~Jason the Office Techie~

Working in a accountants office for the past 5 years has not been all
that exciting. You get the office techies come through, or those who come to service
our computers, but most of the guys who came were usually computer nerds, dull, ugly and didn’t have a adventous bone in their bodies. I flirted with a few of the cuter guys that came through at different times, making sure I smiled really big and flirted with them giving them the once or twice over as I checked them out. Checking to see who had a cute butt or the cutest smile. Wasn’t too many of them!

How I would love one guy to come here and have that adventurous spirit
and just take me while I was at work. I love guys who are flirty and have a sense of purpose
and are very adventurous. Not afraid to express their true desires and lust.
I’am one girl who loves adventure! And I’m willing to go there and do anything to turn the guy
on and turn myself on. Why is it that guys are so borrring! No sense of play, but of utter dullness!
Maybe I should of found a job where there were alot of hot guys around. But nooo I end up in a job where there are 5 guys and most of them are older and married. Where is the guy with the adventure!! Angela daydreams as she continues to type out the report due that day
for her boss Mr. Smith. It wasn’t like Angela hadn’t had adventure with several guys in her life away from the office and those guys knew how to rock her world.
But she felt very edgy lately wanting something new, something exciting
to come into her life. A adventure that was going to set her on fire! Little did she know that very day her little whim and desires would be answered.

Her computer had been acting strange for the past several days and the office manager called for a service tech to come out and take a looksie at it. Just another day and another boring, dull office tech.
Angela was busy doing some filing in her little cubicle… when “Ahem, excuse me are you the one with the problem” he said in one of the most sexiest voices she had ever heard. Angela
had her back turned and didn’t see who was speaking to her and she turned around in her chair to greet the stranger. Her mouth dropped open as she managed to speak to the dark haired/dark eyed stranger. Their eyes locked into a soulful look as Angela said “Hi and yeah some may think I have a problem but it seems to be with my computer” she blurted out.

“Hey, I’m Jason and I’m here to service you” he said..
“Huh” Angela shook her head slightly wondering if that was exactly what he had just said to her. “You came to service meeee” she giggled as she smiled with her eyes, flirting with him.
“I think my computer needs the service but..” as Angela’s voice trailed off with a slight smile.
She couldn’t take her eyes off him. He was gorgeous and so sexy she was melting as she watched him move about her desk. Looking at those sweet lips of his as he talked, and a killer ass, she wanted to touch and spank.
He must of been interested too, because he couldn’t keep his eyes off her. His eyes penetrated her body, her smile, her eyes, her lips, her succulent breasts and her fine ass.

Angela stood up and smoothed out her short skirt she had on. She felt a slight
twitch between her legs, only because she would love to wrap her sweet peach lips around his beautiful head and ride that hot tongue of his. He took her chair and she was explaining what the computer was doing as she leaned over the desk, she arched her back in such a way that her skirt came up to the tops of her thighs, she wanted him to look up and down her legs and look at her ass. Which was one of her best parts of her body. She could feel his
eyes run up and down her body, sensing his body heat and just knowing as she teased him with her hot body.
She reached over and needed some help pulling one of the cords out and Jason jumped up and brushed purposely against her body, as his hand touched lightly on hers as Angela pulled her hand back and he checked the cord. A spark of electricity and flame through touching was something they both felt.
“All Good” he remarked as he settled back into her chair and gathered his work tools.

Stepping back her heel caught on the runner on the floor… “ohhhh myyyy” as she fell back
and he caught her as she landed on his lap.
“Good catch” he smiled with that crest smile of his. “Nice smile” Angela was thinking to herself.
Feeling his body under hers caused her to shiver and she didn’t want to move, but thought the guy might just dump her and run if she didn’t apologize for falling. “I’m so sorry” she said
“Damn runner, I need a new one” Angela quiped.
“I don’t know I kind of liked it you falling into my lap” he smiled back at her. She could feel him
poking her with his large member. She could tell when she landed just
right on his lap, that he already had a boner in his pants.
“Want me to help you with that” Angela laughed as she jumped up from his lap.
He smiled at her and she could tell he was looking for adventure in his own life as much as she was. He was being very flirty and mysterious with her.
“Be right back, you want a Coke or something?” she asked him
“Sure” answering her back as he watched her walk away in her tight little short skirt and how she had one fine ass. His thoughts were one of lust as he wondered what she was really like. Would she like a little fun.
Her thoughts as she went for the Coke were ones of lust back as she wanted to see how far the guy would like to go with this little adventure between them. Angela was the type of lusty girl
to take adventure as far as someone would go, as long as she had a willing person to go along with it. She licked her lips wanting to tease the hell out of him when she arrived back handing him his Coke.
“Is there anything I can do for you” she teasingly took her finger and slowly slid the tip into her mouth and began to gingerly suck on it. His eyes got wide and big with expression as he watched her suck on her finger. He felt a stirring and a hard throb take place between his own thighs. He watched as she sucked in then back out again her finger and how she licked the tip end of it. His eyes glanced into hers as she took her fingers and slid down to the outside of her shirt and began to trace her nipples through her shirt. He could see her nipples grow hard as pebbles, as she drew circles around them. Biting her bottem lip, she waited to see
if he would enter into her adventure with her for that time. He winked at her as she teased and pulled on her nipples. A smile broke over his face and you could see a huge throbbing bulge eager and ready to spring out of its trapped prison.

“Want to help me” he asked with a twinkle in those sexy brown eyes of his.
“Are you sure you can handle it” she smiled at him.
Biting his bottem lip she knew he wanted to play and why not he didn’t have a wedding ring on his finger and neither did she. Why not have a little playtime and fulfill each
others lust and desires for each other.
Jason scooted back the chair and motioned with his eyes for her to get down on her
“Now are you game” he asked her
She slid up her short skirt and got down between his legs and scooted back under her desk, where if anyone was to come by her desk for whatever reasons they wouldn’t know she was under there giving him a blow job. Jason pushed the chair up closer to the desk as Angela’s hands roamed over the outside of his pants, tracing his hard throbbing cock. Her fingers ran up
and down every inch of his hard cock and tried to stroke him from the outside. Her body temperature was rising as she felt her body flush with hotness for this guy. And her desires for adventure were kicking in. As he was working on her computer, she unzipped his pants and
carefully pulled his beautiful cock out of its prison. She admired it as she handled it in her hot lit
tle hands. The head of his penis was so perfect.If there was ever a beautiful cock, well then he had it. The shaft
pulsed in her hands as she began to stroke him up and down. Her fingers dipped and touched under the ridges of his penis. So perfect she thought. She massaged the hardness with her soft hands.
She wanted to taste him but first wanted to touch his balls as her hands probed deeper. “Ohhh yesss” as she moaned softly as her jerking him took on more of a adventure
spirit. “Mmmm nice balls” she mused
She pushed his thighs further apart and holdingi Jason’s cock in her soft hands, she took her lips and ran them across the top of his cock head, causing him to shift in the chair so she could get a better grip on him. Her lips played with the head of his cock as she licked and kissed it. Lapping it as if it was a sensual delight to her.
Her tongue flicked across the head and down to the ridges of the underneath side, where she lingered and sucked and nibbled. Her tongue rimmed his large penis ridge. How he tasted so good as her mouth explored every inch of him, licking and fucking him with her sexual mouth. She sucked him in and back out again as her mouth tried to take all of him in her
mouth. He was so damn big she was thinking he would gag her, but she wanted all of him in her mouth. She didn’t care, she just knew she was going to give him a blow job he will never forget in all his life. He moaned as she licked the sides of his cock and jerked him up and down in her mouth.

You could tell he wanted her as much as she wanted him as his own hips started thrusting into her mouth. She sucked him hard, she could taste the pre-cum that shot out of his cock and
she licked it with zeal. Nibbling softly with her teeth, she glazed over the head of his cock as she felt his cock get rigid in her mouth. She played with his balls cupping them in her hands
as she touched him over and over again.

“How adventurous are you” he asked as he looked down between his legs and seen her big brown eyes looking up at him with his cock in her mouth, perfectly formed around his head. She smiled as she had his cock in her mouth. Her eyes twinkled
as he spoke and he mouthed to her.
“Come sit on me” he said as he smiled at her. Even that was a tad bit adventureous as her cubicle in her office was enclosed, but could she get away with
fucking him almost out in the open of everyone. Her heartbeat wildly with adventure and desire, but she was willing to go there with him. She took a few more sucks and licks and decided she wanted to sit on his hot hard cock. She was up for anything he was willing to give out. Angela pulled herself out from under the desk and stood in front of Jason. She slid her short
skirt up and slowly placing her two fingers along the sides of her white thong she slid her panties down like a slow strip tease and took them off.
She hiked up her skirt where he could see her wet peach glistening
at him. Her pussy lips were perfect. She had been told just how perfect a set of peach lips she had, no she wanted Jason to experience their sweetness. She edged herself back against the
desk and he watched her as she leaned back on the desk and her fingers found their way down to her swelling shaved peach and she touched her hot wet button as he felt her legs quiver against his. A very wet peach she had as she diddled her clit before him as he watched her every movement. His eyes were transfixed on her peach as she rubbed. He grabbed her inner thighs and ran his fingernails and hands up and down causing hot friction. She
shuddered from her head to her feet from his touch. His two fingers on his right hand danced and probed their way up her thighs and settled on her wet hole. He slid his two fingers into the wet waiting hole and began to pump them in and out as she diddled her hard clit. His other hand was on his own throbbing member as he jerked it up and down and groaning in the
process of lust. His fingers went deep into Angela’s wet peach hole, all the way and he could feel the tightness squeezing around his fingers as he fucked her with them. Her pussy juice
slid down his fingers because she was very wet,. very wet and very hot from
him fingering her. The sex sounds were driving them both crazy with lust as her pussy swallowed his fingers. So juicy, so hot. He pulled his fingers out of her pussy and slides them towards her mouth as he pushes them into her mouth, Angela begins to suck and lick the pussy juice off his fingers. Jason continues to jerk harder on his throbbing manhood as she is flicking her clit and licking his fingers, driving him wild with passion. She sucks hard on his fingers as he slides them in and out of her mouth, mimicking a hard cock going in and out of her tight lips.

“I want you” he mouths as she takes her hand off her clit and turns
around with her ass towards him and as she bends over with her hands on the desk. He guides her hot pussy down upon him, as she sits down on his cock. Her legs straddle his as he rocks his hips into hers. She could feel him slowly enter her waiting peach and now he is completely inside her. She shudders as she begins to bounce up and down on his erect cock. She reaches between her legs and cups his balls into her hands as he fucks her deep. Her hands massage and cup them as they both moan softly. He grabs her hips and lifts her up and then back down again on his hard shaft. His cock his vibrating with energy and tingles as her peach swallows his manhood. They are getting into fucking each other wildly, as Angela raises up to the tip of his penis, and slams her wet hole back down on him. Again and again she does that driving him mad with sexual desire. The look on both of their faces were ones of sheer desire and a wanting to fulfill each other.
“more” he commanded her as he stands up and mounts her from behind, as she bends over the edge of the desk as he eases his hard cock head into her waiting hole. He feels the sudden urge to let his animalistic side take control as he grabs her hips and begins to fuck her hard as
he thrusts it deep, very deep into her waiting wet peach. His cock vibrates off the sides of her peach as they both ride each other with lusting sensations as lust takes over. Angela pushes back on his cock hard as her hips rise and fall with every thrust, matching his thrusts, faster and deeper each time.
“Ohh god baby” how you feel so good” she whispers as his rock hard cock fucks her. Faster and
harder as his balls slap against her ass. Deep… very deep and it feels so damn good thrusting inside her peach as he feels his cock tighten and wanting to cum hard inside her. They are trying to keep their moans and groans and lust for each other under control but both are out of control of lust that they burn within for each other.

“ohh god I’m going to cum babe u are so hot” Jason breaths as his legs are shaking uncontrollable as he feels his cock is getting ready to blow his load into her. Jason is fucking her good but Angela has another idea as she comes off his cock and immediately pushes him
back into the chair just as Jason is getting ready to shoot his jizz and she begins to fuck him with her mouth good as she sucks and licks him as she deep throats him.. like animalistic and wild.
“OMMGG” “OMMGGGGGGG” “Wowwww” as he starts blowing his cock hard load into her mouth as she swallows every ounce of his hot cum. She moans as he shoots deep in her mouth…she’s sucking and licking and swallowing it all…as her hands jerk faster up and down.
His eyes roll back in his head as he fucks her with a animal growl and a feverishly thrust that her head is fucking him so fast and so wildly, that he lets out a whimper and a growl so loud that they both knew someone was going to hear them.
“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” as she succles down all his hot cum, loving what she was doing to him. She felt the hot load deep within her. She licks him all over as she continues to jerk him in her mouth…
“Ohhh god damnnn youuu” as he had a well spent look in his eyes as he leans back in the chair…
“Damn you” he says as she
rides him completely out with her mouth, knowing damn well that this was
the best blow job and fuck, he has ever had in his life.
Angela rolls her tongue over the head of his cock making sure she got all of his cum and licked him clean. Looking up at him with a impish evil look in her eyes.
“You wanted a little afternoon delight, well baby you got it with me” she smiled

“Ohh girl” he thought as he watched her lick her luscious lips.

“Your not getting away that easily” he quiped as he took her by the arm, as he got up from the chair and placed her in the chair and he got down on his knees and pushed up her skirt with his hands and scraped the inside of her thighs. He buried his face deep in her peach as he dived in. Her sweet sexual smell was driving him insane while he was going down on her. He savored that scent as he flicked and licked her wet peach. His tongue darted slowly in and out tasting the
sweetness of nectar of her pussy. He shook his head back and forth as he grabbed ahold of her pussy with his lips and mouth and wouldn’t let go. His tongue pressed against her clit, causing her to moan and cry out loud. Dancing circles around her hot button. She felt the urge
already to cum in his mouth. He had already turned her on that much and he was being very bold and adventurous with her. She was turned on by him. They both were of like spirits and I think they both knew it as he plunged his tongue deeper inside her wet peach, making her more wetter than she was. She felt herself flush from heat from his tongue from the top
to the bottem of her body. She quaked as he kept tonguing her deeper.
“MMMMM Jason, your good with that tongue” she managed to get out of her mouth.
As her pussy writhed under the desk she wanted to cum on his tongue and
in his mouth.
“I want you to lick all my cum, lap it up and suck it down” she whispered as she
grabbed his head with her hands and rocked her hips against his tongue. She was riding
him hard and wet as she felt herself going over the edge of cumming.
“Omg yessss Jasonnnn” as she grabbed his head hard and fucked his tongue. She
exploded in a rapture of a thousand vibrations as wave after wave of ectasy
shook her body. Her entire body was quaking and shaking as she came in
his mouth and you could hear him lapping up the dew of her cum. He was wildly licking her so hard, she felt the whole desk move. He slid his two fingers inside her wet peach as he continued to nibble and suck on her clit. His fingers fucked her in and out as his mouth sucked
her clit and flicking it so much that Angela felt the cum rush down the slit of her peach and onto the chair. You could hear his wet tongue lapping up her peach juices, he was craving her nectar as he drink it all in.Jason fucked her good with his mouth as she exploded and rocked her hips… She sat there and the ectasy of it all flowed through her body. She tried to muffle the
moans that were coming out of her mouth but it wouldn’t stop, he was so damn good with his passion.

Her body relaxed after her second orgasim he gave her and she leaned back and looked at him and smiled. He smiled back at her knowingly that they both were birds of a feather and their desire for lust for each other. Jason and Angela with very adventurous spirits which were unmatched by any.
“Wow” she said as she smiled.
“Your incredible OMG, am I glad you came into the office today to fix my computer” Angela had a big smile on her face.
“Well, I’m glad I met you Angela and I came to your office too” Jason smirked.
“You are incredible as well, I have never met anyone like you” he smiled
“Thank you” she blushed
“I didn’t fix your computer today, but I can come back tomorrow” he laughed.

“You bet you can, anytime you want to come back to see me you can” Angela smiled with her eyes at Jason.
“I love your adventureous spirit” she said
And with many thats hard to find.. “So yes please come back tomorrow or whenever you feel the desire to fulfil that lustful spirit of yours, I will give you the adventure of your life” she said
“Maybe next time we can do it with you sitting on the copy machine” he laughed

With that Jason give her a quick kiss on her sweet lips as Angela
places her panties in his pocket… “Don’t forget me” she smiled
He winked back at her knowingly that was one adventure and her he would
never ever forget….

*Angela blowing kisses at Jason as he gathers his tools, zips up his pants and
leaves the office one satisified man, with a heart of adventure”

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