One ride lead to another

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I awoke one sunday morning, feeling like i had just had the best sleep i have had in a good while,the sun was shining and the birds where singing.
Throwing my cover off of me and stepping into the bathroom, i turned on the shower, stepped into the warm soothing water and began to rinse the sleep from me, i like to shave myself clean especially around my cock and balls, i then washed and shampooed, rinsed myself off and dried myself thoroughly.
Whilst getting dressed in a pair of blue jeans and a white t – shirt, i sat and pondered what to do with my day?
I decided too wash my scooter, i have a 125 vespa, that i love too ride, i washed it then decided too take it for a run out.
I put on my denim jacket, my open faced crash helmet and leather gloves, and started the scooter, it started 1st time, i put it in gear and i was son on the open road.I had been riding the scooter for about an hour or so when i decided to stop for a cigarette, i saw a sign on the side of this country road that said parking and toilets “1 mile” so i decided to head for there.
I pulled on to this small car park, situated at the end of the car park was this brick building, which i assumed was the toilets, i pulled up close to there, i put the scooter on its stand, took off my helmet, took a cigarette from the packet in my jacket pocket and lit it.
As i took in my surroundings i noticed a black ford parked not far from me, no one was in it so i assumed they must be in the toilet, after several minutes, i finished my cigarette, then decided to go for a piss before heading off on my scooter again.
I entered the toilet, it wasn’t very large there was a urinal on one wall, a sink on another wall which was boxed in, and on the left as you walked in, there was a cubical, the door was shut.
The walls of the toilet where tiled to about half way up, the rest was painted in a light grey colour, adorned on the walls where some pictures of cocks, some stories of men being wanked, sucked and fucked, some phone numbers etc, whilst taking a piss i started to read 1 of theses stories about some guy sucking another guys cock and tasting his hot cum, my cock twitched at the thought, the blood rushing into my cock, i heard a moan come from the cubical, i turned to see what it was but the door was still shut, as i looked at the door, i noticed that where the edge of the door met the frame there was a small hole carved out of it. My cock mow semi hard from the story i had read, began to grow more, it was now reaching its full 7″‘s, again a moan came from the door, as i looked at the hole in the door, i could see that the guy inside was peering out of it, i got excited at the thought of this stranger watching me, i started to slowly stroke my cock, as i did so i let out a slight moan of my own.
God, this felt good, my hard shaved cock was aching for some action, slowly i stepped to one side and turned so i was now side on to the door, my cock was now in full view of the stranger watching me, my hand teasingly stroking my hard shaft, again i let out a low moan,
Slowly the door opened, and there stood a man in his early 40’s, he had no top on and his jeans where round his feet, he was wearing a little black lacey thong, a black suspender belt and black fishnet stockings, His cock which was about 8″ long was in full view of me now, and was rock hard.
I walked over to him, took his cock in my hand and started to wank him off, as i did so he reached for mine and did the same.
We kissed, hard and passionately, he whispered to me, come in here with me, i obliged willingly, he then turned and shut the door and locked it.
We kissed again, god i was so horny.
We broke from our kiss, i dropped to my knees and started to run my tongue around his big hard throbbibg helmet, his cock twitched, and i licked the pre cum from the tip of his cock, i ran my tongue down his big, hard, hot shaft, whilst gentky cupping his balls, he groaned out loud, his head tilted back and his back arched, i took his cock into my eager warm mouth and started to engulf his lovely cock, taking as much as i could into me as i possibly could, i wrapped my hand round the base of his cock and started to wank him whilst swallowing his cock, bobbing my head up and down faster and faster, he put his hands on the back of my head and said, oh yesssssssss, suck my big hard cock.
I couldn’t wish to do anything more at that time, i sucked, and wanked him, i could feel him growing more and more excited as i kept gobbling him, i knew it wouldn’t be long before i would taste his hot, salty cum in my eager mouth and throat, slowly i ran my fingers round to his firm arse, i started to massage his arse hole with my finger, he pulled out a small tube of lub and said try this.
I applied some of the lub to my finger then started to rub it into his arse, in no time at all i had pushed my finger into his hot arse, as i started to finger the tip of his arse, his back arched and he let out a moan, i’m going to cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, i’m cummingggggggggggggggggg, still sucking his big cock, i felt his balls tighten, his body shudder, then his cock exploded into my mouth, his hot cum hit the back of my throat, i started to swallow it , not wanting to waste a drop of his precious juices,
he was screaming yessssssssssssss, oh fuck yessssssssssssssssss, swallow all my cummmmm.
After i had swallowed all his cum, i stood back up and we kissed, i let him taste his cum as i ran my tongue round his mouth.
We stood back from each other both of us smiling.
Now i want your cum in me he said.
Gladly obliging, i stood there while he expertly sucked my hard , throbbing hot, cock, after a minute or so he stood up and said, i want your cock in me , i want you too fuck me good and hard.
he kicked off his keans turned around and bent over the toilet, placing his hands on the sistern.
He passed my the tube of lube, i placed a small amount onto the tip of my cock, then positioned myself behind him, i parted his sexy black thong, put the tip of my cock against his hot arse hole, and slowly and gently pushed it in, He let out an erotic moan, as he looked back at me, i gripped his hips and pushed the full 7″ into his tight arse, i thought i would explode into him there and then, slowly i started to withdraw and then push it back into him.
Fuck yessssss, thats it he said, fuck me , fuck me good.
I started to thrust my cock into him gradually faster and harder, fuck you have a lovely tight arse, it feels really good, i’m going to fuck you real good.
Faster and harder i fucked him, both of us moaning and groaning, he was so hot, my cock was on a mission, i reached round and started to stroke his cock while i was fucking him, the sweat was running off us both the fucking and the swearing and the groaning getting louder and faster,
I then shouted , god, i’m going to cum, he was oushing his arse hard onto my cock as i was pushing my cock hard into his arse.
I exploded dep into his hot arse, thrusting hard into him, he let out a scream of ecstacy, as he felt my cum deep inside of him, we stayed like that for a minute or so, cleaned oursleves up a little, then we said our goodbyes, arranging to meet at the same time same place the following week.
Now thats what i call a chance ride, turning into a chance ride never to be forgotten.
Hope you enjoyed reading this story.
Priesty xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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