The car was late. Standing in front of her house, next to her luggage, Stephanie looked around anxiously. Finally she saw the Cadillac limo coming up the street, and she relaxed some. She still had time to catch her flight.

Shit! The thing is, she didn’t really want to go to the bloody conference, but her job required it…more or less. She had spent several days thinking about excuses, and a couple of them would have worked. But she was going. She sighed.

The limo stopped in the curved driveway, and the driver got out. Wait! Something was wrong. “Where’s Clarence?” Stephanie asked the distinguished looking older man who opened the trunk of the car and approached her.

“I’m Will, ma’am.” He gave a jaunty salute. “Clarence is off today.”

This was strange. Clarence always drove her. That was why she always called this particular company to pick her up. He was an excellent driver and very punctual. “Is he ill?” the beautiful woman inquired.

Will was bending to pick up her bags and straightened, looking right at her. “I haven’t the foggiest idea,” he said, and smiled. He had kind of an attitude, and she didn’t like that. Still, there was something about him…

“Well, I suppose it’s all right,” Stephanie said as the driver picked up her luggage, and turned to carry it to the open trunk of the limo. Though older, Will was trim and she liked the way he moved. He also had a smooth voice and a certain confidence. Stephanie admired men who knew what they were doing.

Since Stephanie lived well out in the country, it was some distance to the airport. However, she had ample time, provided the driver knew the best route. If not, she could help him. She had taken the trip many times.

As the drive began, she noted that Will had adjusted his center mirror so that he was looking at her rather than through the rear window. Of course, he had side mirrors, too. Crossing her legs in the trim skirt that she wore, she tried to look around at the countryside, but each time she glanced back at the mirror she saw Will’s eyes. There was a twinkle in them, and he definitely was studying her. He was making no bones about it. Hmm.

Stephanie felt a little strange. Uneasy somehow. Her pink tongue came out and touched her soft lips. Will was watching.

“You know the route,” she said as they cruised along a secondary road toward the Interstate. The glass partition was down, so the driver could hear her.

“Yes, ma’am.” A smile toyed with his lips. Why did Stephanie think that his mouth had a strange little twist to it? “Actually, I have my own route. It’s better.”

“Now wait! Clarence knew the best way.”

“Well, hooray for Clarence,” Will retorted, and laughed.

This was no fucking good, Stephanie suddenly concluded. “I want to go by the regular route,” she said firmly. “Take a left right here.”

Will didn’t reply and breezed through the intersection.

“Stop!” Stephanie demanded. Her heart was hammering. Something was definitely amiss. She didn’t like this man’s attitude at all.

Will pulled over to the side of the two-lane road and stopped. They were still out in the country and all alone on the minor highway at that moment. Will got out and walked back to open the door next to Stephanie. He evidently wanted to discuss the route, she concluded.

When the door opened, a shock wave struck her, and she gasped. Will stood there with his fly open, and the biggest prick Stephanie had ever seen was sticking out of it, aimed at the sky. The driver had been playing with himself while watching her in his mirror! He grinned at her insolently.

“You son of a bitch!” she exploded. “Take me home now! I’m going to report you.”

Will kept grinning, and his cock didn’t slump an iota. “What’s the matter, baby? Didn’t you ever see a dick before?”

This was unreal, Stephanie thought. It couldn’t be happening. She was frightened, but the man hadn’t touched her yet, and he didn’t seem all that fierce. It was as if he was playing some kind of weird prank. He had to be more than a mere exhibitionist.

She tried to calm herself. “Look…” she began, deliberately keeping her gaze away from Will’s aggressive member and focused on his face, which was rather handsome. “I will forget this if you drive me directly to the airport right now.”

Will laughed. “You’ve got me aroused. I have to be satisfied first.”

No! This was insane. My God, was she dreaming? My cell phone, she suddenly thought, then…shit! She had packed it in her carry-on, and it was in the car’s trunk. Anyway, her husband was headed out of town too…or so he had said. Nowadays she was never sure. The police? She had no way to reach them.

Stephanie forced herself to smile at the obviously demented driver who was slowly stroking his cock to keep his erection high and hard. “You had your little joke,” she said in a very even tone, talking to him as if he were normal, “and I must say that you have a mighty handsome organ.” (Why did I need to say THAT?) “But I really must catch my flight. Could we just move on to the airport…PLEASE?” (His ass will be in jail for a damned long time! she vowed.)

“Certainly, ma’am…as soon as you take care of my problem.”

‘WHAAAT?” This was getting ridiculous!

“Suck my cock, lady. You do suck cock, don’t you?” Will’s eyes twinkled.

A surge of anger coursed through Stephanie. But it was mixed with something else. Damn it, she was getting aroused! She felt moisture in her panties. She hadn’t had sex in quite awhile because she and her husband were on the outs. But the thought of having anything to do with this lunatic…and being FORCED to do it…well that was totally out of the question. Still, she kept staring at Will’s cock as he slowly stroked it. No!

Suddenly the answer came to Stephanie. If she could just keep this idiot standing there and pleasuring himself in the roadway, a car was bound to come by. Everybody carried a cell phone, and the cops would be called. Yes. That was her way out of this.

Feeling a bit giddy, Stephanie swung her legs around onto the seat of the limo, and she propped up her knees. Oh, this was AWFUL, but what choice did she have? It was better than sucking a stranger’s dick (wasn’t it…?)

Stephanie’s skirt fell back, and the limo driver could see her creamy-smooth thighs above the tops of her stockings. She had felt sexy that morning and had worn stockings and a garter belt. Hmm. She was feeling sexy right then, through no choice at all on her part. She widened her thighs, revealing the narrow crotch-strip of her panties to Will’s lustful gaze. He stroked his cock with new determination.

Stephanie’s passion-honey gushed, plastering her panties to her. Even through the double thickness of cotton and nylon at her crotch, she knew Will could see how wet she was. Her pulse raced and her face was flushed. She was both excited and repelled by what she was doing. Will stared avidly at the wet spot on her white panties.

“Rub yourself for me,” he ordered in a growling monotone.

As Stephanie began to rub the sopped strip of panty that ran between her spread thighs, she stared boldly at Will’s face. His avid interest was focused on her hot spot, and his immense prick seemed to swell even higher and harder as his encircling fist pumped up and down on it.

She glanced quickly from side to side and saw no traffic approaching on the road. Damn! But then a new solution occurred to her. If she could make this perv cum, maybe he would get back in the driver’s seat and take her where she needed to go. But he must surely realize that she would report him to the police. How was he going to deal with that? Stephanie brushed any apprehension aside, convincing herself that exhibitionis
ts were harmless. They didn’t KILL their victims, did they?

Feeling even more giddy, Stephanie hooked the narrow crotch of her panties to
one side, exposing her velvety smooth, totally hairless pussy. “See?” she purred. “Do you like this?” Her fingers spread her pussy lips open.

Will took a visual dive into the soft wet pinkness of the lady’s cunt, and he started stroking fast. Stephanie’s excitement surged. I’m going to get him off, she thought, and she stuck a middle finger into her quim. She began to stroke her finger in and out, in and out. She added a second finger to the job.

So there she was, masturbating in front of this clown…and damn it all to hell, she was so aroused that she was getting ready to cum. Just then she heard something and, glancing to her left, she saw a car bearing down on them. Oh God…oh God, she thought, I’ve nailed this dirty bastard now!

However, Will heard the car too, and he quickly pulled his uniform jacket forward around his erection while closing the car door. This gave the impression that he had just tended to some minor maintenance problem and was preparing to return to the driver’s seat. The other car sped past, its occupants paying no attention. “Shit!” Stephanie said out loud.

Will laughed and swung the door wide open once more. His jacket flapped away, and his boner bounced in full view. “Enough with the games,” he said. “I need to get my cock sucked. Do a real good job, lady, and I’ll still get you to your flight on time.”

Fuck the flight, Stephanie thought, and she slid to her knees on the floor of the limo’s ample passengers’ compartment. She reached to grasp Will’s cock and pointed it toward her lips as she leaned forward. Looking up, she watched his face as she began to lick the smooth, tasty knob of his pecker.

“Aaarrgh…” Will groaned with pleasure as the lovely lady’s wet pink tongue circled his cockhead and swabbed it. He reached down and found that her tits were hanging unfettered in her silky blouse, and he massaged them.

Stephanie capped the crown of Will’s cock with her warm, wet mouth and sucked. Voluptuous sensations coursed up to his brain, and he groaned again. He took his hands from Stephanie’s tits and petted her lovely brown hair which had blonde highlights.

“You sweet baby…” Will purred and gently pumped his prick in and out of Stephanie’s mouth as she bobbed her head.

Stephanie’s senses were reeling. She was the victim here and that made her angry, but she was sexually stimulated, too – more stimulated than she had been in a long time. A car whizzed past, and her pussy gushed. It was a strange climax, hitting her like a lightning bolt, and then it was gone. She kept sucking the limo driver’s dick.

She jabbed three fingers in and out of her hot and throbbing cunt as she cocksucked the strange man. His hands were on her tits again, and he fumbled her blouse open so that her bare boobies nestled in his palms. He thumbed her stiff nipples and squeezed her soft-firm breasts.

Another car passed. Oh God, what are they SEEING? Stephanie wondered wildly. The answer was nothing because Will was standing right in the car doorway with his jacket shielding the view, and Stephanie’s head was out of sight.

Will pushed her away. “I must fuck you,” he said. “Get outside and onto the car’s hood.”

Yes…yes, Stephanie thought. Then someone will see for sure, and I will be rescued. This man is crazy. He must be put away. I’ll do it!

She climbed out of the car and Will guided her to the hood, boosting her up on it. Thank God, the day was not warm, so the metal did not burn her. Will pulled her panties off and bent to kiss her pussy. (Did rapists do THAT? Never mind.) Stephanie squirmed, and her brain spun like a top as Will’s ardent tongue plowed the wet softness of her sweet cunt, lapped at her firm clit, and poked into her hot little fuck-hole. His tongue wandered along her crack and licked her asshole, giving her a strange tingle, and she came again.

Will grasped her lovely long legs, with her stockings and garters still on them, and he pulled her toward him so that she was on the very edge of the hood. He was a tall man and the car was low enough so that his cock and her pussy were perfectly aligned. All he had to do was grip his stiff dick and aim it at her unfurled opening. The crown of his turgid cock nosed into her sexual socket and lodged itself in the tight mouth of her pussy. Then as he gazed at Stephanie’s pretty, passion-rapt face, he slowly and steadily sank all eight thick inches of his manhood into her passage until she totally possessed him.

Will reached into his pants, flipped out his large dangling nuts, and commenced to stroke. In and out…in and out…in and out of Stephanie’s hot tight cunt his love-piston pumped, his big balls swinging against her asshole.

“Oooooo…oooh…aaaah…” she panted as the limo driver fucked her.

Will grunted and stroked. He looked from side to side. Thank God, there was no traffic! As for Stephanie, she wasn’t even thinking of that any longer. She was cumming like a string of firecrackers…pop, pop, pop…as she twiddled her clit with her fingers, squeezing it and rubbing it and tugging at its head. Her titties wobbled and quivered from the force of Will’s fucking thrusts, and Stephanie looked up at the clear blue sky.

Oh Christ, this was something else! She had never been so fucking excited! She was out in the open. ANYBODY could see. But still, no cars came by. At that point, Stephanie didn’t care. All she wanted to do was to get fucked and fucked until this bastard limo driver wore himself out!

When Will started fucking her faster, Stephanie knew that he was about to cum. Then she panicked. NOT INSIDE ME, she thought, and pushed at the man. “No…no…nooh!” she panted desperately.

“Then how?”

“My mouth,” Stephanie told him, and he backed up, disengaging. His upthrust erection whipped about, ready to spurt.

Stephanie slid off the hood of the car and squatted on the pavement. She captured Will’s cock in her mouth and fondled his balls. She sucked hard, and he spurted…once…twice…splashing over her tongue and down her gulping throat. She came again as she swallowed the strange man’s love juice, and what a rush of satisfaction it was!

Will pulled his still-squirting dick from her mouth, and his two final blasts struck her nose and lips. Stephanie’s brain was swirling, and she had little awareness of swiping at her face and licking her fingers, then finishing by licking her lips. As Will restored himself to his clothes and zipped up, she tucked her her beautiful big tits back into her blouse.

“Well, how was that, honey?” the limo driver asked with obvious satisfaction.

“What?” was all she could utter.

A car passed, then another following it. (Where the hell were they when I needed them? Stephanie thought.)

“Here,” Will said, and handed Stephanie a small envelope. She stared at him for a moment, then looked at what she was holding it in her hand and opened it with fumbling fingers. Stephanie was amazed to recognize her husband’s handwriting:

“Stephanie, My Darling…You always said you wanted me to bring home a guy to liven up our sex life. I decided to do it this way. Will is a golfing buddy of mine. I hope he gave you some excitement. As for your flight, I cancelled it and called your company. You didn’t want to go to that conference anyway, did you? Turns out, they didn’t care. So it’s work as usual tomorrow morning. In the meantime, Will’s going to drive you home, and I will have a warm bath waiting for you, with candles and cold champagne. And then…guess what? We are going to fuck like we never fucked before. Are you up for that??? I love you.” He signed it with the pet name that she used to call him.

“I really took a chance playing this game,” Will said as a postscript to the note. “But your hubby said you would like it. God, I sure hope he wa
s right.”

Stephanie stared at him, then suddenly she laughed uproariously, and fell into Will’s arms.

e on, I’d better be getting you home,” he said, and they climbed into the car, she in the front seat beside him this time.

They were still laughing as they drove away and, though she didn’t think about it, she had left her panties lying in the middle of the road.

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