to put his scheme into effect until around the evening time. That is when all of the girls would be there.

It was sneaking up on the nine o’clock hour and the club was in full swing. Sal could hardly contain his excitement. He moved swiftly through the hall of girls. He was not paying attention and bumped into Samantha, whom was the feature dancer for the evening. This stopped him right in his tracks. His immediately reaction was that she was absolutely stunning. She had the most radiant long blonde hair, killer legs and succulent breasts. Embarrassed by his clumsiness he darted from the area and went straight to his station. His excitement may have gotten the best of him because little did Sal know, but one of the dancers known as Cherry had seen him slip into the room. She was going to wait until he came out until she confronted him.

He wondered whom would be his first thrill. As he sat underneath looking up, a beauty had approached. She was in such a rush that, as he assumed, did not realize he was there looking up at her beautiful beaver. As he got hard he unbuttoned his pants and let his cock breathe. She sat down and was inches from his face. He could smell her moisture and it took everything he had to not take a sample of it. She relaxed and her salt water splashed him in the face. It was so warm that he couldn’t help but notice how erotic the sensation was in his mouth. His dick was rock hard and he continued to stroke it after several more girls bathed him in their essence. Sal couldn’t control it anymore and he stroked his cock until he sprayed his cum all over his hand. He was in complete awe of how his plan turned out and how intense it became with all of the ladies. The best part is that each one of them were so unsuspecting.

Sal cleaned everything up and stepped out of the room so he could continue with his night. Just as he went to turn around he was startled by Cherry.

“OH! Hi Cherry you scared me.” Sal told her.

“Hi Sal, I was just curious about what you were doing in that room. It has been locked up for years.” She explained to him.

“You see I thought I might want to use it as an office.” He said.

“Yeah right! Listen Sal, I don’t believe you and I demand you show me what you are up to. If not I am going to go to Vince!” She raised her voice at him.

“Alright! Damn it Cherry you are going to ruin everything.” He annoyingly said to her.

“What can I possible ruin for you?” She asked.

“You will see.” He answered.

He went to open the door and they both walked into the room. She looked around the room and didn’t notice anything out of sorts. Cherry then glanced up at the ceiling and noticed the remodeling that Sal had done.

“Sal, is that a hole in the ceiling?” She asked.

“Yes.” He answered.

“Why did you do that? Vince is going to be fuming when he sees this.” She asked him.

“Cherry it is a long story and I don’t know if you would understand.” He replied.

“Well if you don’t explain I am going to the boss now.” She demanded.

“It is a sexual fantasy I have had since I was younger and you know that I am not popular with the ladies. So I knew their bathroom was right above here, and so I did some so- called remodeling. Now the girls can piss all over my face and I can jerk off at the same time.” He explained.

“Oh Sal I never knew. You should of just said something because I could of help make all of your fantasies come true.” She replied.

“Ah I don’t know what to say.” He said.

“Sal meet me back here at closing and we will do things properly. I have a plan.” She told him.

She turned and walked out the door. He couldn’t help wonder what she had up her plan. He thought for sure that she was going to blow his whole cover. It was so close and if Vince would of found out he surely would have been fired or possibly arrested. He still wasn’t out of the clear yet, he needed to see what Cherry had up her skirt.

The night went on as usual. There were a few bachelor parties, some new faces, and of course the regulars. Sal could not help but feel a bit nervous because every time he seen Cherry she winked at him. He needed to know what that wild cat was going to do to him. Only time will tell and the night was coming to an end and it was almost closing time. He needed to finish up a few things and then make his way down to the room.

It was a few minutes after closing and almost everyone had left the building. Sal was already in the room and he heard a knock on the door that happen to have been Cherry. He was so relieved to see her. He could not help noticing how beautiful she was. She was medium height, thin, long red hair, voluptuous breasts, and the most noticeable thing about her was her cherry tattoo that was located right above her pussy.

“Sal I planned a little sexual fantasy for you and we hope you enjoy it.” She told him.

“We?” He asked.

“Well I see you love water sports so Samantha and I planned this rendezvous just for you.” She told him.

“OH Wow! I can’t wait!” He exclaimed.

“Good just sit back and let us ladies work and you will know what to do.” She told him.

“Okay.” Was all he could say.

Sal got hard all over again and the ladies began their magic. Cherry unbuttoned his pants with her teeth and worked her way until she reached his alerted cock. As Cherry began to suck his cock, Samantha put her head through the hole and started kissing Sal. She stopped kissing him and stopped long enough to pull her panties down and straddle the toilet. She directed him to lick her pussy. He let his fingers do the work and he examined every inch of her. As he was massaging her, he began to suck on her clit. He was munching on her like never before. He was so horny, it was getting hard for him to control because he knew that Samantha was ready to piss all over his face and he knew when she did that it would be all over.

He buried his face need into her sweetness, and at one point Samantha asked him to bite her clit. He took his orders and nibbled more aggressively. She was so wet that she told him that it was coming and he better be ready. No sooner she said that her honey water splashed all over his face. He was able to get a good mouth full.

Just as he thought as soon as Samantha let go he lost it. He told Cherry that he was going to cum. She refused to stop so he sprayed her deep in her throat. Right after he came she continued to stroke him and suck every drop off of his satisfied cock.

Cherry and Sal were cleaning up and they heard a knock at the door. When Cherry answered it, Samantha walked in and approached Sal.

“For someone who has not had much experience you sure knew your way around my clit?” She asked him.

“Well I have fantasized about you women and the scenarios have played over and over in my head.” He responded.

“Well we are going to have to have these meetings on a weekly basis.” Cherry told them.

“Absolutely, but next time I want to suck Sal’s thick, juicy cock.” Samantha requested.

“Deal, does that sound okay to you Sal?” Cherry asked.

“You bet.” He replied.

After they were dressed and completely cleaned up they locked up and went home for the evening. Sal could not believe how fantastic his plan worked. Who would of thought that such a fetish could turn into something so erotic? This was a night that Sal would remember for the rest of his life.

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