Me in the Library

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I rushed out of class because I couldn’t wait any longer. The feeling between my thighs, the urge, was getting stronger. I thought to myself: maybe I should go to the bathrooom – but its way too dirty and way too interrupting. I needed someplace where I can be alone. I practically ran to the library so I could get started.

I went up the stairs and sighed for relief because there was no one but me there. I found a small little corner and set my jacket over my lap. I sat with my legs wide open, fingers exploring my deep wetness pushing my fingers deeper and deeper into my cunt.

The deeper my fingers went the more juices came out and I started breathing heavy. I could feel the tension building up; I started to quiver, juices seeping out on to my fingers. I let out a loud moan of pleasure, my hips rotated around the deep fingers and my clit throbbed. I could feel myself reaching climax…


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