My Day


You’ll get into the car, you will get a heavy kiss, while your pussy is felt…carry on?
Then, my fingers will slowly, gently part your lips, and penetrate as far as they can.
My other hand will caress your breasts, rolling your nipples until they become rock hard.
Then, we will go look for play areas.
While we search, my left hand will caress your breasts, and your pussy, just giving a little poke here and there to give you quick spells of sensual feeling.
Driving or walking.
Probably driving.
And eventually, we’ll find our quiet, secluded spot.
We’ll park the car, get out, and I will hold you close to my side, so that if it is quiet enough, we’ll walk with my fingers teasing at your clit.
Then, we get to our place, and we lie down, you maybe with your hips resting on something to give you a bit of support.
I pull open your legs, and run my hands slowly up your inner thighs.
Moving ever closer to your pussy.
I will reach my mouth down and plant one long kiss on your pussy lips.
My fingers will spread your lips wide open, and we shall PLAY.
My fingers, more than one after a gentle start, will run up and down your pussy and clit, and when you’re wet enough, they will sink into you, pulling back out, and in again, for several minutes until you are nearly ready to come.
After that, I’ll use my tongue, darting on your clit, and running up and down to your hole.
When you start cuming, I will sink my tongue into you, and soak up the sensations.
I will then rest my tongue on your clit, so I can feel you pulse.
While we relax for a short while, I will gently caress your breasts, circling them, and stroking them, while occasionally running my tongue over them.
And when we are ready, we will make mad, passionate love.
Afterwards, we’ll sink back down and relax, recover our senses, and then make our way back to the car, slowly, and holding each other tightly.



Well, we would get out of the car, and you would take me to which ever and of the car is best for me to sit on.
You would put me on the car.
You would kiss me, and your hands would rub against my breasts.
You would then unbutton my shirt.
Next you would fondle my breasts and nipples, whilst kissing my neck and slowly working your lips to my breasts.
Your hand would then slowly pull up my skirt.
Your fingers would slowly open my pussy lips and feel how wet I am.
You would insert one finger first, right up inside me, and rotate it round the soft warm walls for my pussy.
You would add another finger and do the same again.
All this while, your tongue is licking my nipples hard.
You now have all your fingers inside me now.
Your thumb though, is working on the outside of my clit.
I am dripping now, so you start to lick in-between my breast and down over my tummy, my tummy button, then to my very wanting pussy.
You lick your fingers and move them to my breast.
While your tongue is licking at my pussy.
It moves slowly at first all over me.
You push your tongue deep inside me, as far as it can go.
You play a while, exploring me with your tongue.
You sit your tongue on my clit, and feel me pulse, as I grow more wanting to cum.
Once you have felt me pulse
You move your tongue back to my clit and lick me fast and hard.
Your hands are still on my breast.
I have my legs wrapped right round you so you can’t move away.
You keep going and finally make me cum
But you keep your tongue inside me.
You can’t take it out, as my legs are stopping you.
Your tongue just rests gently on my as you feel me jerk with pleasure.
You can taste me and feel my pussy quiver for you.
You suck my lips, to take in as much love juices as possible, but you suck softly!
You then finish me by slowly licking my pussy until I am totally calmed again.
And all cleaned up!



My story starts before I get ready for work.
I am just getting into the shower.
I have to get scrubbed up and all sparkly!
I am in the shower and the feeling of the water, running over me, and my breasts, makes me think of you, and I start to get turned on.
I reach for my shampoo and start to lather up my hair.
To reach my hair, I have to lean slightly back so the water is now directed to hit my breasts.
I rinse my hair and then massage in the conditioner.
While the conditioner is working, I wash my body.
I reach for my shower gel and body scrubber.
I start to wash myself, arms first then neck
I start to clean my breasts and the feeling of the scrubber is so sensual.
Its soft but in a rough way.
I move down and scrub my tummy
I then open my legs
I reach down and start to clean my pussy.
I bend right over, and scrub my legs.
The lather from the shower gel is so frothy and silky, I take as much from it as I can, and start to use my hands to clean my breasts again…I have to make sure they are clean for you don’t I.
So, I am stood in the shower, with lots of frothy silky soap and am rubbing it over my breasts.
My right hand, scoops up some of this soap and I use that to clean my pussy, again.
I rub my hand, over my pussy slowly.
I feel so turned on mow, and am sure that I will cum soon, so I decide, to hold that feeling for you……….
I al all soaped up and am rubbing my left breast with my left hand, and my right hand is on my pussy.
I lift my left breast up and I realize, I am able to lick my own nipple and I even manage a little suck.
It feels so good.
My other hand is still on my pussy, slowly rubbing back and forth
I insert one finger inside my pussy and rotate it round the walls of me
I insert another, and another till I have three fingers inside me.
My thumb is on my clit
My little finger is at the back of my pussy
My legs are going week, so I have to squat not, under the water.
I am still licking my nipple of my left breast as my fingers start to flick faster and faster in my pussy. As I get faster, my thumb pushes harder and hard on my clit.
I can feel myself starting to swell, so I know I am about to cum….
I flick my tongue on my nipple harder and work my fingers faster.

Suddenly I feel the height of it all and I explode
My fingers keep working and I don’t think I will ever stop quivering. I can no longer lick my nipple, so raise my face to the shower and close my eyes as I concentrate on my pussy and cuming.
I feel the sensation start to calm down and I remove my hand from my pussy and sit on the bath floor and rest.
Once rested, I have to clean myself again and turn the water off.
I reach over and grab my towel.
II start to dry myself, but have to be careful as I am still quite sensitive, but it feels sensual at the same time
I gently rub, all over my body till I am dry, then wrap the towel round me and head for my room.
Once in my room, I close the door and switch on the PC to listen to music.
I let my towel drop to the floor
I sensually start to move my hips to the music as I brush my hair
I take my oil from the shelf and start to work it into my body.
I start on my feet
Next is my legs, long strokes, up and down my legs
Right up to my pussy
I start to rub the oil into my tummy and work up to my breasts.
I squeeze my breasts softly as they soak in the oil.
I hold each breast firmly and let them slip out of my hand slowly.
I firmly, but gently glide my hand over my nipples letting them rub against my fingers
I rub the oil up my neck
Down my shoulders and down my arms
I am now all clean and oiled and wanting. Again
I turn on the fan and feel the cool air on my naked body
I stay naked as I get out my skirt from my draw, and the shirt
My hands, every now and again, reaching for my breasts, just to rub and hold them
I slip on my skirt and notice the chilled feeling of wearing no knickers.
I then pull on my shirt and feel the denim rubbing against my very pert nipple.
With every movement I make, the shirt rubs against my nipples and I feel it all
Vic calls to see if I am ready to head to work
I slip on my shoes, grab my bag and off I go.
I’m at work now
The feeling I get of the skirt moving against my bare pussy and the denim shirt against my bare nipples is incredible.
I see the guys watching me, as I smile and walk past them
I sit at my desk and begin to type
I can feel the fabric of my chair against the cheeks of my butt and I move about even more
The evening goes well and every time I have to get up and walk through to either have a smoke or go to the loo I see the guys watching me
I smile even more
I go into the toilet and while going for a pee, i have to reach up my shirt and pinch my nipples and rub my breasts
Its been a quick shift and at 7 you text to say you are there
I go out to meet you
I go over to the car and give you a kiss as you hand secretly reaches for my pussy, just to check I am not wearing any underwear and you smile
We get in and you drive off
Before we have gotten out of the car park, you have already touched my nipples to see how erect they are.
We drive down the A428 and your hand hitches up my skirt and you look over to see my pussy
Your fingers start to stroke me.
We are trying to make it look like nothing is happening, so you’re looking ahead all the time, and I have my window down and am smoking.
Your fingers can’t reach to far in because you’re driving, but just enough to tease me
We drive to Offord and find the car park
We manage to park the car in amongst the trees and are slightly hidden
You stop the car and come round to my door and open it for me
Before letting me out of the car, you kiss me and push your fingers deep inside me
You take me out of the car
There is no one around
You stand behind me
Your left hand reaches round and grabs my left hand
You right hand hitches up my skirt and your fingers go back in side me.
My head leans back on your shoulder and I groan
I am almost about to cum again so we start to walk
Your fingers are still buried inside me as we walk
We walk into the woods
We find a small clearing with thick brush all around
You walk me up to a tree and make me stand there
You pull up my skirt up to around my waist
You sit down
Your tongue buries deep inside me and you lick me hard and make me cum all over you
You suck up what you can, then lick the rest and clean me
You stand up and turn me around
You move apart me shirt exposing my breasts
You stand there, looking at them
Your hand then moves to them and you start to gently rub them
You move your lips to them and you start to gently lick them all over
My hand reaches down whilst your doing that, and I slip my hand inside your trousers
I take hold of your manhood and start to work my hand up and down slowly at first
I get faster and faster as you lick my nipples faster and faster
Your hand slips yet again inside my pussy
Your other hand rubs my other breast
You pull out my hand, just in time as you explode and as you do, you hold on so tight to my pussy
You lie me down over a fallen trunk and lick my pussy again and make me cum once more
My hands are holding onto your head, so you can’t move till you have finished me off
I cum again and again you leave your tongue inside me and you feel me pulse so violently
You slowly, run your tongue up and down my pussy cleaning all my juices
You move me now to lie on the floor and your enter me
We are so turned on; we have fast, hard sex
I am on my back, and your holding my hands together above my head
You push faster and hard and we both cum together
Your body then relaxes and you lay across me
Gently, your tongue ever so gently, just now and again, just touches my nipple, as we just lay together
We don’t say a word
We just think back to what just happened
And smile
Our breathing has calmed down enough and you get up
You reach your hand for me to help me up
We stand there, for a moment
We cuddle and you give me a soft little kiss on my forehead, then lead me back to the car, holding my hand

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