Mr. Lifeguard

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Summer vacation was coming soon. Before the crowds of teens hit the beach, I decided to take a personal day and go to the beach. It was a beautiful clear shiny day.

When I got to the beach, it was empty, maybe a few people walking around. I picked a spot near the rocky cliff area, off the beaten path. I layed on my huge beach towel. On my stomach reading an enjoyable book. I guess I nodded off because I woke to the sound of lotion squeezing through the bottle. Then, he put his huge strong hands on my back; rubbing in sun block. “Before you get burned, I thought I’d help.” I rolled over to see this gorgeous man. Perfect tan, hard six-pack, huge pecks, dark brown hair with blonde tips, and dark brown eyes. I looked down and he was in a pair of bright red swim trunks with the logo of the Lifeguards and a bright flotation device that matched. I smiled and asked “Baywatch?” “Oh ya, Mitch is at HQ.” We laughed together; his deep strong voice empowered my being. I rolled back over; he continued to rub the lotion in, and then left as suddenly as he appeared.

A little later, I rolled to my back to tan my front. The suns rays were bright; I didn’t want the raccoon look, so I just closed my eyes. All I could think of was his body, voice, and his strong touch. Those hands, oh how I ached to be touched again. Touched by those hands. I needed Mr. Lifeguard. I got up, wrapped in my towel, put on my sunglasses, and looked around. I seen him got behind the cliffs; I didn’t want to seem desperate so I slowly walked over. I let my towel drag on the ground then let it go. The sight of him going around the cliffs, his body. I wanted it, but he wasn’t there. I looked for him, high and low and he was nowhere to be found. Oh the disappointment. I grabbed my towel and sat at the bottom of the cliff. I waited a few minutes hoping to get a glimpse of him. No such luck. I needed to get back to my tanning, before the sun goes away. I layed back down on the towel, closing my eyes again. I snoozed again. Woke a while later, I thought I heard the bottle being squeezed, but he wasn’t there. It was getting late. Now the beach was completely empty. Before I packed up, I wanted to see him.

“What a beautiful sight.” He said behind me. We sat down next to each other. He buried his toes into the sand. I turned towards him, propped my feet in his lap. His large hands cupping around my feet. Then he faced me, he put his legs under mine. We sat so close, our bodies touched. His heavy breathing made his pecks move in and out. I had to touch his ripped chest, so smooth. His light peach fuzz hair on his chest barely moves with his breath. I could feel his heart pounding. He stroked through my hair. I let my hand fall into his lap. He put his hands on my shoulders and let them fall to my breasts. His fingers tracing circles around my nipples. He pulled and tugged on my nipples. I leaned closer to him and we kissed. The mental sparks flew. His tongue darted in my mouth. Heavy breathing by both. He untied my top and let it fall. The cool air blowing off the ocean. My nipples got hard. He sat on his knees, kissed me softly on my lips and slowly pushed me down. Soft kisses on my neck, soft moans escaped my lips. His well-trimmed, very short goatee tickled my neck, he kept kissing. As I lay, there on the soft warm sand enjoying the company of a strong and sensual man. His tongue was licking my ever-hard nips, his lips wrapped around my areolas. “More. More. Please Don’t Stop.” I whispered to him. His hands roaming my body, caressing my thighs. I wrapped my legs around his waist; he slipped a finger in my slit. His hand palming my pussy. I wanted more, I begged for more. He smiled a devilish grin. He kissed down my body, his goatee tickling my stomach. When he took his time, kissing my navel. Slowly making love biting on my skin, easy tugs pulling my skin. I ran my fingers through his hair. He moved on down, he had stopped fingering me; my pussy ached, wanting more. He kissed down my lower abdomen. His hands began rubbing my breasts, tugging and pulling them. He kissed the top of my slit. He slipped his tongue through my lips. He wrapped his tongue around my clitoris and sucked on it. I pushed his head down into me, he chuckled, and the vibrations of his laugh brought me to an orgasm. I arched my back, pressing his face against my pussy. “I want you. I want you now.” I told him. He leaned up; pulling his shorts down his hard dick was thick. He wrapped his hand around it, jerked it a couple times and slowly pushed inside me. His hands beside me; palms buried in the sand, hips pushing and pulling. The touch of skin on skin, his balls slapping my body, sliding in and out. He embraced our bodies together, kissing my chest and neck, licking my earlobe. I could feel, as his sacks were ready to release. I was past my orgasm, he couldn’t go no longer, and he busted his load up in me, a quick shot of liquid pushed in. We screamed in unison…

“Ma’am, excuse me, ma’am. I understand this is a nude beach, but masturbation is done by yourself not with people walking around ok.”
With my own juices gathered on the towel, I decided to go home and try for round two.

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  1. Alex

    Wish I was the life gard….will not let her alone all the holiday time.

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