***My Birthday Dream***

My Birthday Dream

Hi, my name’s Becky and I’m 24 -it’s my birthday today. I’m blonde and sexy, 34C bra, tanned skin. I adore my body, just like my boyfriend, David. He is a sex god; He’s 25, tall dark handsome. He is a little more experienced at sex play than me, and he’s said he’s going to give me a night to remember tonight. I’m excited, because me and Dave have sex quite often, perhaps 10 times a week, and we’ve really got good at knowing what eachother wants, when we want it. This night though, seen as though I’m the birthday girl, David promised me sex that I’ve only ever fantasised and dreamed of.
So when the clock strikes 7:00pm I realise that David will be home soon and quickly rush into the bedroom to change into my new see-through pink mini-nightie and a matching fluffy bra and thong, which David loves to see me in. I grab some sexy smelling perfume and squirt it in all the right places to entice and arouse. I then unravel my silky, wavy hair and admire myself in the mirror. Hearing the door slam shut downstairs, I hurry into the bedroom, light a few candles and lay on the bed. David comes upstairs looking flustered.
“Aww baby, have they been working you hard again?” I say, “Forget work, come sit here while I seduce you.”
“You never were a one to hold back were you? Well I have no objections to a great night of fun!” He says as he undoes his tie, “Believe me baby, you will remember tonight for the rest of your life.” He comes over and kisses me gently “I love you, you horny woman.” He pulls me close to him, his hands squeezing my bum.
“I love you too you sexy little minx” I reply, and I turn around for him to undress me.
As David removes my bra, I feel an exciting sensation of pleasure creeping up my back. Feeling his warm, smooth hands against my slender, soft back makes feel relaxed and sexy. When he’s done I turn around and we embrace in kisses, he takes off my thong and tells me to lie on my back across his luxurious king sized bed. David slides of his pants and I start to feel exhilarated again as he comes over to me, I crave his hard, 9-inch dick inside me, the very thought of it makes me wet. He knows what I want and sits over me on the bed, starting to suck on my boobs until they harden, then massaging them, sending waves of joys all over my body. He starts working his way down to my belly, then hips then lower still. He looks up at me and smiles naughtily.
“Go on!” I say, impatiently.
He first sticks his fingers inside my wetness, masturbating me until I groan uncontrollably, then he plunges his tongue into my already hot, wet pussy. Slowly he moves his tongue gently up and down my erect clit. I move up and down to the rhythm of his licking, getting faster and faster, arousing me madly until I’m wildly bucking with pleasure, at the height of orgasm. I can’t help myself, it feels so good I have to grab his head and press it hard into my pussy, bouncing up and down until I finally explode, filling his mouth. David licks every drop greedily and I can see by now he has a hard on. God it’s enormous! The pure sight of it makes me light up with excitement.
“Now it’s your turn,” I say. I kneel down and start to lick at David’s bulging knob. I first lick around the head of his erect penis, teasing him slightly. Then I place my lips over him, deeper and deeper I suck. Soon I’m deep throating him. He’s pumping away at my face, just the sensation of him fucking my face is absolutely amazing, and I can tell any minute now he’s going to shoot.
“Uhhhhh, Becky, uh go on babe, uh uh, more, faster, more!” I take his dick out of my mouth and place it on my breasts, where he shoots out his cum. I rub them together delightedly and lick his sweet juices off my fingers. He then goes over to the T.V and puts in a porno video. David lies back on the bed and I mount him. As the tape begins a woman is groaning and screaming in pleasure as a man fucks her hard from behind. This makes me so hot I begin to ride David’s cock wildly
“Yeah, uh, go on Becky, that’s ma girl, you ride me like a pony girl!”
I ride him faster and faster, harder and harder, going deeper into my pussy with every stroke. My tits bounce up and down whilst he rubs them. All the time I am watching the man pounding the woman hard till his balls slap against her arse.
I reach such a climax I pound myself on David madly till I at last cum, I lick it all up off David’s dick and he starts pumping again.
“Wait” I say, and we get into the 69 position. He licks my clit whilst I set about bobbing up and down on his knob, he raises and raises his hips, and I can tell he’s really enjoying this. I massage his balls, and, with the video blaring out groans and such noises he finally spurts his fine tasting juices into my mouth. I lick up every last drop he has to offer and then climb around his waist again, settling on top of his knob. But this time he wants something different, he stands up with me wrapped around him and forces me against the wall, bouncing me up and down on his rock hard cock. Oh my god, this is so great, he really is giving me a night to remember, I don’t think we need the video anymore, I’m enjoying this too much to watch. As he fucks me harder and harder he finger fucks me too.
“Uuuhhh!!!!!!!!!! Come on baby, harder David, harder!” And he fucks me harder. I feel myself jumping up and down until I can no longer stand it, he sits on a chair with me on top of him, and starts to fuck me again. I fuck him like I’ve never fucked him before, taking his whole dick out and then slamming back down again, screaming out in pleasure and making the chair rock. He is the first to cum and shortly after, with a bit of persuasion from him pussy eating me, I shoot out my full load. We lay by eachother on the bed, kissing and cuddling, him occasionally sliding his dick in and out of me. “We’re not finished yet!” David says. He leads me into the shower and presses me against the wall, were he fucks me up the backside, viscously banging me again and again against the wall whilst masturbating me. The feeling of being fingered at the front and fucked at the back is just out of this world, I cum till his fingers are covered, and he orders me to get on all four so he can do doggy shag. I do so and within seconds he’s down on the floor with me, shagging me. My boobs rock back and forth and I can tell it’s turning him on, so I rock forwards and backwards even more, making him sweat with the steam of the shower. He grabs my shoulders and starts to pull me in and out, in and out, now fucking like a mad man, forcing out his last load of cum – and there it was, shot out over my arse, I let him lick it all off, enjoying every moment thoroughly. Then we washed eachother and went to bed, planning what we would do the next night…

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