my summer vacation

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Let me start you put with some backgroung information. My name is Andi and I am 16. My only sibiling is my older brother Nick who is 18. Sam, who is 19, is my brothers best friend, and like another brother to me. My mom wants the family(me,my mom,dad,and brother)to go on a vacation together before my brother goes off to college. She told my brother that he could bring Sam because he was practically family anyway,and that we were going to Cape Cod in Mass. This was this past summer so excluding nick who just had a birthday we were all the same age.

When we got there we pulled up to this beautiful summerhome. It was huge! We each had our own room. The bedrooms were lined up so that the three rooms Nick, Sam, and I were in took up one side of a hallway. Mine came first, then Sams, then Nicks. Nick had his own balcony, and Sam and I shared one.

After dinner I went up to my room. I was hot so I took off my pants and overshirt so that I was walking around in my panties and a tank top. I was bored so I started flicking through the channels. I stopped when I came accross a porn channel. Though I was a virgin, I still new how to please myself. And the moans and groans comming from the TV made my pussy start to throb. I reached up my tanktop and starled to caress by brests. Then slowly I moved one hand down over my stomach. More moans came from the TV as I diped my hand into my panties and started to rub the perfictally shaved lips of my pussy. I laid back on my bed, bent my knees and spread my legs apart as far as I could. I started to gentally flick my clit, which sent waves of pleasure through out my body. I diped my fingers into my hole and started to move them in and out and used my other hand to rub my clit. I started to moan uhhhh… mmmmmmmm…ohhhhhh..uh.. then more moans came from the TV and that just sent me overboard. I started to rub my clit faster and finger my self harder…. mmmmmmmmm……oohhhhhhhhhh…..uhhhhhhh uh..uh..oh…..uhhhh…uhh..ahhhhhhhh….just as I started to come Sam walked in. I had locked my door but I had forgotted about the balcony! But i couldnt stop Ahhhhhhhhhhh… i moaned as I started to shake and tremble and came all over my hands. I relaxed for a minute, then realized that Sam was still there.

I…uh…um I mumbled as my face turned red and I looked at the ground. He walked over to me, placed his finger under my chin, and lifted my head up. “Its ok,I’m not going to say anything” I smiled “hey” he said “you want to come with me and your brother? We were going to go explore along the beach.”
to be continued………………..

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  1. hot slut

    hey that was good but u should’ve mad sam like finger u er sumthing ya kno?

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