Next Best Thing

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After a long day of work, she undresses and gets ready for bed. All she wants to do now is crawl in bed, think about him, and have a toe-curling orgasm. Her sheets are warm against her naked skin, and she starts getting wet just thinking about what’s coming next. She lays on her back, begins to spread her legs and her hands start to wander over her body, stopping to play with her nipples, sliding down her stomach, and then parting her pussy lips so her middle finger can begin circling her clit. She closes her eyes and wishes the sensation caused by her finger was because of his tongue. She thought about his hand moving over her body, tracing over her nipple, squeezing it, and making her legs spread wider in anticipation. His hand would continue up her neck, tracing her lips and letting her lick and suck on one of his fingers, as she concentrated on the hyper-awareness of all of her senses at that very second. She thought about looking down at him as he looked up at her from between her legs. The thought made her even wetter. She slid her fingers down lower, letting two fingers touch her inside and dreamed it was him entering her. She thought about the last time they were together and what an incredible feeling that moment was and moaned aloud. She kept her fingers sliding in and out of her hole, as her other hand went below to play with her clit. She could feel the tension building in her stomach, her back arching and as she came with her toe-curling orgasm, all she could think about was looking up at him as he came inside her.

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