Lonley but not Bored

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I was lonely, but definitely not bored. I took a long, hot bath as I sipped a glass wine. My head back against the pillow and my hands exploring my thighs, slowly working their way to my pussy. I let my fingers brush against my clit, sending a shiver of excitement through my body. My nipples instantly became hard. My mind began to reel as thoughts of you touching me raced through my head. My hand now rubbing the bud of my clit slowly. I slip one finger in to my aching pussy, while my other hand rubs my breasts.

My body is aching for your touch. I insert another finger into my greedy pussy as the muscles clamp down and swallow them with each stroke. My thumb continues to rub my swollen clit as my body arches back, craving more. My fingers deeply buried in my slit. A soft moan escapes my lips as move my fingers deeper inside. More urgently I begin working my fingers in and out of my dripping pussy, rocking my hips in time.

My entire body is tingling with energy and pleasure. I insert a third finger, feeling the inner walls tighten, causing me to moan desperately. I can no longer control myself. The rush of an orgasm sweeps over me causing my entire body to shudder. I am completely consumed in ecstasy. I whisper your name as the last after shock fades.

Slowly, with legs still trembling I get out of the tub and fall exhausted onto the bed. I was lonely, but definitely not bored.

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