My Little Fantasy

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There I was, laying in my parents water bed thinking of how horny I was. Wishing I had ANYONE there to eat my aching pussy. I then realized that I hadn’t even fingered myself in a few days. I got up and ran downstairs to my room. My family was out for the day on some sort of shopping trip for my birthday. (I’m almost 19) As I ran to my room, I opened my drawer that I had put my vibrators or other things in. I was deciding which one to use. I finally decided on two, a vibrator small enough for my ass yet big enough for my pussy, and my toung 2. I went back upstairs and turned on my laptop and placed it on the bed. I sat there thinking for a minute what kind of porn to look at. I thought I would just try a search. As I was browsing through pictures, something caught my eye. There were two guys having sex. They just looked so into it, it made me wet just thinking about it. I clicked on it and a movie came on the screen. They were pretty hott young Latin men. The way they spoke Spanish made me even hotter. They began having sex and I began taking my shirt off and rubbing my tits. As soon as I touched them a jolt of electricity shot through my body down to my clit. I pulled off my skirt and ran my hands over my thighs and stomach before reaching my thong. I pulled that off and began to rub my clit. ‘This is too easy’ I thought. ‘I want to have the most amazing orgasm ever’. I thought about how getting fucked in the ass for a guy is like torture sort of. They are getting pleasure, yet their cock is just waiting to be sucked. I grabbed my vibrator and started sucking it and playing with my ass. Once I was relaxed and the vibrator was wet, I slowly inserted the tip of it. I quickly pushed about 4 inches of it in and I let out a low moan of pleasure and pain. Once I got used to the feeling, I put more in and slowly started fucking my ass. It was starting o feel really good so I quickened my pace. By now my pussy was aching to be even touched. But I wouldn’t let myself. I kept pumping it and by now my juices were flowing down my legs and ass. I sat up and started riding the vibrator. As I was, I turned it on. Since in was one of those g-spot ones that make that ‘come here’ motion, it was hitting my inner walls. I took it out and placed it into my now sopping wet pussy. I made a loud moan. I started riding it like I’ve never done before. The feeling was so intense, yet I couldn’t cum, and I wanted it more than anything. I layed back down for a minute listening to the low groans and grunts of the two men on the screen. I started fucking myself again. I reached over and grabbed the toung. I put it in my mouth to make it wet, the turned it on and placed it near my clit. It’s random movements made quick flicking motions on my clit that made me jump, along with slow sweeping motions around my pussy lips. The mixture of being fucked by my dildo and getting my pussy licked was so overwhelming I began to cum right there. I felt my pussy tighten around the dildo as I began to climax. I bucked my hips and arched my back before cumming all over my hand and dildo. I lay there stunned for a few minutes and finally got up to put my clothes back on. I shut my computer off and sat on the edge of the bed. I heard a car door and realized my parents were home! I stuffed the dildo and toung in my underwear and ran downstairs into my room. Just as I put them away and sat on my bed, my mother walked in. She asked, “How was your day honey?” I replied “Excellent.”

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